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February 2, 2016

Please Keep Me In The Loop

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Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who are expanding their horizons on other blogging platforms (Which I consider to be a very good thing; because they end up gaining firsthand knowledge of how things on another blogging platform actually work).

December 30, 2015

I Wish To Support More Blogs In 2016

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I am proud to admit that I supported my fair share of blogs for the year, 2015.

September 23, 2015

I Would Love To Support Your Blog

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I am always on the lookout for new blogs on a daily basis. I believe that there are a lot of talented bloggers out there on the world wide web; unfortunately, a large percentage of them go unnoticed.

Those who have managed to acquire a readership, had themselves a very rough start; but they kept blogging until they saw the desired results.

As you know, I hate it when bloggers abandon their blogs (And, I intend to do something about that).

I Want To Cheer You On

Yes, I really want to cheer you on; after all, you deserve the support; it would encourage you to keep on blogging.

And, I do not care if I would be the only one reading and leaving comments on your blog (Hey, it is a start and if you continue to post quality content, the readers would eventually find your blog).

Now, in order to cheer you on, I kindly ask that you send the details of your blog along with the niche to my email address:

By the way, if it is a business-related blog, I will not give it my support; because I have no intentions of endorsing your products, or asking my readers to get themselves involved with your products (So, do not email me).

However, if you have a personal blog, I would gladly support that blog of yours for free.

How Do I Benefit From All Of This?

For starters, I would be getting the opportunity to check out some new personal blogs.

Also, the process of checking out new blogs is very time-consuming; so you are actually helping me out by emailing me your blog's URL.

If I like what I see, I will support that blog of yours for life.

And, which blogger in their right mind would say, "No," to someone supporting their blog?

I think that I am in a position to visit at least twenty new blogs on a daily basis.

Also, I am planning on expanding the number of people whom I interact with on a daily basis.

Hopefully, you would want to check out my blog too to see what type of information that it contains (I do get a thrill out of people leaving me comments on my blog).

In Closing

The blogosphere is a big place; it is so saturated with blogs — blogs that are fighting to gain the attention of readers, that a lot of times, impressive ones go unnoticed.

Let me change that by visiting your blog on a regular basis.

I want to support you.

Would you like my support?

I do not believe in the dog eat dog attitude — an attitude where bloggers try to outdo each other, or only care about themselves and their own blogs.

We all can be a happy and very helpful and supportive community of bloggers (And, that is my vision for the blogosphere).

Besides, supporting your blog would be fun; it is a challenge that I am up for.

No spam please!

Do send me the URL to your blog via email and do not leave me the links to your blog via the comments thread; because that is considered as a poor practice; one that is frowned upon by those who have learned proper blogging etiquette.

March 5, 2015

I Am Not Feeling 100% Myself Today

Teddy With Thermometer
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Today, I am feeling a bit under the weather; I am experiencing a bit of nausea along with a hint of tiredness; which I am not going to allow to stop me from participating fully in the blogosphere.

I know that I am only human (But, I am a very stubborn one; I am not going to allow feeling slightly ill to stop my fun).

I could have taken the day off from blogging; but I blatantly refused to do so.

Even though I am not feeling like posting anything much today, I can still comment on the posts of my friends.

I believe that anyone else would have taken the day off (Which is fine, because one is supposed to be resting when they are feeling ill).

Anyway, I feel as though I have a duty to support my fellow bloggers and I will continue to do it under all conditions; even if it means supporting you until I literally drop.

Later on today, I will see to it if I can upload some new posts of mine (After all, I have readers that are waiting patiently to see what I post).

Do not worry, I should get it all done before the day is over.

And, as they say, "Nothing keeps a good man down."

Now, I am hoping that the above saying is true, because I have a sneaky feeling that a good man could be kept down if a sumo wrestler weighing roughly about five-hundred pounds, decides to sit on top of him.

For the record, I am not giving up; I am going to put up a good fight; since I have a lot of blogging to do.

Wish me luck (Because, I am going to need it).

February 1, 2015

Blogging In February

The First Of February
Photo credit: Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis via photopin cc
Recently, 2015 had started; we are in February and January is over (My goodness, time seems to be moving faster than a speeding bullet).

Thinking back a bit, January was indeed a great month for blogging and hopefully, things should turn out alright where blogging is concerned for the month of February.

Did you plan out what you would like to blog about for the month of February?

Honestly, I did not make any special blogging plans for the month of February; I will simply keep doing what I have been doing; which is to let the intuitive part of me recommend the most appropriate material to post.

A lot of bloggers jot things down in their notepads; ideas that they could return to when they want something to post about (Now, there is nothing wrong with that; but that method does not work for me; I let my intuition handle everything).

So, are you going to have fun blogging for the month of February? Or, are you going to fight up with it as though it is some damn chore?

Thankfully, I am not into the fighting up part where blogging is concerned.

As usual, I am going to search for some new blogs for the month of February (There are a lot of talented bloggers out there who need my support and I will personally see to it that they get it).

I also hope that no one plans on abandoning their blog for the month of February.

Anyway, I am going to have fun nonetheless and my blogging adventure continues for the month of February (I am not going to allow anything or anyone to stop me from blogging).

Thank you for following The Chronicles Of Renard and if you happen to come across any article that you like in my blog archive, you are more than welcome to share it on your favourite social media (Besides, I would not mind the extra exposure).

May the month of February be a very happy and an adventurous one for you.


November 20, 2014

No Other Country Can Blog Like America

United States of America
United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since I have started blogging, I have noticed that the majority of my views are from the United States of America (And this goes for both blogs; The Chronicles Of Renard and Renard Moreau Presents).

I have always wondered: are there more Americans online?

Blogger and WordPress are American in origin; However, other people from around the world also frequent those two blog sites (After all, they are the most popular ones on the planet).

So, why does the majority of my support come from the United States of America?

Well, I can speculate that they love my blogging style and what my two blogs have to offer.

Also, I wouldn't doubt the fact that the people in the United States of America are the biggest supporters of Blogger and WordPress.

Maybe, American bloggers are some of the most curious-minded bloggers in the world and that they would visit almost any blog with the intentions of finding out what is happening in ever corner of the globe.

What are your views on this? And, from which country do you get the most of your views from?

November 2, 2014

Ray Turner: The Man Behind TGR Worzels

Ray Turner (Photo credit:
The blogosphere wouldn't be the same without my friend, Ray Turner. He is one of those bloggers who is always there for other bloggers (And, he has always been there for me the day he started following my blog).

Besides being supportive, Ray runs a fabulous blog called, TGR Worzels on Blogger; on it, one can read his unique brand of social commentary.

This British gentleman also has a great sense of humour (Which can be easily deduced by reading his material).

I am also pleased about that fact that Ray updates his posts regularly and he doesn't have his readers wondering, "When is he going to post again?"

Thankfully, Ray is not one of those bloggers who would bore you to death and make you fall asleep in the process; his posts are always worth reading.

The women in the blogosphere love Ray too (Hmm. Maybe he is one of Blogger's Sugar Daddies; Okay, I think that I wouldn't go there; I have said too much already).

The URL for Ray's blog is: (When you get there, you can tell him: "Renard sent me and he told me that your blog was highly recommended." So, don't forget to check out the amazing stuff on TGR Worzels; I guarantee you that what you find there would be interesting as well as entertaining).

October 24, 2014

Analysing Blogging With A Mind Of Gratitude

Photo credit: Janitors via photopin cc
I am very grateful to all of those people who have followed my blog and especially those who have visited it on a regular basis (Because, not everyone who follows my blog visits it regularly).

Let it be known that I am not angry with those who have followed my blog for some reason or the other and have chosen not to revisit it; everyone is free to do as they are pleased and I don't think that anyone is tethered to my blog by an invisible chain. If you have chosen to visit my blog regularly, that is fine with me and if you have chosen to visit my blog once in a while, that is also fine with me; the same sentiments goes out to those who have made the decision not to visit my blog again.

If one's soul purpose is, to blog with the intentions of becoming very popular instead for the love of blogging in itself, they are going to be sadly disappointed, because it is one's genuine love for blogging that fuels their desire to carry on the pleasurable act of blogging and the truth is: popularity is very hard to come by in the blogosphere; they may become somewhat disillusioned if they discovered that a few people or worse case scenario being, that no one is really interested in their blog. So, isn't it better to blog because it is your main desire to blog out of the love for it?

Well, it is no big secret that I enjoy blogging and that I have a genuine appreciation for my fellow bloggers.

I haven't grown tired of blogging (And, I don't think that I would ever be).

Blogging on Blogger has been challenging and special thanks to my friends over on WordPress for supporting my blog here on Blogger; which is something that I will always remember.

October 7, 2014

I Will Always Give You My Full Support

Photo credit: TAKA@P.P.R.S via photopin cc
Without support from our friends, the blogosphere can be a very lonely place; which is why I am willing to give you my full support in the blogosphere. I have realized that a large number of people would abandon their blog if no one visited it and especially if it didn't get any sort of support from their friends.

We bloggers are people too and it is no big secret that we appreciate it dearly whenever someone visits our blog and comments on one of our articles.

Most of us would remember that it took a while for our blog to catch on and when it did, the visitors and the comments started coming in (It usual starts small and it eventually grows into a much larger following).

For quite sometime, I have been supporting my fellow bloggers all throughout the blogosphere; my presence gives them hope and they start regaining their belief in themselves and in their blog. I want people to continue blogging and if they are not given the adequate amount of support, they are going to abandon their blog (And, I do not want that to happen).

Although it is only one of me (and I can only do so much), I will still see it it that your blog is being supported; you blog deserves to be seen and responded to via comments.

Hopefully, one day, you would have appreciated all that I have done for you and start giving your needed support to countless people in the blogosphere.

July 7, 2014

What Goes Around, Comes Around

blogging (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
I have noticed that there are a lot of bloggers who would like to be supported by others, but for some unknown reason, they never made it their priority to support others in the blogosphere (It's as though they expect to receive and not give).

As I have said in the past, I will go out of my way to support my fellow bloggers.

From my perspective, all bloggers need support (Even the ones who don't like to give it).

Karma is real, Dear Ones, and what goes around definitely comes around.

For the record, I wouldn't have been doing well in the blogosphere if I wasn't supporting others.

If you haven't been supportive of your fellow bloggers, I suggest that you do so now!

July 4, 2014

Is Your Blog Being Supported By Others?

English: IBM AT Keyboard
English: IBM AT Keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have noticed that there are a lot of good blogs that do not get support from their fellow bloggers. And, then there are mediocre blogs that get lots of support. So, the person with the best content is not necessarily the one who gets the most support; strange, but true.

Another thing that I have noticed is: community oriented blogs like WordPress gets lots of support (Okay Google, where did you go wrong with Google Blogger? I think that I would leave that for Google's engineers to figure out).

Although there are some blogs on Google Blogger that gets support from a handful of their fellow bloggers, a large portion goes unsupported; it's as though the rest of Google Blogger is a ghost town.

Now, people can only support your blog if they know that it exists; which is why a lot of people went through the trouble of setting up pages for their blog on popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etcetera (And, still this is not a 100% guarantee that their blog is going to be supported).

Where blogging is concerned, you may not get the kind of support that you would like right away; but, if you are persistent, you should gain a reasonable following.

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