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December 19, 2014

The Battle Of The Niches On Blogger

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Yesterday (Thursday 18th December, 2014), I made the effort to read more new blogs on Blogger (They gave me the impression that they were coming out of the figurative woodwork by the minute).

It is apparently clear that there are a lot of people blogging on Blogger; but very few people are aware of their existence (Hopefully, that would all change in time to come).

It is quite evident that some niches are doing better than others.

Fashion Blogs Are At The Forefront

I was not at all surprised when I discovered that the fashion blogs were getting most of the attention on Blogger (It is as though fashion is the hottest thing around).

I have also noticed that fashion bloggers have a way of supporting each other; it is as though it is some kind of fraternity where female bloggers have vowed to visit the fashion blogs of their fellow bloggers.

I also noticed that many of the fashion blogs had lots of comments in their comment section and that they had a large number of followers too (Hmm. Now, I have a greater understanding as to why a lot of bloggers have chosen fashion as their niche; they want to grab a very large percentage of the readership from those in the blogosphere and also from those who are just checking out the latest fashion trends on the world wide web).

Blogs About Book Reviews Were Last In Line

For the record, there are a few blogs on Blogger that actually do quite well where book reviews are concerned; but the truth is: many of them get little or no attention.

Is it that people are losing their interest in literature? Or, that they have no intentions of buying books? Maybe, some people are not interested in literature, because they have poor comprehension skills, or are illiterate and some of the ones who can read are too impoverished to purchase a new set of books.

However, the sales of books seem to be doing fairly well worldwide.

Recently, I visited some blogs on Blogger that specialized in book reviews and I was appalled to notice that the response that they received from their fellow bloggers was dismal.

Music Blogs Are A Give And Take

I also visited some music blogs on Blogger; I realized right away that some of them were doing fairly well while there were others that looked as though no one knew about the existence of those blogs.

Since, we all love music, I would want to believe that music blogs have a fair chance of survival in the blogosphere.

The Food Blogs Have A Moderate Amount Of Success

The older food blogs are doing way better than the newer food blogs (And, that could be because of the fact that the older food blogs were out longer in the blogosphere; therefore, managing to acquire a reasonable amount of readers).

The blogs that specialized in vegan recipes did somewhat okay (Although some of those blogs gave me the impression that vegan blogs were a thing of the past; but you and I both know that is not true).

Those food blogs that posted lots of desserts attracted lots of people who love to eat candy, cake and ice cream.

So, the success of the food blogs had a lot to do with the type of food, or dessert that they posted.

Blogs That Deal With Product Reviews Are Fairly Successful

Well, it is no big secret that all the blogs that deal with product reviews are not as successful as my friend, Shireen's blog; however, they seem to be grabbing people's attention.

Someone is always interested in some type of product that is on the market.

Health Blogs Get Their Fair Share Of Recognition

Blogs that deal with health are known to acquire some recognition; especially those that deal with the issue of eating in a healthy manner and the promotion of regular exercise regimes.

Almost everyone is interested in health; so the health niche will always be one of those niches that would stand out from the rest.

People Love Blogs That Deal With Art And Craft

If you are a someone who can draw, paint, knit or build something using regular household items, an art and craft blog would be perfect for you.

I have noticed that the art and craft niche does fairly well.

Not All Technology Blogs Are Doing Well

Recently, I was browsing through some technology blogs on Blogger and there were many that did not appear to attract the interest of readers (I would speculate that those technology blogs were fairly new).

And, of course, those that were around for sometime were the ones that got most of the comments.

The Conclusion

These are merely a handful of niches on Blogger that I have taken the liberty of investigating; there are many more niches of course.

But why is it that one type of niche is more popular than the other? Probably, it has to do with the level of support that it gets from those in the blogosphere.

Although the fashion niche is highly popular, it is one of those niches that gets lots of support from those who are within the same niche.

Therefore, if the other not so popular niches had the same type of support as the fashion niche, they would no doubt witness an increase in popularity.

In reality, the success of a niche (and a blog in general) stems from the level of support that it gets from others.

Blogs and niches that have managed to build their own blog community (especially, when that community is comprised of a large number of people) will no doubt do better than those that did not work on building their own blog community.

Therefore, it is quite possible for the other niches that are not so popular at the moment to do well in the near future; all they have to do is to work on building their blog community.

Although I do not do a niche-related blog, I worked hard at building my own blog community here on Blogger (And, I can state that is one of the reasons why my blog gets the level of attention that it is getting now).

So, dear friends, it would be a wise move to work on building your very own blog community; without it, your blog will stand a very little chance of survival in the blogosphere.

December 13, 2014

Six Niches That Would Always Prosper

Photo credit: CarbonNYC [in SF!] via photopin cc
Although I have no intentions of doing a niche blog, I am quite cognizant of the niches that do rather well (After all, I am forever surfing every corner of the world wide web).

And, if you plan on starting a new blog of your own and you plan on choosing a niche, I can recommend the ones that have longevity; those that have stood the test of time.

1.) Fashion

Fashion will always do well, because people love clothing, shoes, belts and handbags, etcetera.

Most people like stylish things and almost everyone would want to keep up-to-date with the fashion trends (And, they are always changing rapidly; which is why a lot of fashion blogs have a high rate of success).

2.) Food

Food is one of those niches that you cannot really go wrong with. People are interested in food and they love to eat it too.

So, if you happen to be a great cook, you can upload your recipes to your blog.

3.) Technology

Since technology is always moving forward, technology would be a nice niche to choose.

If you are tech-savvy, you can write helpful articles; the kind that help people with computer issues and that explains ways in which to keep their computers running smoothly.

A technology blog also has the freedom to highlight the latest gadgets (And, people love that sort of thing).

4.) Health

Almost everyone I know is interested in the topic of health.

If you have been extensively trained in that area, you can write health articles; ones that would educate people about nutrition and ways for them to remain in good health.

5.) Entertainment News

Most people like knowing what their favourite celebrity is up to.

So, if you are in a position to travel a lot, or you are an intern at a record company, or you happen to be in places where celebrities socialize, you can blog about those experiences; especially if you were lucky to get a one on one interview with a popular singer, musician, rapper, record producer, dancer, actor, actress, movie director, etcetera.

Or, you can start small by highlighting the local talent in your area; which can be done by writing articles about the new and upcoming talent springing up from your town.

6.) Product Reviews

Product reviews tend to go down well with many people; since they themselves have been wondering whether or not, if they should go ahead and purchase a particular product.

So, your post about a certain brand of make-up, could prove to be helpful to the person reading it.

The Conclusion

Choosing one of these six niches for your new blog will definitely capture the interest of many readers and the best part is: those niches never grow old.

September 3, 2014

It Is Your Blog And Not Theirs

An Acer laptop computer.
An Acer laptop computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am sure that before you started blogging, you probably read various articles explaining that in order for your blog to be successful, you would need to choose a popular niche.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing a niche, it is not mandatory that you do so; but, only choose a niche for your blog if your heart has lead you in that direction.

It saddens me to see people adopting certain ideologies (especially ones that they are not truly in agreement with) because they think that it is going to help increase their readership.

Although I agree that everyone should know the basics of blogging, they are all free to experiment with their blog and do what their intuition tells them to do with it.

Remember dear friends, it is your blog and you are free to do whatever you want with it; you can implement a niche, or you can blog about miscellaneous subjects.

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