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November 28, 2016

November 23, 2016

November 15, 2016

How To Be A Disciplined Blogger

Photo credit: Grotuk via VisualHunt / CC BY
Discipline on the whole makes us better people; for without it anything goes (And, that has the potential of landing us in a total mess).

November 14, 2015

Sleep Scheduled For Saturday

MacBook Pro In Bed
Most of us like to sleep late on weekends; which is not a bad thing; because we were busy from Monday to Friday.

November 2, 2015

Peeking Inside The World Of Weebly

Weebly Logo
Weebly Logo
(Photo credit: Weebly)
Today, I took the liberty of checking out a few blogs on Weebly; their templates look great and there are a few good bloggers there too.

October 30, 2015

October 3, 2015

Technological Madness In October

Crazy Eyes
Crazy Eyes
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Wow, October started off as a crazy month where technology is concerned. First, there was the issue of me being unable to log in to my WordPress account via my Google Chrome browser; you can read all about it in my article entitled: Does WordPress Have An Issue With Google Chrome?

And, then I received a shocking email from Google telling me that they were unable to crawl my site for the period of twenty-four hours and that they postponed the indexing process until a few recommended adjustments were made (Which I went to work on immediately; despite the fact that my robots.txts were in order).

I am speculating that Bing or one of the other search engines were crawling my blog when Google's spiders decided to crawl The Chronicles of Renard (Hey, talk about bad timing).

Now, I did ask the Universe for an increase in incoming traffic to my blog and my wish was granted (Hmm. I doubt that could have been the cause of the Googlebots going on strike temporarily).

Did anything like this ever happen to you?

I am left wondering, "What is next?"

Okay, I should be really careful of what I wish for.

Anyway, I find all of this stuff amazing; anyone else would have pulled their hair out.

By the way, does anyone know if Google's servers were heavily overloaded at the beginning of October?

The last I checked, Google is supposed to have the most efficient servers on the planet; therefore enabling them to handle huge loads of incoming traffic. I highly doubt that one blog is capable of overloading their servers.

Now, technology is by no means perfect and I do not think that it is a coincidence that all of these technical issues transpired at the beginning of the month.

Maybe, this was all the result of me getting the worst end of the proverbial stick due to Google's monthly server maintenance.

I also hope that the Universe is not hinting to me that I should reinstate the status of my WordPress blog as my primary blog (For quite sometime, my blog on Blogger held the position of being my primary blog and the God's truth is, that I prefer it that way).

I am also hoping that this manmade technology behaves itself and start working in the manner that it was designed to work.

But, you and I both know, that technological hiccups are a part of a blogger's life; they have a way of showing up when you least expect them to.

September 10, 2015

Conducting Blogging Experiments

(Photo credit: Pixabay)
While there are those of us who like to keep it simple, there are those who like to spice things up a bit by experimenting (And, I am one of those people who did lots of experimenting over the years in the field of blogging).

Experimentation would give us an idea of what works and of course, it would also bring to our attention the things that do not work.

For the record, it takes a highly courageous soul to experiment with their blog.

I Tried Out Different Commenting Systems

When I started The Chronicles Of Renard on Blogger, my friends on WordPress complained about Blogger's native commenting system; they saw it as one that was not user-friendly and only a handful of them actually knew how to use it (I knew that I had to rid my blog of Blogger's native commenting system if I wanted people to leave me more comments in the comments thread of my blog).

After pondering the situation for a while, I made up my mind to use the Disqus commenting platform on my blog; it worked beautifully at the time and I was completely sold on it, since it was great at filtering out spam.

Then, one day, the comments on Disqus stopped synchronizing with Blogger; which resulted in the comments on Disqus not showing up in my Blogger dashboard; I was a bit perturbed by the whole ordeal (My love affair with Disqus was shattered and I removed it from my blog).

Then, the thought ran through my mind, "Renard, why don't you give Google Plus comments a try?"

I knew that it would not hurt to experiment with Google Plus comments on my blog (After all, Google owns Google Plus and it works quite well with Blogger; which by the way is, also owned by Google).

What I like most about Google Plus comments is, the fact that I get real time notifications; which is a thousand times better than Blogger's native commenting system.

And, the Blogger community members are comfortable with using Google Plus comments (And, that has led to more interaction on my blog).

So, Disqus messing up greatly was a blessing in disguise; because I would not have used Google Plus comments on my blog if I did not have an issue with Disqus.

Conducting Experiments With Various Social Media

All the blogging experts on the world wide web, agree that social media is a great way to promote the content on our blog (And, I might as well use it to my benefit).

I discovered that Google Plus is a fantastic place to share my posts (My blog, The Chronicles Of Renard, received lots of attention from the Google Plus community; which I am utterly grateful for).

Pinterest took me by surprise, because I would have never believed that people would be checking out my various pins — pins that provided a link right back to my blog (So, Pinterest was worth experimenting with; I know for a fact, that it helped in the area of boosting my readership).

Also, I seem to be very fortunate where Twitter is concerned; it helped in the area of driving traffic towards my blog.

Twitter is a great place for bloggers around the world to share their content (And, the content of others too).

Triberr is a great place where bloggers can share their content with a lot of like-minded bloggers.

Hobbyist and professional blogger alike, believe in the power of Triberr.

The year before, I got a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon, but for some unknown reason that no longer happens (I will have to look into that).

The only major traffic to my blog that I get from Facebook is from the blogging group that I am a part of — The Blog Exchange Syndication Group (Special thanks to Tara Woodruff and to all of the active members of that blogging group).

And, it is a pity that Facebook killed off their organic search; if they did not do that, a lot of bloggers would have considered Facebook to be the ideal place to get one's blog recognized (But, that does not mean that Facebook is utterly useless; a blogger can still make good use of their blog's Facebook page to generate some views).

I Experimented With Posting At Various Times And Days

Now, everyone would have their very own idea as to when is the best time for them to upload a post on their blog.

For some people it would be the morning period, for others, it would be the afternoon period and there would be those who would benefit by uploading posts to their blog at nighttime.

Being the curious individual that I am, I posted around the clock and I did not see much of a difference; I discovered that my views were quadrupled the following day (Apparently, a lot of people do not read my posts on the exact day that it is uploaded).

And, in regards to posting on various days, I get a lot of traffic to my blog on those so-called slow days.

I Experimented With Various Types Of Content

Since The Chronicles Of Renard deals with miscellaneous tropics, I am free to post whatever I want on my blog and I discovered that my posts on blogging advice received more views than any of the various topics that I have posted (Apparently, countless bloggers are interested in ways to make their blogs better; which is a very good thing).

Are you fully aware of the types of posts that your readers are interested in?

If the answer is, "Yes," you can create more of those types of articles for your readers to peruse (And, your views would skyrocket as a result of that; if you do not believe me, try it for yourself; you would be pleased that you did so).

I Experimented With Lots Of Templates

When I started this blog of mine, I experimented with a few of Blogger's default templates by adding personal customization.

And, as time went along, I began uploading unique-looking templates to my blog (The kind that are not found in Blogger's gallery of templates).

All bloggers eventually learn, that the best templates are the ones that are mobile-friendly.

Is your blog template responsive?

It better be; since Google stressed on the importance of seeing to it that our blog is mobile-friendly; these days, a lot of people are surfing the world wide web on their tablets and on their smartphones and it would be quite unfortunate if those people were unable to access our blog, or parts of our blog.

I Experimented With Widgets

While widgets can be an asset, having too many of them can prove to be a liability; too many widgets on your page can actually slow your blog down.

Therefore, it would be wise to keep your widgets at a minimum, or only use the ones that are most important to you.

I have learned over the years that most people hate waiting too long for a page on a website to load; which is why it should be under three seconds).

Now, by all means, feel free to experiment with widgets; but do not overdo it!

The Conclusion

I encourage experimenting where your blog is concerned.

If you are not brave enough to experiment, you might not find out what works for you (You will only find out if you give it a try).

Also, the learning process via experimentation is a lot of fun.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments thread of my blog about the various blogging experiments that you have tried.

And, you are more than welcome to share this post of mine on your favourite social media.

Thank you for reading!

September 5, 2015

The Psychological Mindset Of The Patient Blogger

(Photo credit; Pixabay)
The blogger who possesses lots of patience, is usually the one who stands the test of time.

And, the blogger who is devoid of patience, is usually the one who would most likely quit blogging if they do not get positive results right away.

Are you a patient blogger?

Or, are you filled to the brim with impatience?

If you are the patient type of blogger, there is a very high chance of you doing well (Even though things may give the appearance of one fighting a losing battle).

And, if you are impatient by nature, you might as well learn to develop some patience; because the survival of your blog is dependent upon it.

The Patient Blogger Knows That Every Blogger Does Not See Success Right Away

It actually took my friend, Al, an average of two years, before he saw some progress with his WordPress blog (Any other blogger would have discontinued blogging, wrongfully believing that blogging was not for them; especially if they did not see any signs of progress within the time-frame of two years).

Yes, two years, is quite a long time to stick with one's blog until success comes knocking on their proverbial door; I have actually witnessed bloggers abandoned their blogs, in a few weeks' time, because they felt as though success was far from their reach.

If you are new to blogging, I would strongly suggest, that you do not lose faith in your blog; your time will eventually come, once you continue blogging.

When I first started The Chronicles Of Renard, I had very little views; but I did not let that stop me; I maintained the vision of my blog being a successful one and it came into fruition (Thankfully, some of my fellow bloggers who were in the habit of following me on WordPress took the liberty of supporting me on Blogger).

The Patient Blogger Is Willing To Start Fresh On A New Blogging Platform

Now, I am not saying that it is imperative that bloggers should start another blog on a new blogging platform; I am merely highlighting the fact, that it is possible for any blogger to start a new blog on any blogging platform and turn it into a successful one (And, it takes a whole lot of patience to transform a blog on a whole different blogging platform into a very successful one).

Although The Chronicles Of Renard started off as an experiment to see if the blog site, Blogger, was worth blogging on, I was patient enough to see it excel (And, it surpassed my expectations; I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was getting more views than my blog over at WordPress).

For the record, it actually requires more patience to turn a blog on Blogger into a successful one than a blog on WordPress; but I did not let that fact scare me.

Like any new blogger, I had to go about building a readership on Blogger from scratch.

Some of my friends who were on WordPress were quite sceptical about the idea of me starting a new blog on Blogger, because their first blog was on Blogger and it did not do well; they only tasted success when they jumped on the WordPress blogging platform (the biggest irony was, that I had experienced the same thing with my first blog on Blogger — Renard Moreau Presents, when it was migrated to WordPress) and I was heavily determined to make my blog on Blogger succeed (And, I possessed the patience to turn that dream of mines into a reality).

I want to set the record straight, that this article is not about WordPress being better than Blogger or vice versa; it is about being patient enough to make your blog a successful one, despite the fact that the odds are against you.

The Patient Blogger Chooses Their Layout Carefully

The nice part about being patient is, that you would have planned the layout of your blog's theme in advance; you would know the appropriate spot to place your widgets, sharing buttons, and organize everything within your sidebar without ever going overboard.

Why go through all of that trouble?

Because, you want your readers to have a positive user-experience and if your readers are unable to find their way around the blog, it is going to affect your blog negatively.

So, dear friend, I truly hope that you possess enough patience to plan out the layout of your theme quite well.

The Patient Blogger Would Personally See To It That High Quality Content Is Uploaded To Their Blog

It is imperative that we all have high quality content on our blog, because our readers are not going to take us seriously if we were in the habit of uploading substandard content to our blog.

Everyone that I know has a high appreciation for content that is of a high quality (As a matter of fact, it is human nature to gravitate towards things that are of a high quality; for example: many of us like food, clothing, shoes, cars and electronic items that are of a high quality).

So, dear friend, if your blog contains articles that are of a high quality, it is going to have a very large incoming traffic of viewers (And, that is the sort of thing that you want for your blog).

Also, it takes a lot of patience to create content that is of a high quality.

Do you possess the patience to create high quality content?

I hope that you do, because your readership depends on it.

The Patient Blogger Goes Out Of Their Way To Learn All They Can About Blogging

For starters, it requires having lots of patience for a person to learn all they can about blogging, because the process actually involves spending more hours than you could ever imagine learning about how to blog effectively.

And, why would a person want to do such a thing?

Because, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement.

Only a very naive blogger (or a very stupid one) would believe that they do not need to further their knowledge about blogging.

Believe it or not, the best blogging experts are always learning.

The Patient Blogger Would Take The Needed Time To Promote Their Content

A wise blogger once specified, that twenty percent of our blogging process was spent in content creation, while the other eighty percent was spent promoting our content; a lot of new bloggers do raise an eyebrow when they finally realize that it takes a lot of time to promote their content (And, one of the best ways to do that is via social media).

When I first started blogging (which was many years ago), I never shared the articles on my blog via social media; I eventually realized that I was not taking advantage of a good opportunity to promote my content.

We cannot expect our blog to go viral if we are not willing to promote our content.

Do you have the patience to promote your content?

I hope that you do; because the effort is going to payoff for you.

The Patient Blogger Will Find The Time To Comment On People's Posts

Everyday, I spend at least thirty minutes commenting on the posts of others (And, there are times when I have done it for one straight hour).

Yes, I would admit that commenting on other people's posts for the time period of thirty minutes and over requires lots of patience (Well, thankfully, I enjoy commenting on posts that were uploaded to the blogs of various bloggers worldwide).

Also, commenting on other people's posts is a great way to attract readers to your blog (In most cases, if you were to leave an intelligent comment in the comment section of someone's blog, they would check out your blog and leave a comment of their own in the comment section of your blog).

Unfortunately, too many bloggers have underestimated the true power that lies behind commenting on someone else's blog.

The Patient Blogger Will Locate Or Create A Video That Relates To The Content Of Their Post

Some bloggers are into the habit of adding a video to the end of their article; it is usually one that is in connection to what their article is all about and if they are unable to find one online, they make one of their own.

And, in most instances, articles that are combined with videos that are related to it, tends to acquire lots of views.

Although the process is somewhat time-consuming, it is worth the effort.

Also, finding a video online that relates to your topic, or making one of your own that highlights the points in your article is something that requires lots of patience.

And, why would a blogger choose to add a video in a post with an article?

Because, it simply enhances the experience for the viewer; making it a very worthwhile one.

The Patient Blogger Will Write Until Their Words Form A Sensible Article

One of the most important aspects of being a blogger is, making writing a habit of theirs.

I genuinely believe that a blogger should write on a daily basis.

And, why is that?

So, writing can eventually become a full blown habit for him or her.

Also, anything that has established itself as a habit for a human being will no doubt become second nature for them.

Since we are not obligated to post everything that we write, it is okay to simply write for the fun of it.

On many occasions, I wrote articles out of the blue; I chose a random topic and I started writing; I did not stop until that article of mines was finished (And, I believe that you are capable of doing the same thing; provided that you give it your best shot).

Writing is not difficult; it is just that there are times when we are not in the mood to do it.

The secret is, to become heavily addicted to writing; which would result in having countless articles waiting in line to be uploaded to your blog.

So, if writing is not a habit of yours, you can work at it until it is formed into a habit (And, that my friend, requires lots of patience).

The Patient Blogger Would Do The Research To Find Out What Types Of Posts That Their Readers Like

Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who are only concerned with updating their blogs; they post lots of articles and it is not necessarily the type of articles that their readers are interested in (And, that sort of thing can cause a significant drop in views).

Therefore, every blogger should make it a priority of theirs to find out which types of posts are getting the most views and this can be done by checking out our dashboard; preferably the stats section.

Our readers are always hinting to us the type of material that they would like to see from us; but unfortunately, many of us are not patient enough to conduct a research.

If you neglect the desires of your readers, your blog will pay the ultimate price; which usually involves your readers going elsewhere to get what they want.

The Conclusion

The mindset of a patient blogger is an interesting one; because they are the type of people who do not give up easily.

They will do what is required of them to excel in the blogosphere (And, they do it without manipulating others).

Also, patience is one of the requirements for learning and where blogging is concerned, there is lots of learning involved (And, you and I both know that the learning never stops).

As far as I am concerned, we might as well become patient bloggers (provided that we have not already developed a high level of patience); this would allow us to grow and enable us to become better bloggers on the whole.

August 29, 2015

Are Blogging Groups Really Beneficial?

Question Mark
Question Mark
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Today, there are more blogging groups on the internet than we could ever count (And, they are available on all of the popular social media).

Those of us who are members of a blogging group (or groups) would know that no two are alike since their rules differ.

The most interesting thing is: that some people think that blogging groups are a waste of time, while there are others who have sworn that they acquired more views when they joined the blogging group (or groups).

The Advantages Of Being In A Blogging Group

One of the main advantages of being in a blogging group is, that you are granted the opportunity of sharing your blog posts with all of the community members of the blogging group (Whether or not, the members of the blogging group are interested in your blog post is in itself a different story).

Some blogging groups are so saturated with blog posts that a large portion of the contributions go unnoticed (But thankfully, there are always a small percentage of people who make it their priority to read our posts).

I genuinely believe that a handful of readers are way better than having no readers; so blogging groups do provide an avenue that allows the blog posts of bloggers to be recognized.

If all of the blogging group's members are fully supportive of each other, everyone within the blogging group will have a positive experience.

Highly Vigilant And Very Disciplined Group Administrators Have The Most Successful Blogging Groups

People love and respect a group administrator who enforces the rules of the group.

On many occasions, I have seen pornography in a few of the blogging groups on Google Plus and I wanted to know if the people who were assigned to moderating the group were on strike.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who violates the group's rules for the first time should be given a stern warning (via email to avoid public embarrassment) and if the member violates the group's rules a second time around, they should be expelled from the blogging group.

Most importantly, highly vigilant and very disciplined group administrators will easily spot transgressors (And, that is a good thing; because if a member of a blogging group committed an atrocity once and they noticed that they were not reprimanded, they may get the impression that they can get away with figurative murder and will attempt to break the blogging group's rules again).

A lawless blogging group is not one that you would want to be a part of; since anything goes.

Therefore, all of its members (including the group administrator) needs to be have a high level of discipline.

I like being in a blogging group where all of its members are highly disciplined.

What about you?

Group Administrators Need To Make Every Member Feel As Though They Belong

My friend, Tara Woodruff — the group administrator for The Blog Exchange Syndication Group on Facebook, welcomes every new member to the group; which is something that few group administrators actually do.

All bloggers would no doubt, appreciate a very warm welcome from the blogging group's administrator.

After all, we are human beings and not just another number (Even though we might be the six-hundred and seventy-fifth person to join the blogging group).

From a psychological point of view, members who feel appreciated will contribute more to the blogging group that they are a part of.

All Blogging Groups Have Their Proverbial Dead Weight

Those of us who are members of a blogging group (or groups) might have noticed that the blogging group (or groups) that we are are part of has hundreds or even thousands of members; yet only a handful of those members truly participate.

You have probably wondered: "What happened to the rest of its members? Did they drown during the last tsunami?"

The truth is: that large number is really a deceptive one; since a large percentage of those people no longer blog and have not visited the blogging group in months (or in some instances, they have been absent from the blogging group for quite a number of years); therefore we should not be fooled by large numbers; we need to look at the number of people who are participating regularly in the group (And, if the number happens to be a very small one, the group administrator would need to come up with innovative methods of recruiting new members).

If few people are participating in the blogging group that you are a part of, the traffic to your blog from that blogging group would be at a minimum level.

What the heck! We do not want minimum traffic towards our blog; we want maximum traffic!

There Are Bloggers Who Are Doing Tremendously Well Without Being A Member Of A Blogging Group

Yes, it is true; there are bloggers who are doing quite well without the help of blogging groups (The thought of joining a blogging group never crossed their mind).

These people have managed to develop a loyal following of people who love their blog.

My blog, The Chronicles Of Renard did rather well before I joined some blogging groups (And, it is still doing well even though I am currently a member of a few blogging groups).

Now, I am in no way ungrateful for the additional readership that I have acquired through blogging groups; I am merely highlighting the fact, that The Chronicles Of Renard already had a level of popularity before I joined those blogging groups.

Once you have that unwavering support from your own blogging community, there is a very high chance of your blog doing tremendously well without being a member of a blogging group (Or groups).

Also, if you are getting more support from your own blogging community than your blogging group (or groups), it would be wise to remove yourself from the blogging group (or groups) that you are a part of.

By the way, I am tired of hearing about how blogging groups did not work out well for some bloggers; the truth is: blogging groups are not bad; it is just that they have not found the right blogging group (And, finding the right blogging group can be somewhat time-consuming; but not impossible to find).

Anyway, an example of some types of blogs that thrive well without joining blogging groups are those that deal with fashion, entertainment news and current events.

And, even though blogging groups can help bloggers achieve a greater level of popularity on the world wide web, it is not mandatory to join them (It is something that we bloggers do out of our free will).

As a matter of fact, some of you who are reading this, have a successful blog in cyberspace and you are not even a member of a blogging group.

What Are The Telltale Signs Of A Really Good Blogging Group?

In most instances, if you are in a good blogging group, you would have noticed the following:

• You would have learned something priceless — something that once applied could enhance your blogging skill.

• You would have noticed that the members of the blogging group are eager to get to know each other.

• You would have noticed that they enjoy sharing each other's blog posts via their favourite social media.

• It would be quite apparent to you, that the members within the blogging group are genuinely interested in each other's advancement; therefore they are willing to help each other out any way that they can.

• The members of the blogging group are concerned about the group's longevity; as a result of this, they are always recommending the blogging group to friends of theirs who are exceptional bloggers with the hopes of them joining the blogging group.

• You would have noticed that the majority of its members are active participants of the blogging group.

What Are The Telltale Signs Of A Really Bad Blogging Group?

If you happen to be a member of a really bad blogging group, you would have noticed the following:

• The members of the blogging group do not read or comment on any of your posts whenever you upload them to the blogging group and they do not share your posts via their favourite social media.

• No one in the blogging group really cares about who you are.

• The members of the blogging group possess a dog eat dog attitude.

• The administrator does not have an idea of what is taking place in their blogging group; as a result of that, the blogging group has transformed itself into a place of chaos — a place where a lot of the members are breaking the rules openly; because they know that the administrator does not have the testicular fortitude to enforce them.

• Many of the members have stopped contributing posts of their own to the group.

• Members of the blogging group have chosen to post pornography in the thread (or have chosen to leave a whole bunch of links to pornographic websites) and they flood the thread of the blogging group with a ton load of spam.

• You have learned nothing of value from the blogging group, you have lost your enthusiasm and you no longer have a desire to be part of that blogging group.

The Conclusion

Honestly, I think that blogging groups are beneficial; however, they should be of a highly disciplined nature and one where the members of those blogging groups are willing to assist their fellow members by reading their posts, commenting on them and by sharing the posts of their fellow members via their social media of choice.

Although a blogging group can be one of a blogger's best assets; it is not mandatory that a blogger joins a blogging group; since it is possible that they can do quite well without it (Now, do not get me wrong; I am in favour of blogging groups; but I do not think that you should join one out of peer pressure, or because you have noticed that a large percentage of bloggers are joining blogging groups; do it because you want to and as I have said earlier, they are not mandatory to join).

One of the nice perks about blogging groups is: that it helps in the area of getting your blog noticed by a wider audience (And, that my friend is indeed a good thing).

August 5, 2015

Doing The Right Thing As A Blogger

Home Office
Home Office
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Are you brave enough to post the things that you truly care about on your blog?

Well, it is your blog and you should have every right to post the things that are dear to you (This is where authenticity comes in; which is all about being yourself).

I consider myself as a very brave blogger; a person who would post the type of material on their blog that they desire, even though they know that other bloggers are expecting certain types of posts from them.

I Hate Being Fitted Into A Category

Currently, there are those who like to fit people into a box; they are the ones who think, “Oh, Renard is a blogger who posts music and he gives good blogging advice.”

Although the above is somewhat true, I am a person who actually posts other topics too; for example: I might do the occasional news item, or dabble a bit into the arena of entertainment news and when I am in the mood, I actually do a bit of photography posts (It all depends on what I am feeling to do at the moment).

So, please do not stereotype me as one who only gives blogging advice or one who only does music posts.

Here Is The Reason Why Stereotyping Me Is A Bad Thing

For starters, if a person thought that this was only a blog that dealt strictly with blogging advice and they checked it out and found other types of material that did not pertain to blogging advice, they might be a bit disappointed (Or, they might come to their senses and know that The Chronicles Of Renard, deals with miscellaneous topics).

For the record, I never claimed that this blog was one that dealt strictly with blogging advice.

Whenever I see the need to share my expertise on blogging, I would post an article (or two) on the topic of blogging; because I saw the need to help out those newbie bloggers — those bloggers who are desperate for some blogging advice or are in need of some guidance.

I am not the stingy type of person; I am always willing to share what I know.

And, people (especially the new ones who have ventured into blogging) have a lot of questions that pertain to the topic of blogging.

Also, if you only want me to deal with the topic of blogging, you would be hindering my creativity — you would be infringing on the other things that I would like to post about (And, I love to post about many things).

As a blogger, would you like the freedom to post whatever type of material that you are in the mood to post?

Of course you do!

Therefore, you should have an understanding as to the reason why I like being free to roam wherever I wish (topic-wise) like an uncaged bird.

The Signs Are Obvious

I have noticed that every post that I did in the area of blogging advice has done extremely well (The statistics are off of the charts and any other blogger would have said to themselves, “Hmm. If my readers are hungry for blogging advice, that is what I am going to give them.”And, run with it at lightning speed).

Okay, the masses have spoken; they have demanded more blogging advice and I would be most eager to provide them with it; but my readers must never forget that I have a penchant for dealing with every topic underneath the Sun.

Do you want me to post more blogging tips?

Or, are you contented with whatever type of material that I post on my blog?

Can You Guess Who Is In Charge?

Me of course (And, I want all of my beloved readers to remember that)!

However, I will always consider the requests of my readers (But, that does not mean that I am going to throw the idea of posting whatever I want to post down the figurative drain; there would be the usual give and take of course and it is possible for you and I to come to a common agreement).

If you would like to see more of a certain type of post, you can always email me (My email address is available on my Contact page).

Although I am fully in charge of The Chronicles Of Renard, I will make it my priority to find out the various types of posts that my readers are interested in.

The Conclusion

Even though I am brave enough to post whatever I desire on my blog, I will still accommodate a handful of your wishes.

There are times when I do think, that I have traversed into an area where there is no turning back and I have to go with the flow by giving my readers what they want all of the time.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

Would you have neglected the topics that you desired to post and only go with what your readers wanted?

Or, would you post what you wanted 100% of the time?

Or, would you have considered taking the middle path; posting what you wanted and also posting the type of material that they (your readers) would like you to see?

My intuition has whispered to me, “A brave blogger is not a selfish one; but one who is willing to compromise with their beloved readers and that your readers should give you the freedom to be you and to post whatever you want, provided that you do not neglect the requests of your readers.”

And, that dear friend, is my core belief in regards to doing the right thing as a blogger.

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