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July 5, 2015

Soaring The Blogosphere With Blogger

Blogger Logo
Blogger Logo
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Unfortunately, Blogger has gained the reputation as being, a blog site for people who are not all that serious about blogging (That assumption was probably created by someone who did not understand Blogger, or are highly biased towards Blogger).

It is no big secret, that a lot of the people who currently blog on WordPress, got their proverbial feet wet in the blogosphere by having their first blog on Blogger.

Also, a lot of bloggers have complained, that it was rather difficult for them to gain views on Blogger; which was their main reason for jumping on the WordPress bandwagon.

The Truth About First Time Bloggers

In most instances, first time bloggers tend to make lots of blogging blunders (This is to be expected, since they are new at blogging and that they are finding out what works for them through the dreary process of trial and error).

As a matter of fact, we all knew what it was like when we first started blogging.

Some of us had our doubts, wondering if it was truly possible to become a successful blogger.

And at some point, we even wondered why no one was visiting our blogs.

Most of the times, the newcomers to blogging, blog sporadically; they do not have a disciplined way of blogging; for example: they may blog three times for the month, or they may start off blogging regularly and as times goes along, they start to blog irregularly; causing people to lose track of their blogging pattern.

Is that the fault of the blog site?

Hell no! It is not! The fault lies with the one who is doing the blogging!

It is human nature to pass the blame onto someone or something else (which in this case is, the blog site) instead of actually accepting responsibility for their actions.

As the old saying goes, "A bad worker blames his tools."

Therefore, it is very unfair for a person to blame Blogger for their lack of success in the area of blogging.

The truth is: countless bloggers have failed at blogging on the other blogging platforms; including WordPress.

Having The Knowledge About Blogging The Right Way Is Vital For Your Blogging Success

Despite whatever blogging platform that you are on, you would need to know the dynamics of blogging in order to blog successfully.

It is also a fact, that there are a large percentage of people who do not even know the basics of blogging (And, the sad part is: some of them do not care about learning what is needed to improve their blog).

On the bright side, there will always be those who wish to learn all they can about blogging; so they can take their blog to the next level.

Thankfully, the internet is filled with well-respected blogging experts; people whom we can learn from.

I Chose The Underdog And Won

I consider Blogger to be the underdog in the blogosphere; since a lot of professional bloggers have spoken out against it.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the challenge of turning my blog on Blogger (The Chronicles Of Renard), into a very successful one.

Now, if I can do well on Blogger, it is possible for anyone to have a successful blog on Blogger.

As a matter of fact, there are some blogs on Blogger that can give a lot of blogs on WordPress a proverbial run for their money.

However, transforming a blog on Blogger into a successful one, takes a whole lot more time and effort than a blog on WordPress (And, it is no big secret, that a lot of people dislike the idea of putting an extra effort into blogging).

But, when a blog on Blogger takes off, it shoots for the stars.

Those Who Love Blogger Should Let Others Know

Currently, there are a lot of articles on the internet that portray Blogger negatively.

Now, people have every right to exercise their freedom of speech. If they are dissatisfied with Blogger, they have every right to let people know the reason (or reasons) why they thought that Blogger was not suited for them.

On the other hand, if Blogger has turned out to be a great place for someone to blog and that their blog is doing fabulously on Blogger, they should let others know that via their posts.


Because, it would contribute to the list of reviews on Blogger (And, in this case, it would be a positive one).

Do you like Blogger?

If your answer is, "Yes," I hereby ask you, to write a review on Blogger and share it with your readers via your blog.

Do I View Blogger As The Best Blog Site On The Planet?

No, I do not believe that Blogger is, the best blog site on the planet. However, Blogger meets my blogging needs (Which is, the most important thing).

As I have stated in a past post of mines, "WordPress is the number one blog site on the planet."

But, there are things that I can do on Blogger that the free version of WordPress will not allow; things like: uploading my own template and tweaking my HTML codes to my liking, plus the freedom to use plugins and widgets that I like.

The only good version of WordPress is the self-hosted one (Which in itself, is another topic).

Blogger is free and a person can certainly do a lot with it.

For personal blogging, I prefer Blogger.

Blogger is not bad at all; it ranks second among the top blogging platforms on the world wide web.

I Was Determined To Make It On Blogger

I believe that determination has played an important role in the transformation process of my blog; without it, The Chronicles Of Renard would not have been a successful one.

I did not let the negative reviews on Blogger scare the living daylights out of me, or allowed my first experience of being on Blogger (which was many years ago with my first blog) to shape my reality.

I approached blogging on Blogger with an entirely new attitude; which was the belief, that I can be triumphant anywhere I go and it paid off (I learned that anyone can have a very successful blog on Blogger).

So, dear friend, it is a myth, that anyone who starts a blog on Blogger is doomed.

Once a person has a strong determination to succeed on Blogger, they will find a way to transform their blog on Blogger into a successful one.

Am I The New Poster-Boy For Blogger?

Oh, maybe I am. However, I know for a fact, that I am not the only person on the planet who loves Blogger.

As a matter of fact, there are a large number of people worldwide that love Blogger; but we do not know about them.


Because, they did not share their love for Blogger with the world.

Well, at least, I did my part in letting others know, how wonderful Blogger really is.

I think that I am one of the happiest people on Blogger (And, I have no regrets whatsoever of starting a blog on Blogger).

If the guys (or gals) at Google were to give me a T-shirt with the Blogger logo on it, I would wear it proudly!

Never Give Up

I would advise all the new bloggers on Blogger (and the old ones too) to never lose hope and give up.

I know that the first few months on Blogger can be somewhat of a proverbial ghost town; it is a period in your life when doubt sets in and you might be tempted to migrate your blog to another blog site, or you might be tempted to start a new blog somewhere else in the blogosphere.

But, if you keep on blogging on Blogger, people will find their way to your blog and your readership will grow.

Just remember the old adage, "Rome was not built in a day."

Everything takes time, my friend (So, do not be too hasty to give up).

If I had given up early, The Chronicles Of Renard would not have grown into what it is today.

Here is a very effective method of making your blog on Blogger a very successful one:

Create Your Own Tribe On Blogger

Have you ever visited a fashion blog, or any other niche on Blogger, that has a large following?

Well, most likely you have. If you visit that blog over a particular period, you would have noticed that it has a loyal following and that most of the times, you can see the same set of people commenting on those articles?

And, why are the same set of people commenting on the articles of a certain blog?

Because, they have created a tribe (or a following) comprised of people who have one goal in common; which is, to support each other.

The truth is: you cannot make it far in the blogosphere without the support from your fellow bloggers.

And, how do you get that kind of support?

By supporting others of course.

So, never be stingy where your support is concerned.

What goes around, comes around (The ancients referred to it as, The Law of Karma).

The Conclusion

Blogger is, a wonderful blog site.

If you are willing to learn all you can about blogging and you have a very strong determination to make your blog work for you and you are willing to support your fellow bloggers, your blog on Blogger will soar in the blogosphere.

I want you to always remember, that success is not for the faint-hearted; it is for those people who are willing to do whatever it requires of them (within the legal parameters, of course) to make it happen.

February 28, 2015

Sue Anne Dunlevie: The Woman Behind "Successful Blogging"

Sue Anne Dunlevie
Sue Anne Dunlevie
(Photo credit:
Sue Anne, is one of the sweetest and smartest bloggers that you would ever come across on the internet; her blog, Successful Blogging would open your eyes up to a whole new way of doing blogging.

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