February 25, 2017

More New Earth-Like Planets Nearby!

Hank Green
A screenshot of Hank Green 
Between the new, potentially Earth-like planets, organic molecules on Ceres, and SpaceX's successful launch, it's been quite a week in space!

February 24, 2017

Huge "CloudBleed" Security Breach, Millions Of Cloudflare Sites Affected! (SHA1 Is Dead)

Thio Joe
A screenshot of Thio Joe  
Cloudflare, an extremely popular service that is used by millions of websites had a massive breach as a result of a bug in their system. Their servers were returning cached content to the wrong users, resulting in private information being leaked. This was not a hack, but could have been exploited. The hack was discovered by a Google engineer.

I Love Florian Picasso's "This Is Our Time"

This Is Our Time
 Single by Florian Picasso
(Photo credit: Spinnin' Records) 
When it comes to searching for great-sounding electronic dance music; I am always searching high, low, left, right and centre (And, I never come out empty-handed).

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