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December 31, 2014

Rita Ora Grabs Everyone's Attention With Her Topless Snapshot

Rita Ora On Instagram
Rita Ora's racy snapshot (Photo credit: Instagram)
Recently, British singer, Rita Ora uploaded a topless photo of herself on the popular social media Instagram with the caption: "Hey Sexy Lady" (When I first heard about it, I thought to myself, "Huh? You have got to be kidding me!" But, when I finally found it, I immediately realized that it was done in good taste; she did not show any breast-nipples; only a partial view of  her breast).

As you can see, she shows off her stylish tattoo of a a topless woman smelling a rose.

Admirers of Rita Ora  started circulating the photo among their friends when it first came online (It had received over 83,000 likes from those within the Instagram community).

Oh well, there is no publicity as great as self-publicity (And, Rita Ora has mastered that rather well)!

How Often Should Bloggers Update Their Posts?

Computer Workstation
Photo credit: tychay via photopin cc
The frequency of which a blogger updates his or her posts on their blog is a tricky and very touchy subject; because there are so many so-called rules pertaining to this very issue.

There are bloggers who upload posts to their blogs monthly, there are bloggers who update their blogs bimonthly, there are also bloggers who upload posts to their blogs weekly and we have bloggers who are into the habit of updating their blogs on a daily basis and some bloggers have taken it to a whole other level by posting articles on their blogs multiple times a day.

We Should Consider Those Who Have Subscribed To Our Blogs And Are Following Them

This too is also an area of controversy, since Jerry might be in a better position to read four articles daily from a single blogger alone; whereas, Lisa may think that anything that exceeds two articles from a single blogger, is a little overbearing and a little difficult to keep track off.

So, what is a blogger to do in a case such as this? The only thing that they could do is, blog in moderation (And, that too varies from person to person).

Do A Survey

If you are not sure if you are posting too often (and probably getting on the nerves of others), you can ask your readers what they think is a reasonable amount of posts that you can release on your blog at a given time; I am sure that you would receive all sorts of answers and you would be left a bit bewildered after reading through them.

Technically, You Are The One Who Has The Last Say

Some people might tell you that uploading posts to your blog more than once on a daily basis is overdoing it and that you should slow down; but what those people have failed to realize is, that it is your blog and that you have the final say as how often you are going to upload your posts on it; it might be a bit of give and take with your readers; but in the end, you are your blog's Commander and Chief.

Usually, Most People Get With The Program

In most cases, if people came across your blog while you were in the habit of updating your blog three times a day, they would not complain about you posting too frequent, because that is what they have grown accustomed to; but if you started uploading posts to your blog nine times per day, they may want to know the reason for the sudden change or they may even go as far as unsubscribing or unfollowing your blog.

Over at WordPress, bloggers hate it when their fellow bloggers post too often, because of the fact that they encounter too many posts on their WordPress Reader from a single person.

On Blogger, bloggers can get away with posting as often as they desire, because Blogger does not have a Reader; however updates are routed through Google Friend Connect (And, that is usually overlooked these days); most people on Blogger would prefer to get their blog updates via Google+ and it is not as though those posts jump out at you and bite you on the nose every time you log in to Google+; you get those notifications in a subtle manner).

Give Your Readers Some Breathing Space

As much as your readers love you, there is a chance of them getting tired of seeing your posts if they happen to appear too often online.

A blogging expert had recommended to me many years ago, that I post in the same manner as if I were doing a paid subscription;  which indirectly means: post in a predictable pattern; if they expect only one post weekly from you, give them that; no more, no less.

It Should Be About Quality And Not Necessarily About Quantity

A lot of the young bloggers have fell into the trap of forcing themselves to post too often; they often fight up to come up with material in a short space of time and when we do read through some of those articles of theirs, we discover for ourselves that they lack substance.

You do not want to be known as one of those bloggers who lack substance, you want to be known as a blogger who always produces high quality posts (As a content creator, it is your job to always produce high quality content).

Now, if you are capable of sharing high quality posts on a regular basis, your readers would not feel bothered by the quantity of your posts, because they know that it is of a very high quality (But, it would be a very wise move on your behalf as to not overdo a good thing).

You Can Actually Burn Yourself Out By Posting Too Often

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers have learned this the hard way; they eventually grew exhausted and threw in their figurative towel, never to be seen again in the blogosphere; it was as though their flame was short-lived.

However, if they were posting at a moderate level, they might have been around today sharing their articles with everyone within their own blog community.

Work With What You Are Comfortable With

Unfortunately, too many bloggers think that they are supermen and superwomen; they force themselves to blog daily when they know that that they are only capable of updating their blogs twice a week.

As a blogger, you should know what you are capable of and you should not try to stretch yourself out longer than you can actually reach.

I understand that many of you have a strong desire to make a lasting impression on others by posting as much as you can in a short space of time; but doing that sort of thing usually works against you, instead of working for you.

The Conclusion

As you have learned, posting too frequent can not only become a burden to the people who have subscribed to your blog; it has the potential of becoming a big burden to you too by making you mentally and physically exhausted.

Therefore, you have to find the proverbial common ground known as, moderation.

Are You Worried About Losing Your Blog?

Red Blog Button
Blog Button Shows Blogging Or Weblog Websites
(Photo credit:
I have read many articles about people who had their blogs shut down by the very blog site that they joined.

However, if you violate any blog site's Terms of Service, they would wipe your blog clean out of cyberspace (And, guess what? Only a small minority of people actually go through a blog site's Terms of Service; as a matter of fact, that is the first thing that that they should have done before they actually created an account with the blog site; that information is available freely online for anyone to read.

Some bloggers have given others the impression that only Blogger does that sort of thing, when in reality, other blog sites do it too.

Someone on WordPress once mentioned to me that Automattic (Which is the company that runs the blog site, WordPress) had shut their blog down without any sort of warning.

In this life, I have learned not to get too attached to anything; so if I woke up in the morning and discovered that any of my blogs were shut down, I would move on (Now, that does not mean that I would not grieve a little for my blog that was killed off by the blog site that I am supposedly a part of).

I would also miss all of the people whom I became friends with on that blog site.

As far as I am concerned, I have not violated any of the agreements regarding the blog site's Terms of Service (If I have been naughty in that respect, they would have pulled the plug on me a long time ago).

December 30, 2014

My Exploration Of Weebly

The Weebly Logo
The Weebly Logo (Photo credit: Weebly)
Some of you may already know, that I visit Weebly regularly and comment on some of the blogs that I encounter there.

I also know that the last thing on the mind of the average person from Blogger is to actually go venturing outside of their Blogger community.

For the record, I am forever exploring the four corners of the blogosphere, looking for interesting blogs (And, so far, I have never failed in finding interesting blogs).

Anyway, I think part of the reason why I have an interest in Weebly is because their themes have that professional look and at times, I do wonder: "What would it be like to have a blog on Weebly?"

An expert in SEO once mentioned to me that the themes on Weebly are not as SEO-Friendly like the ones that are used on WordPress and on Blogger (And, I do not think that the creators of Weebly had intended their platform to be used for blogging; if you have ever explored Weebly, you would have discovered that it is mostly used for business purposes (And, some bloggers may have been attracted to Weebly, because of its very clean, crisp and professional look).

Hopefully, one day, a blogger from Weebly would explain to me in detail, their reason for choosing Weebly.

So far, only one person from Weebly have ever commented on The Chronicles Of Renard (Hmm. Maybe, the Weebly bloggers are intimated by us here on Blogger).

Although Weebly piques my interest, I have no intentions of setting up a blog there.

However, I would still continue to support the Weebly bloggers by reading their posts and commenting on them.

I peruse a lot of blogs on Weebly and I can personally admit to my readers that there are many fabulously written articles that go unnoticed on that site (I believe that if they were on Blogger or on WordPress, they would have had a better response in regards to readership).

I never liked the idea of underestimating a site and I would not put it pass my mind that Weebly could be one of those sites that a lot of bloggers may run to in the future (But, at the moment, Weebly is not a blogger's best friend).

Have you ever blogged on Weebly? And, if your answer to that question is, "No," would you ever take a chance by blogging on Weebly?

Personally, I do not have the time to waste; which is why, I have chosen WordPress and Blogger as my top choices for blogging (Besides, they were specifically created for blogging anyway).

Weebly leaves a big question mark in my mind; it is one of those sites that tend to lure people in; but do bloggers really have any type of fun blogging over there? Maybe, some of them do. But, I have a gut feeling that a large percentage of the people who have chosen to blog on Weebly probably believe that they are wasting their precious time by posting articles on that site.

I will be monitoring Weebly closely, because I would like to see what it would eventually evolve into; whether it would be a force to be reckoned with or one of those sites that would be long forgotten by the masses.

2015 Is Going To Be An Interesting Year For Blogging

2015 Arrow On Smartphone Shows Future Objectives
 (Photo credit:
Thank God, that I only have two blogs to worry about; Renard Moreau Presents on WordPress and The Chronicles Of Renard here on Blogger.

Although I love blogging, it is a hobby of mines that requires a lot of time and effort.

And, even thought I am the blog administrator for two personal blogs, I intend to run them in a very professional manner.

There Is Continuous Learning Involved

Where blogging is concerned, we bloggers cannot afford to be complacent; we have no choice in the matter when it comes to learning about the latest blogging trends.

I also have a very strong suspicion that SEO is going to be a bit different in 2015 and that in order for me to have a fair chance of operating a successful blog, I will have to learn all the in-depth information about it.

Also, Google has some technological surprises up their proverbial sleeves; which I am more than willing to be prepared for.

Will Microblogging Surpass Conventional Blogging in 2015?

Recently, my friend, Ray, mentioned to me via the comments section of my blog that a lot of people are more interested in posting a picture than actually writing an article (And, guess what? He is right about that).

Posting a picture on Tumblr or Instagram is a thousand times easier than actually writing a post; I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the traditional style of blogging does not become extinct (And, I genuinely do not think that people would do away with the traditional method of blogging; even though microblogging is a figurative walk in the park).

In 2015, I Will Concentrate More On Creating Content Than Looking For A New Template

Believe it or not, looking for a new template can be very time-consuming and when a new one is located, it takes even more of my time to tweak it to my liking (So, I will stay with this one for a pretty long period; besides, it is fairly new).

Those of you who have ever fiddled around with your template would now that it takes almost half of the day to customize it the way you really want it and sometimes when we change templates, some of the widgets refuse to work in the manner in which they were designed to work and that you have to repair them or upload them from scratch (Which is also time-consuming; so it would be in my best interest not to change up things too much on The Chronicles Of Renard).

One a positive note, coming up with great content should be child's play for me (Provided that I am not low on energy).

In 2015, I Might Blog Less

Well it has not been finalized yet. Instead of updating The Chronicles Of Renard six times daily, I might settle for updating it three times daily (or less) instead (Which is going to prove very hard for me to do, since I am heavily addicted to blogging).

If you like the frequent rate at which I update The Chronicles Of Renard, please let me know and I would continue with my blogging formula.

I Will Comment On More Blogs For 2015

Okay, I know that I having been commenting on numerous blogs on various blog sites on the world wide web for quite sometime; so I am curious to find out if it is possible for me to double that amount (Oh, wish me luck on that one, because I am going to need all the luck that I can get).

I am already following more blogs than I can comfortably handle and whenever I visit those blogs, I leave comments on them most of the time.

In 2015, I Am Going To Work Harder At Building My Blog Community

Yes folks, it is all about growth and the bigger my blog community is the better it is going to be for me.

I really worked hard at building a blog community here on Blogger and I intend to work harder at it.

2014 was wonderful and hopefully, 2015 should be better.

I Would Be Paying Close Attention As To Which Blog Sites Are Doing Well For 2015

It should not be much of a surprise to anyone that WordPress dominates the blogosphere every year; however, I want to see if Blogger is capable of giving them a run for their money in 2015 (Maybe, I should not hold my breath where that one is concerned).

Although WordPress Is My Favourite Blog Site, I Am Going To Encourage People To Blog On Blogger for 2015

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with blogging on Blogger; it just involves way more work than WordPress.

And, I am going too see if I can get more of my friends on WordPress to start a blog of their own on Blogger (And, they do not have to give up their blog on WordPress in order to do that).

From what I have experienced so far is, that it is really a lot of fun blogging on both WordPress and on Blogger.

I Would Like To Have More Readers In 2015

As a matter of fact, all the bloggers on the world wide web would like to have more readers for 2015 (Despite the fact that, some of them already have a large readership).

2014 was the year where I saw the readership quadrupled for The Chronicles Of Renard (And, that was because of all of the hard work that I had put into my blog).

I just hope that my fellow bloggers on Blogger are equally enthusiastic about blogging and that they do not become discouraged in 2015.

I Will Continue To Write From My Heart In 2015

I am going to continue writing about the things that are of interest to me and share them with you via my blog (The person who said that people are not interested in reading what we bloggers are interested in, can kiss my salty ass).

Hey, it is my blog and I can do whatever I choose to do with it (And, by the way, you are free to do whatever you like with your blog too).

I Am Going To Personally See To It That Bing Takes Notice Of My Blog In 2015

Although I have found The Chronicles Of Renard among Bing's search listings, I have intentions of submitting the sitemap for that blog of mines on Bing's webmaster services.

I genuinely believe that too many of us (bloggers) have grown a bit too comfortable with Google; there are other search engines out there on the word wide web.

Also, I am tired of reading about Google penalizing various websites for offences committed (Even though some of those administrators for those websites were not aware of any of the violations made and ended up being blacklisted by Google).

I have worked too hard on The Chronicles Of Renard to have it blacklisted (And, let us say that by some technical fluke it becomes blacklisted by Google, I should have Bing on my side to pick up the figurative slack).

Also, with the the help of Bing, I would acquire more views.

Google might be the number one search engine on the planet; but Bing is right behind, snapping away at their heals like an angry puppy.

The Conclusion

As you have noticed, I have a lot of work cut out for me in the year 2015.

No one said that it is going to be easy to put all of those plans in place (And, some of them are going to be most time-consuming).

I truly believe that 2015 is going to prove to be a very interesting year for blogging and as bloggers, we cannot afford to make the mistake of becoming complacent; we need to educate ourselves about the latest technological developments (especially the manner in which search engines operate), the latest and the most effective methods of blogging and also about the way in which SEO would be working in 2015.

So, I hereby invite you to follow me on my blogging journey and that we can both find out what in God's name that blogging has in stored for us in 2015 (One thing that I do know for sure is, that it is going to be an interesting journey).

Do you think that 2015 is going to be an interesting year for blogging? I have a very strong feeling that 2015 is going to present lots of surprises (both pleasant and unpleasant) for us bloggers (And, that from my perspective, is most interesting).

December 29, 2014

Five Tips To Deal With People Who Normally Borrow Things And Do Not Return Them

A Colourful Number Five
A Colourful Number Five (Photo credit:
We all have the experience of lending someone an item of ours and we never got it back from the person whom we lent it too; it might have been a friend, a sibling, a relative or a coworker.

It annoys me when a person borrows something and they say to me, "I will return this back to you as soon as I am finished with it," and it disappears permanently; never to be seen again by me.

Unfortunately, there are those people who would never buy anything of their own; but when they see you with yours, they want it borrowed.

1.) Make Them Agree To Return The Borrowed Item On A Specific Date

Yes, it might sound rather extreme, but it works; an example of this is: John wants to borrow your Stevie Nicks CD; you would tell him that you want it back exactly one week (The timeframe could be a longer one or a shorter one and it is entirely up to you to decide how long you want to lend them the item for). Why should we want our item back within a certain timeframe? Because, some people genuinely forget things; if we lend them our item for a lengthy period, they might forget where they placed that item of ours and it could end up being temporarily or permanently lost (And, that would be most tragic).

2.) Make Them Agree To Pay The Full Cost Of The Item If It Gets Lost Or Destroyed

In most instances, people would be a bit apprehensive to borrow anything of yours if they knew that they would have to pay the full cost of an item if it were to be accidentally misplaced or destroyed (Especially if the item that they chose to borrow is a very expensive one).

Some people may view you as being harsh; but they need to be reminded of the fact that you spent your hard-earned money to acquire the things that you want or need and it did not just drop out of the sky and land on your front porch; you had to face the store to get the desired item, or you went online and purchased it with your debit card.

3.) You Have The Option Of Telling Them, "No!"

If a person has a history of borrowing things and not giving them back to its rightful owner, you can simply refuse to lend them whatever they asked for; which would save you the headache of having to buy the same item in the store that you lent that person.

4.) Threaten To Embarrass Them If They Do Not Return The Borrowed Item

Most people hate embarrassment; if they knew that you were going to embarrass the hell out of them if they did not return whatever it is that they borrowed from you, they may refuse to borrow it, or be very conscious of how long they kept the item in their possession and they would no doubt be most mindful of the manner in which the loaned item was treated.

5.) Disassociate Yourself From People Who Are In The Habit Of Borrowing Things And Not Returning Them

Disassociating yourself from people who are in the habit of borrowing things and not returning them is, one of the best things that you could ever do. Why? Because, you would not be faced with the scenario of telling them, "No," if they were to ask for something of yours borrowed.

I am of the opinion that number five is the most effective of all of the tips given (Although a bit harsh).

The Conclusion

It is always up to us to choose whether or not we would want to lend something of ours to someone who has the habit of not returning the things that they borrowed and the method of agreement chosen, or we could go a step further by wanting nothing to do with those kinds of people.

The Case Of Unshared Articles

Communication Technology
Communication Technology (Photo credit:
On many occasions, I came across superbly written articles on the blogs of others and for some unknown reason, no one chose to share them via social media.

The irony is: a lot of blogging experts have told us to create content that is worth sharing; however, what they have failed to realize is, that people's tastes in posts are different; what Nancy may choose to share on her social media accounts, Daniel may shrug his shoulders, turn up his nose at it and bypass it.

I have also noticed that a lot of people have chosen low quality junk to share on their favourite social media sites and the junk ends up going viral. Does this mean that we need to lower our standards and create junk in order for our posts to go viral? I certainly hope not!

For the record, not all of the posts that managed to go viral are junk; there are magnificent ones out there; but junk seems to be at the forefront.

If you and I willingly shared the posts that we enjoyed from our fellow bloggers via social media, there is a chance of those posts going viral; but in order for those posts to go viral, they must be shared first.

No one should have the cause to beg someone to share their posts, because it is something that the viewer of the post should do freely; the decision is entirely up to them to share or not to share your post via their social media accounts.

Now, that does not mean that you would not entice someone to share your post via social media every so often.

Are you in the habit of sharing posts from your fellow bloggers via your social media accounts? Or, the thought of doing so never crossed your mind?

Hey, we could support each other in the blogosphere by sharing each other's posts via our social media accounts (Now, that should not be something that falls under the category of Rocket Science; since it is something that is so easy to do, that a five year-old child can do it with ease).

The real issue is: that a lot of people for some strange or unknown reason are not inspired to share each other's posts (Hopefully, that would all change in the very near future).

December 28, 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From Evanescence

Single By Evanescence
Single by Evanescence
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from the American Rock band, Evanescence is: My Immortal; it totally blew me away when I first heard it back in 2003.

My Immortal can be played at anytime; but in my case, it has that special vibe whenever it is played early in the morning or very late at night.

Here is the video for Evanescence's My Immortal. Enjoy!

A Classic Hit From The Cranberries

Single By The Cranberries
Single by The Cranberries (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)
I have to admit that I love Dolores O'Riordan's voice (The Cranberries chose the most appropriate person to be their lead singer).

One of my favourite songs from this Irish band is, Linger; it is a very beautiful Soft Rock song that is very easy on the ears and it happens to be one of the songs from them that I would always remember.

It was also a very big hit for them back in 1993.

I am also aware of the fact that there are lots of people who are fans of The Cranberries and that they would be most pleased to see this video (Which probably fills their minds with pleasant memories).

Without further ado, here is the video for The Cranberries' Linger. Enjoy!

Good News For Gamers: Sony PlayStation Is Back Online!

Binary Code
Photo credit: Ivan Plata via photopin cc
Unfortunately, a cyberattack had halted the operations of Sony's PlayStation Network; which had ruined the Christmas for some children.

The Vice President of Consumer Experience, Catherine Jensen, had this to say:

"PlayStation Network is back online, as you probably know, PlayStation Network and some other gaming services were attacked over the holidays with artificially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. This may have prevented your access to the network and its services over the last few days."

Microsoft also felt the brunt of the hackers; they crippled the the online network for the Xbox game system (Which Microsoft restored on Friday).

A group of hackers that refer to themselves as, Lizard Squad accepted responsibility for the attack; they boasted on Twitter that they had overwhelmed the servers of Sony and Microsoft with bogus traffic; the technique used is known as, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Well, it is nice to know that online gaming is back to normal for both Sony and Microsoft. However, I hoped that those technological giants learned their lesson well and masterminded new and improved methods of protecting their systems from hackers.

Eight Tips That Will Ensure Visitors To Your Blog Around The Clock

Photo credit: cdsessums via photopin cc
We all like it when lots of people visit our blog; we get the feeling that we finally did something right and that people are enjoying our material.

While we may have our regular readers and followers of our blog, we still want to attract new visitors and keep them coming back for more.

1.) Knowing Your Audience

How many bloggers really know their audience?  Well, probably those that have devoted their blogs to a niche will know who those people are; since they have planned in advance as to the type of blog that they are running; so, if their category is, fashion, they will attract those people who are interested in fashion.

One of the tricky aspects of running a blog that deals with miscellaneous topics (such as my blog) is, that newcomers do not know what to expect; they would only have an idea as to the kinds of things that I post by rummaging through my blog archives; which in itself is not a bad thing, because they are going to find a variety of interesting articles.

However, if you posted a lot of articles pertaining to music, food, photography, philosophy, sports, etcetera, the search engine's bots would have made a note of those things (despite the fact that you have dealt with miscellaneous topics on your blog) and would lead people to your blog via the search engine's listings.

2.) Always Be Yourself

Whenever you are writing, it is always a splendid idea to infuse your personality into your posts; people are attracted to those who are not afraid of showing others who they really are.

My friend, Ray Turner has an excellent blog. He would blog about the things that are close to his heart and if you were to go reading through his articles, you would no doubt notice that the manner in which they are produced are a reflection of his personality.

We can all do the boring ass academia-style of writing that we learned in school; especially the kind that we wrote for our college professors; but that would definitely scare our readers away, because it would appear as being unnatural and lacking personality.

Never underestimate the power of your personality (People are deeply interested in personalities; which is one of the reasons why reality shows are such a hit).

3.) Make It Your Priority To Come Up With Fresh Content

Okay, this should not come as a surprise, because we love reading fresh content (And, Google loves fresh content too).

Fresh content is guaranteed to attract new readers and there is the high probability of them returning for more.

For most bloggers, coming up with fresh content out of the thin air can be a challenge;  however, once you put your mind to the challenge, you can overcome it and produce fresh content.

4.) Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Countless bloggers are using social media as a promotional tool; one that lets other people know about their blog.

Use whichever social media that is right for you; for example: not everyone has the golden touch with Facebook; you can try posting the links to your blog on Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Pinterest (To name a few).

5.) Be A Great Host Or Hostess

Oh, this one should not be Rocket Science; even though a lot of bloggers have failed miserably at this.

Always respond to your comments; you may not be able to do it right away; but that is understandable.

Always be polite to everyone who comments on your posts via the comments thread; if you are rude and cocky, you will not see them again on your blog (And, for the record, no one should be treated with utter disrespect; do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

6.) Visit The Blogs Of Those Bloggers Who Have Commented On Yours

I always believed that part of successful blogging is about reciprocity; if someone leaves a comment on your blog, you can do the same on theirs.

Also, commenting on the blogs of your fellow bloggers is a very nice way to show your support (And, what goes around, comes around).

7.) See To It That Your Blog Loads Quickly

One of the most annoying things for anyone is: visiting a blog and the person's page is taking forever to load.

Unfortunately, what a lot of bloggers have failed to realize is: that having too many widgets on their blog, slows down the loading time of their page.

The faster the page for your blog loads, is the more that your blog is going to benefit; because the majority of people do not have the patience to wait for long periods for a page to load; if they encountered that sort of scenario, they would immediately visit another blog without ever thinking twice (Remember, you want to attract visitors and not run them).

8.) Give Your Readers Information That They Could Actually Use

A large of percentage of people that surf the world wide web are actually looking to find solutions to their problems; so, for example: if you know of an effective method of removing red wine strains from white clothing, table cloths, mats and furniture, post it on your blog; someone will find it via a search engine and they would be grateful for discovering the information on your blog and they may choose to pay it frequent visits.

The Conclusion

Blogging is not only about us; it is about others too.

These eight tips mentioned above, should provide you with a fair amount of knowledge on how to attract visitors to your blog around the clock and most importantly, keep them coming back for more.

December 27, 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant
Natalie Merchant (Photo credit: Facebook)
I have been listening to the voice of Natalie Merchant since 1981 (And, she still has what it takes to move an audience).

One of my favourite songs from this American singer is, Kind & Generous.

Back in 1998, people danced and sang along to Kind & Generous every time it was played on the radio or whenever the video for her song was played on the television.

Here is the lovely, one of a kind video for Natalie Merchant's, Kind & Generous. Enjoy!

A Lovely Classic From Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks (Photo credit: Facebook)
It is no big secret that more people than you or I can ever fathom are huge fans of the American singer, Stevie Nicks.

One of her songs that stood out for me is, her 1998 hit song, Every Day; it more or less hints about wanting desperately to be with someone whom you have broken up with; someone whom you happen to see every single day and your heart aches like Hell with ever glance of them.

Without further ado, here is the video for Stevie Nicks', Every Day. Enjoy!

Will You Remain With Blogger For 2015?

Blogger Logo Coffee Style
Photo credit: ymotongpoo_ via photopin cc
As some of you already know, Blogger is like a stepping-stone for a lot of bloggers; they start off here and eventually end up starting a new blog somewhere else (In most cases, they end up abandoning their blog on Blogger and they start afresh on WordPress).

Those of us who have managed to gain a fairly-sized following and regular visitors to our blog, are fully aware that it took a lot of hard work (And, for a person on Blogger, the work is approximately three times harder; which is a deterrent for a lot of people who have joined Blogger).

Blogging on Blogger is no easy task; it is not recommended for the fainthearted individuals.

So, I really cannot blame a person for wanting things easier by joining WordPress; the blog site that really goes out of its way to make sure that blogs can be easily found and read by their fellow bloggers.

It is also no big secret that it takes a way longer period to build a blogging community here on Blogger than on WordPress.

Blogger is really the blog site for the highly patient person (And unfortunately, a lot of people lack patience).

As I have mentioned in a past post, I have no intentions of giving up my blog on Blogger (So, I would be right here on Blogger, blogging away for 2015).

If you have decided to stay with Blogger and watch your blog grow, I salute you and if you have decided to move on to another blog site, that is also fine with me; because if you are not having fun on Blogger, you might as well move on.

December 26, 2014

Blogger Needs To Be Modernized

Blogger Logo (Photo credit:
Blogger has been at the number two spot for quite a long time and they were probably the number one blog site before WordPress came on the scene.

However, I have my doubts that Blogger can surpass WordPress and become the number one blog site on the world wide web.

Any Blog Site That Is Community-Oriented Will Prosper

Those of you who have a blog (or blogs) on WordPress, would outrightly know that it is the most community-oriented blog site that they could ever come across; bloggers on WordPress enjoy checking out each other's blog.

Blogger Needs To Create A System Where Bloggers Can Find Each Other Easily

I am sorry to admit that a lot of good blogs go unnoticed here on Blogger; mainly because their fellow bloggers are unable to locate them easily.

You might see a reasonable amount of blogs from Blogger on Google+; but unfortunately, that cannot accommodate for all of the good blogs that go unnoticed and in order for a person's blog to show up on Google+, they must set up a Google+ account of their own (And, believe it or not, there are many bloggers on Blogger who do not have Google+ accounts).

Blogger Needs To Create Their Own Reader

I have written extensively about the WordPress Reader on many occasions and about its effectiveness; which enabled bloggers to find blogs of similar interest by simply typing in the tag or category.

So, why is it that Blogger is unable to come up with something similar? And, why is it that I should continue to have problems finding blogs that are of interest to me on Blogger?

Having Easy Access To The Blogs Of Our Fellow Bloggers Will Help Us To Build Our Blog Community

Building one's blog community is imperative in order for the survival of one's blog; if their fellow bloggers are unaware of their existence, there is no way on God's green Earth that they are going to get the much-needed support.

Blogger Needs To Modernize Their Templates

The default templates on Blogger are quite ancient; which is why a lot of the younger bloggers are uploading their own.

WordPress has the sense to update their themes on a regular basis; why is it that Blogger is unable to do the same?

The Conclusion

Google owns Blogger; therefore the modernization of their blog site should be one of their priorities.

If Blogger had a modern user interface; similar to that of what is utilized on WordPress, they would stand a fair chance of giving WordPress a figurative run for their money.

Also, the modernization of Blogger would attract a lot of people to that blog site.

Why is it that Google is not going out of their way to modernize Blogger?

Apparently, Google needs to create a special unit that is solely devoted to the technological advancement of Blogger.

It is about more than enough time that Google concentrated their efforts into transforming Blogger into a marvellous blog site.

At the moment, I am left with the impression that Blogger has been neglected by Google (And, for Heaven's sake, I hope that I am wrong about that).

December 25, 2014

Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" Is Infectious!

Single by Jennifer Lopez; featuring
Iggy Azalea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have to admit that I always liked Jennifer Lopez's Booty (Hmm. Maybe that didn't come out right; I was referring to the song that she did with Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea and not her rear end).

The Middle Eastern Music in the background really grabbed my attention and I can definitely hear a hint of EDM and Hip Hop in the song.

One thing that I do know for sure is, that the video for Booty will cause a lot of guys' eyes to really open wide and also make their jaws drop.

I hereby state in a most respectfully manner that both Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea looked physically fit in the video for Booty.

Why Are People So Interested In Miley Cyrus's Gift Selections?

Miley Cyrus (Photo credit: Facebook)
Recently, I read an article on the internet about Miley Cyrus's choice of gift items (They were a large amount of sex-toys).

Did a store employee divulge her secret? Or, was it one of the shoppers who paid attention to what she was taking off of the shelves?

Anyway, any news about Miley Cyrus seems to catch on like wildfire on the internet; for example: if Miley Cyrus bought herself a box of crayons and a colouring-book, the whole world will know about it via the gossip columns and the blogs that deal with entertainment news.

Anyway, I have to admit that I am a bit curious to know what she intends to do with all of those sex toys; they could be gifts intended for friends of hers, or those gifts could simply be for her (Hmm. Maybe, Miley might let her fans know via Twitter if all of those sex-toys are actually gifts for other people or some new toys that she intends to play with in the very near future).

A Lovely Dance Track From Above & Beyond

Studio album by Above & Beyond
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
These days, it is hard not to take notice of Above & Beyond's music (Since it happens to be almost everywhere; in the radio stations, the clubs and in the homes of people).

For quite sometime, I have been grooving to their dance track, We're All We Need; which features the amazing vocals of, Zoë Johnston.

We're All We Need, is also the title of Above & Beyond's fourth studio album and is listed as track number two.

Without further ado, here is the video for their hit song, We're All We Need. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas To You!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree (Photo credit:
Merry Christmas, dear beloved reader. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful time today.

Although this is the Season to be Merry (and, there is some form of alcohol content in most of those beverages), I strongly urge against the illegal practice of drinking and driving.

If it is a desire of yours to partake of those alcoholic beverages, it would be in your best interest to choose a designated driver in advance (And, hope that the person chosen is willing to be your designated driver).

Also, I want you to be alive and well to peruse more of my wonderful posts for the year 2015.

Where I am concerned, I would be spending my Christmas quietly with my family.

I will also see to it that I get my quota of blogging done (Even though I have some doubts about there being much activity in the blogosphere on Christmas Day).

Let it be known that I am always appreciative of your loyal support and may you enjoy the rest of your Christmas with your beloved ones.


December 24, 2014

One Of The Best Live Acoustic Performances From Above & Beyond

(Photo credit: Facebook)
Back in 2013, Above & Beyond performed some of their hits acoustically along with a 15-piece band; the response of their fans was overwhelming and as a result of that, they accomplished four sold out shows at London's famous Porchester Hall.

Many of us are familiar with the EDM side of Above & Beyond; but when they did the acoustic version of their love-songs, they blew us away and a lot of people could not believe their ears; what they heard could have been described as, "Beautiful music from the Angelic realm."

Oh, they really did a splendid job with, Sirens Of The Sea.

A Classic Hit From Fleetwood Mac

Single by Fleetwood Mac
Single by Fleetwood Mac (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)
Fleetwood Mac has been making good-sounding music since 1967 (And, they are still around as a group today).

One of the songs that made a positive impression on me is, their hit song, Little Lies.

Back in 1987, Little Lies, spent four weeks at the number one position on the American Contemporary chart (That song of theirs still sounds good today).

Here is the video for their classic hit, Little Lies. Enjoy!

Five Tips To Avoid The Unwanted Weight Gain For Christmas

Photo credit: duncan via photopin cc
Every Christmas Season, many of us are known to socialize (And, that usually involves us eating lots of food; more food than the body actually requires).

The excessive weight gain can be detrimental to our health and it can also cause us to go to the store and purchase clothing that is of a larger size.

Besides, many of us do not want to get fat; we would rather stay slim.

1.) Eat Smaller Portions

If you know that you have been invited to the homes of many people for this Christmas Season, there is a very high chance of the host or hostess, seeing to it that you are well-fed.

If you tell the host or hostess that you do not want to eat any of their food, they might become offended and choose not to invite you to their Christmas celebration next year.

You can be honest with your host or hostess by telling them that you are watching your figure and that you would not mind eating a very small portion of their food (Probably quarter of what you would usually eat; that method will help you to maintain your weight).

2.) Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Whether you have realized it or not, alcohol is very high in calories; therefore, it would be wise to drink alcohol in moderation.

It also messes with your body's metabolism.

3.) Exercise Regularly

Due to our busy schedule during the Christmas Season, many of us seldom think of getting our daily exercise (And, if you live in a country that snows, you may not have the desire to go jogging outdoors).

However, a lot of households seem to have a treadmill; so there is no excuse not to exercise (And, if you do not have a treadmill at home, you can engage yourself in some aerobics indoors).

4.) Carry Healthy Food To The Christmas Gathering

Food that is high in saturated fat and sugar will cause you to gain those unwanted pounds.

So, it would be in your best interest to carry food that is naturally healthy; like a fruit or vegetable salad.

5.) Eat Food Before Attending A Christmas Party Or Dinner

This one works for me; if I eat food at home approximately half of an hour before attending a Christmas function, I am going to feel somewhat filled and I would not be able to eat anything much when I am finally there at the Christmas function.

The Conclusion

With some proper planning in place, it is possible for you to remain slim throughout the entire Christmas Season; the implementation of these five tips would help you to avoid the unwanted weight gain for the Christmas.

December 23, 2014

A Great Christmas Classic From Sir Paul McCartney

Single by Sir Paul McCartney
Single by Sir Paul McCartney
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From my perspective, Christmas music would be rather dull if they did not throw Sir Paul McCartney's music in the mix.

One of my favourite Christmas songs from this British gentleman is: Wonderful Christmastime.

His song was quite popular back in 1979 (It was too lively to ignore).

In 1993, it was added to the CD reissue, Wings' Back to the Egg album.

Here is the video for Sir Paul McCartney's most memorable Christmas hit: Wonderful Christmastime. Enjoy!

A Classic Christmas Jam From Wham!

Single by Wham!
Single by Wham! (Photo credit:
Although I am no big fan of Christmas, there are some Christmas songs that I do like; Last Christmas by Wham! happens to be one of them.

This beautiful song of theirs was very popular back in December of 1984 (And, it is one that I do not mind hearing during the festive season).

Without further ado, here is the video for their hit song, Last Christmas. Enjoy!

December 22, 2014

A Classic Jam From DeBarge

Single by DeBarge (Photo credit:
The American group, DeBarge, was quite huge during the period of the late seventies to the late eighties; one of my favourite songs from them is: Rhythm Of The Night.

That song of theirs was written by the legendary, Diane Warren; it is believed by many that Rhythm Of The Night jump-started her career as a songwriter.

Anyway, whenever someone mentions the name, DeBarge, the first thing that comes to mind is their 1985 hit song, Rhythm Of The Night.

Here is the video for their memorable song, Rhythm Of The Night. Enjoy!

I Am Grateful For The Time To Blog

English: Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamo...
English: Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois). Français : La Lune vue de la Terre en Belgique à Hamois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, I nearly did not make it to the computer; I was super busy.

However, you and I must always remember that it is a privilege to blog (Never mind the fact that a lot of us bloggers do take it for granted).

As many of you already know, that New Moon was on the 21st of this month; which means: it rains a lot whenever there is a New Moon around (And, it is guaranteed to rain a few days after).

The funny thing is: I totally disregarded the New Moon and went painting outdoors and the rain came plummeting down as if it wanted to say to me, "Renard, you should know better. You know that I always bless the Earth with water whenever there is a New Moon around."

Anyway, only a small portion of the outdoor painting was ruined (It could have been worse; all of the outdoor painting could have been ruined).

After a busy day of painting, I turned on my computer with the intentions of catching up with the goings on of the blogosphere.

A little bit of blogging is better than no blogging at all and I am always grateful for the time to blog!

December 21, 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From Fleetwood Mac

English: Stevie Nicks, Live with Fleetwood Mac...
English: Stevie Nicks, Live with Fleetwood Mac on March 3, 2009 in St. Paul, MN at the Xcel Energy Center. Photo by Matt Becker, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from Fleetwood Mac is: Landslide; the song was written by Stevie Nicks and it was first featured on the band's 1975 eponymous album, Fleetwood Mac.

Twenty-three years later, their hit song, Landslide, was re-released; it was specifically done for their live reunion album, The Dance.

The acoustic version of that song made it to the tenth position on the Adult Contemporary chart.

In October 2009, Landslide, was certified Gold for sales of over 500,000 copies sold in the United States of America.

BlackBerry Teams Up With Boeing To Create Spy-Phone

Yes folks, it is actually true! BlackBerry and Boeing are combining their technical expertise in the area of creating a self-destructing smartphone, or what some people have nicknamed, The spy-phone; that electronic device would be used by the US Defence, Homeland Security personnel and their contractors.

That sophisticated smartphone is dubbed the Boeing Black; it will be running on BlackBerry's Business Enterprise Server (BES); which if often used to enable a high level of security for smartphones; it is also compatible with the Apple iPhones and the Android handsets.

BlackBerry's CEO, John Chen, made this statement recently:

"We are pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our our BES 12 platform.

"That, by the way, is all they allow me to say."

The Boeing Black is going to be Android-based; it will also self-destruct when tampered with. It is has the capability of working with dual SIM cards; the device can also be configured to work with satellites and biometric sensors.

However, the official release date for the Boeing Black is not yet known (It remains one of the biggest secrets around).

A Lovely Song From Indiana

Indiana (Lauren Henson)
Indiana (Photo credit: Facebook)
Recently, I have been listening to the British singer, Indiana (Lauren Henson); her musical style is lovely and intriguing; a beautiful blend of trip hop and electronica.

This 27-year-old talented singer caught my attention with her song, Only the Lonely (Which is a very good song by the way).

To be honest, I would not mind hearing more music from Indiana in the very near future.

Here is the video for her song, Only the Lonely. Enjoy!

Five Tips On How To Make A Scrooge Party Exciting

Number 5
Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc
Holding a party for Scrooges would be a brilliant idea for those who hate Christmas with a passion.

True freedom is living life the way you want to live it and if you do not like the Christmas Season, you should not be forced to celebrate it like those who adore Christmas and Santa Claus.

1.) Paint Santa's Face On A Dartboard

At your special Scrooge party, everyone can take turns at throwing darts at Santa's smiling face; the Christmas-Haters are going to love that one and it will certainly relieve some of the built-up tension.

2.) Do Not Play Any Christmas Songs At Your Scrooge Party

For starters, it would not be a really good Scrooge party if you allowed the DJ to play Christmas songs and carols on the sound-system; you would have a special playlist planned with Marilyn Manson, White Zombie and some of the other scariest musical artistes that you could find.

3.) Have A "Best Dressed Scrooge" Competition

You can let your special Scrooge guests know in advance, that there would be a prize for the person who is dressed in the best Scrooge costume (The prize could be an Apple iPad, a gold pen or any type of prize that you can afford to purchase for the winner of the Best Dressed Scrooge competition).

4.) Have An "Open Mic" Segment

For the Open Mic segment, everyone can take turns in expressing their hatred for Christmas on the microphone and the crowd can clap the loudest for whomever that came up with the best Anti-Christmas story.

5.) You Can Encourage Your Guests To Fart Aloud Every Time Someone Says The Word "Christmas"

Oh, what the heck. Everyone farts, so you might as well allow your specially invited Scrooge guests to have a bit of fun by farting aloud every time someone mentions the word, Christmas (And, if any of your guests managed to soil their underwear while farting, you can blog about it the following day, or post some pictures of the person who accidentally soiled their underwear while farting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).

The Conclusion

I genuinely hope that these tips would turn out to be useful for all of the Christmas-Haters on the planet.

At least, you would be able to have a very memorable Scrooge party by implementing these ideas.

December 20, 2014

Beyoncé Certainly Knows How To Have Fun

Beyoncé (Photo credit: Facebook)
American singer, Beyoncé certainly knows how to have fun; the video for her song, 7/11 is evidence of that; one can definitely hear the musical elements of hip hop and trap in that song of hers.

7/11 was at the number one spot on the BillBoard Hot 100 on December 12th, 2014.

I have to admit that the first time I saw the video for 7/11, I thought that it was home-made; I guess that Beyoncé wanted to try something that was way different from the visual appearance of her high-end videos.

Without further ado, here is the video for Beyoncé's, 7/11. Enjoy!

Busy Like A Bee

Busy Like A Bee
Photo credit: bronwynking via photopin cc
Today, I am going to be so darn busy trying to get things in order (I have been cleaning the house like a butler since November and the more I clean, is the more I find other things to clean; which is totally insane).

Now, with all of that chaos going on, it is most amazing to know that some of us still find the time to blog; especially during the days that are counting down to Christmas.

Anyway, I will try to see what little blogging that I can slip in here and there.

So, just in case you have noticed that I did not blog much today is, because I am busy like a bee.

I cannot wait for Christmas to be done and over with; so things can return to a comforting level of normalcy.

December 19, 2014

I Love Sean Finn's "All Or Nothing"

I Love Sean Finn's "All Or Nothing"
Disc Jockey (Photo credit:
The music of German DJ and producer, Sean Finn is rather infectious; the dance track that I love from this talented guy is, All Or Nothing; which features the amazing vocals of the British singer, Amanda Wilson.

All Or Nothing is perfect for the dance clubs; the DJs are guaranteed to make the people on the dance-floor move rhythmically to the beat of this highly captivating song.

When I first played this dance track, I immediately fell in love with it.

Here is the video for Sean Finn's EDM  hit, All Or Nothing (And, do not forget that it features the sweet vocals of, Amanda Wilson). Enjoy! 

The Battle Of The Niches On Blogger

Photo credit: floodllama via photopin cc
Yesterday (Thursday 18th December, 2014), I made the effort to read more new blogs on Blogger (They gave me the impression that they were coming out of the figurative woodwork by the minute).

It is apparently clear that there are a lot of people blogging on Blogger; but very few people are aware of their existence (Hopefully, that would all change in time to come).

It is quite evident that some niches are doing better than others.

Fashion Blogs Are At The Forefront

I was not at all surprised when I discovered that the fashion blogs were getting most of the attention on Blogger (It is as though fashion is the hottest thing around).

I have also noticed that fashion bloggers have a way of supporting each other; it is as though it is some kind of fraternity where female bloggers have vowed to visit the fashion blogs of their fellow bloggers.

I also noticed that many of the fashion blogs had lots of comments in their comment section and that they had a large number of followers too (Hmm. Now, I have a greater understanding as to why a lot of bloggers have chosen fashion as their niche; they want to grab a very large percentage of the readership from those in the blogosphere and also from those who are just checking out the latest fashion trends on the world wide web).

Blogs About Book Reviews Were Last In Line

For the record, there are a few blogs on Blogger that actually do quite well where book reviews are concerned; but the truth is: many of them get little or no attention.

Is it that people are losing their interest in literature? Or, that they have no intentions of buying books? Maybe, some people are not interested in literature, because they have poor comprehension skills, or are illiterate and some of the ones who can read are too impoverished to purchase a new set of books.

However, the sales of books seem to be doing fairly well worldwide.

Recently, I visited some blogs on Blogger that specialized in book reviews and I was appalled to notice that the response that they received from their fellow bloggers was dismal.

Music Blogs Are A Give And Take

I also visited some music blogs on Blogger; I realized right away that some of them were doing fairly well while there were others that looked as though no one knew about the existence of those blogs.

Since, we all love music, I would want to believe that music blogs have a fair chance of survival in the blogosphere.

The Food Blogs Have A Moderate Amount Of Success

The older food blogs are doing way better than the newer food blogs (And, that could be because of the fact that the older food blogs were out longer in the blogosphere; therefore, managing to acquire a reasonable amount of readers).

The blogs that specialized in vegan recipes did somewhat okay (Although some of those blogs gave me the impression that vegan blogs were a thing of the past; but you and I both know that is not true).

Those food blogs that posted lots of desserts attracted lots of people who love to eat candy, cake and ice cream.

So, the success of the food blogs had a lot to do with the type of food, or dessert that they posted.

Blogs That Deal With Product Reviews Are Fairly Successful

Well, it is no big secret that all the blogs that deal with product reviews are not as successful as my friend, Shireen's blog; however, they seem to be grabbing people's attention.

Someone is always interested in some type of product that is on the market.

Health Blogs Get Their Fair Share Of Recognition

Blogs that deal with health are known to acquire some recognition; especially those that deal with the issue of eating in a healthy manner and the promotion of regular exercise regimes.

Almost everyone is interested in health; so the health niche will always be one of those niches that would stand out from the rest.

People Love Blogs That Deal With Art And Craft

If you are a someone who can draw, paint, knit or build something using regular household items, an art and craft blog would be perfect for you.

I have noticed that the art and craft niche does fairly well.

Not All Technology Blogs Are Doing Well

Recently, I was browsing through some technology blogs on Blogger and there were many that did not appear to attract the interest of readers (I would speculate that those technology blogs were fairly new).

And, of course, those that were around for sometime were the ones that got most of the comments.

The Conclusion

These are merely a handful of niches on Blogger that I have taken the liberty of investigating; there are many more niches of course.

But why is it that one type of niche is more popular than the other? Probably, it has to do with the level of support that it gets from those in the blogosphere.

Although the fashion niche is highly popular, it is one of those niches that gets lots of support from those who are within the same niche.

Therefore, if the other not so popular niches had the same type of support as the fashion niche, they would no doubt witness an increase in popularity.

In reality, the success of a niche (and a blog in general) stems from the level of support that it gets from others.

Blogs and niches that have managed to build their own blog community (especially, when that community is comprised of a large number of people) will no doubt do better than those that did not work on building their own blog community.

Therefore, it is quite possible for the other niches that are not so popular at the moment to do well in the near future; all they have to do is to work on building their blog community.

Although I do not do a niche-related blog, I worked hard at building my own blog community here on Blogger (And, I can state that is one of the reasons why my blog gets the level of attention that it is getting now).

So, dear friends, it would be a wise move to work on building your very own blog community; without it, your blog will stand a very little chance of survival in the blogosphere.

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