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May 8, 2017

Your Divinely Guided Messages For May 8 - 14 With Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue
(Photo credit: Facebook)  
It's a week of strong sensitivity and feeling energy deeply, including your spiritual strength. You can feel your emotions, and energies, and the presence of God giving you strength and protection.

April 30, 2017

Integration (The True Mission Of God)

Teal Swan
A screenshot of Teal Swan  
In this episode, Teal Swan reveals the true mission of that which we call God or Source or The Universe at large at this time.

April 15, 2017

How To Recognize Someone Loves You

Ralph Smart
A screenshot of Ralph Smart  
Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, teaches us: How To Recognize Someone Loves You.

March 25, 2017

What Is Love?

Teal Swan
A screenshot of Teal Swan  
In this episode, Teal Swan answers the question: What is Love?

February 21, 2017

Why Love Is Never As Nice As It Should Be

(Photo credit: Pixabay)  
Our relationships are often not quite as warm and perfect as they should be. That’s perhaps because we’re comparing them with a relationship in the past to which they shouldn’t — in fairness — ever be compared.

February 14, 2017

10 Signs You've Found Your Soul Mate

Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, shares with us: 10 Signs You've Found Your Soul Mate.

February 13, 2017

How To Know When To Let Go Of A Relationship? (Love & Alignment!)

Stephanie Elizabeth Thompson
A screenshot of Stephanie Elizabeth Thompson 
In this episode of Stephanie Chats, Stephanie Elizabeth Thompson tells us how we can know when to let go of a relationship.

January 31, 2017

10 Simple Ways To Love Someone

Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, shares with us: 10 Simple Ways To Love Someone.

January 9, 2017

Second Chances (Rob Snyder)

Rob Snyder And A Dog
A screenshot of Rob Snyder and a dog  
Rob Snyder doesn’t just believe in second chances — he has experience in both providing and receiving them.

December 3, 2016

10 Signs Someone's The One

Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, shares with us, 10 Signs Someone's The One.

November 12, 2016

You Can't Feel Loved For Who You Are

Teal Swan
Teal Swan
(Photo credit: Facebook)
In this episode, Teal Swan explains why we can’t and don’t feel loved for who we are.

October 30, 2016

10 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds number 10 via photopin (license)
Ralph Smart, a vegan, a psychologist and the creator of Infinite Waters, shared with us: 10 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love.

October 17, 2016

Relationships, Dating And Love

A screenshot of Stephanie  
In this episode of Stephanie Chats, Stephanie Elizabeth Thompson talks about Relationships, Dating And Love.

September 17, 2016

Why Love Turns To Hate

Teal Swan
A screenshot of Teal Swan 
In this episode, Teal Swan tells us the reason why love can be transformed into hatred.

September 10, 2016

May 15, 2016

Self Love Process (How To Connect With Yourself)

Teal Swan
A screenshot of Teal Swan
In this episode, Teal Swan shows us how to connect with ourselves and how to take an internal journey inside our own inner world.

April 28, 2016

June 15, 2015

The Zen Blogger: Living A Life Of Equilibrium

The Face Of A Buddha Statue
The face of a Buddha statue
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How is blogging coming along for you?

Are you enjoying it a lot?

Or, has it become a serious task for you?

Whatever you do, dear friend, do not allow blogging to become a difficult task for you — a task that sucks all of your energy like some type of energy-vampire, or one that takes up all of your precious time.

Remember, that you are here on Planet Earth to live a balanced life; therefore, you should be able to find the time to blog and still carry on with your daily activities without feeling a sense of being overwhelmed.

By the way, those who live balanced lives are not overwhelmed by anything or anyone.

Also, I will be discussing throughout this article, various ways in which we bloggers can maintain our equilibrium (May these methods prove to be very useful to you).

It Is A Simple Case Of Time Management

Many of us have learned the hard way, that if we spent too much of our time doing a certain thing, it will overlap into the time frame of another one of our daily (or nightly) activities; which is why, there is an allotted time for executing those activities of ours.

So, in regards to blogging, set a time limit; for example: if you have decided that you are going to devote one hour and thirty minutes to composing an article for your blog, do not go beyond that time frame.


Because, it will end up clashing with the time that you are supposed to be doing something else.

You can set the alarm on your clock or you can utilize the countdown timer on your smartphone; when the time for your writing has expired, stop (You can always continue your writing the following day; when you have one hour and thirty minutes again).

Besides, overindulgence in one activity can cause your entire schedule to be significantly delayed (And, that would be defeating the purpose of time management).

Do Not Become A Slave Of The Internet

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who spend countless hours in front of their computer; they are more interested in what is happening online than what is actually taking place in their physical environment.

It is always a good idea to walk away from your computer; which would give you the chance to keep in shape by acquiring some physical exercise.

Even a simple stroll in Nature, will do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

The truth is, that your life would not be a balanced one if you spent more time in front of your computer indoors than you actually spent enjoying the outdoors. 

On the bright side, you can gather inspiration for the next article for your blog by being engaged in outdoor activities.

In my case, I have gathered lots of ideas for my posts while walking outdoors; the increased blood-flow to the brain had a lot to do with it (So, I am never losing out).

Also, there is the chance of encountering something that you will want to blog about.

Do not be surprised if you are suddenly (or gradually) transformed into a person who blogs about the beauty of Nature.

Also, one of the perks of being out in Nature (provided that you do not overexert yourself) is, that it boosts your energy; which is a plus for you when you have decided to reinsert yourself back into your regular routine.

And, how is that a plus for you?

Because, you would be feeing exhilarated; a physical and mental state that would enable you to effectively handle whatever life brings your way.

So, do you see the importance of being unplugged from the internet and reconnecting yourself with Nature?

Well, if you were unaware of the importance of unplugging yourself from the internet, you certainly are aware of its importance now.

Without a doubt, it would be a wise move on our behalf, to limit the time that we spend on the internet.

For the record, the internet is not evil; it is a tool to be used wisely for the purpose of enlightening and entertaining ourselves; regular overindulgence of the internet can lead to us being permanently ensnared by it.

Exude Peace, Love And Harmony

Metaphysicians believe that whatever we send out to the Universe (via our thoughts, beliefs and our emotions) is reflected back to us; which we experience in the form of good health or bad health, wealth or poverty, etcetera.

Therefore, it would not hurt us one bit, to genuinely align ourselves with peace, love and harmony.

And, how can we align ourselves with peace, love and harmony?

We can do that via our thoughts and actions in our everyday lives.

Also, we can share the ideology of peace, love and harmony via our posts.

After all, peace, love and harmony should be a part of everyone's life.

Do Not Stress Yourself Out Over A Problematic Computer

Okay, this one is easier said than done (I can personally testify to this, because I have been down that road before).

The reason why you should not stress yourself out over a problematic computer is, because of the fact that, worrying about the state of a problematic computer does not get it repaired; only the action of fixing it yourself (if you have the know-how) or by carrying it at a technician will get it repaired.

I would also recommended that a blogger should invest his or her money in an additional computer; so when one computer breaks down (and it is at the computer-repair shop), they can blog on the other computer.

Also, a person should have the inner wisdom to know, that even though an electronic item may last very long, there will come a time when it will kick the figurative bucket.

Learn To Accept Change

Being a blogger, you have no choice when it comes to learning the constant changes of the ever-evolving blogosphere; for example: SEO is always changing and most bloggers find that sort of change to be somewhat frustrating.

Many of us know, that if we do not get with the proverbial program by accepting the changes in the blogosphere, we will end up getting left behind.

So, it would be wise on our behalf to learn about those changes.

Since we cannot avoid change, we might as well accept it.

Do not fear or hate change; embrace it.

A wise blogger is a person who is willing to accept change.

And, a person cannot be truly at peace with their self if they are always fighting against change.

Get An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

We might as well get our quota of sleep; you would know how much of it that you need (Just in case, you do not have an idea, the doctors have recommended that we get somewhere around, six to eight hours of sleep; for without it, we would run into serious health issues).

Have you been sleeping well lately?

Or, have you been deprived of sleep lately?

If you have been sleeping well, I am very happy for you.

However, if you have been deprived of sleep, please see to it that you add more hours to your quota of sleep.

It should be no big secret to you, that a physically and  mentally exhausted person is unable to blog effectively.

For starters, a lot of typographical errors can be made when a person is in a state of sleep-deprivation (And, as a blogger, you do not want your posts to be filled with typographical errors).

From a logical perspective, a well-rested blogger would be in a much better position to write a great article and he or she would be in a coherent state of mind to proofread it after; therefore, eliminating those typographical errors before pressing the publish button.

Besides, you cannot be in a state of equilibrium if you are not well-rested.

To be on the safe side, all bloggers should rest when they are tired and they should refuse to blog when they are sleepy.

Recognize The Importance Of A Healthy Diet

If your diet is a poor one, it is going to affect your overall performance; which is, the reason why you need to consume healthy food and liquid.

Food fuels the body and without it, a person is unable to maintain healthy bodily functions and proper brain-function.

Therefore, a malnourished blogger would not be able to blog at the best of their ability.

Have you been eating in a healthy manner?

Or, have you been consuming processed foods?

To be truly healthy, you should keep your foods as natural as possible.

Eat organically grown foods and stay away from those processed foods.

Eating healthily will add vitality to your mind and body.

Whereas, eating processed foods would rob you of your health and your vitality; which can eventually lead to your death (And, I doubt very much that you would want to experience those ominous outcomes).   

Blog About Your Passion

The truth is: that it is a thousand times easier to blog about the things that your are passionate about (In my case, I am highly passionate about music).

Also, following your passion is a way of being true to yourself (And, we cannot experience a state of inner peace without authenticity).

Are you blogging about your passion?

Or, are you following someone else's idea in regards to what you should be blogging about?

Always Remember Your Blogging Roots

I genuinely believe that it is imperative that you remember where you came from as a blogger.

When you first started blogging, you probably did not know what the hell you were doing and you either learned the hard way, or you had an experienced blogger (or better yet, a handful of experienced bloggers) who were willing to teach you the figurative ropes of blogging.

As time passed by, you managed to gather a readership.

As a sign of gratitude for where you are today in the blogosphere, I highly recommend that you give back to your blogging community; which can be done by teaching the newbies some valuable information about blogging and also by visiting the blogs of your fellow bloggers, reading their posts and leaving them valuable comments in their comments thread; doing those sorts of things will help you to become a very humble and a balanced blogger.

Do Away With Competition

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition taking place in the blogosphere; some bloggers are always thinking up of ways to outdo others; they have taken on that dog eat dog attitude — an attitude that they wrongfully believe, will give them a chance of being number one.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with being the best that you can be.

The issue arises when you blindly believe that you are better than your fellow bloggers and that they would worship you when they see you at the top (Do not find yourself in such a trap; the ego enjoys bring glorified; however, never stoop low by getting yourself deeply immersed in that low vibration).

You cannot be in a state of equilibrium if your mind is heavily focused on competition.

Find Something To Laugh About Daily

Laughter on the whole, places you in a good mood and it raises your vibration and it is a wonderful stress reliever.

Therefore, it would do you some good to watch a comedy, play with your pet and even go as far as, laughing at your own self (Problems can arise when we take life, or ourselves seriously than average; lighten up and enjoy life).

Also, it is easier for a person to blog when they are in a good mood.

Pray And Meditate Regularly

Regular prayer and meditation, will help you to become a better person.

The world needs people who care about each other and those who care about the welfare of the planet (And, good people are usually interested in things of that nature). 

Prayer and meditation will help you to become connected to everyone and everything (And, that is what you will want to achieve — a state of unity).

The Conclusion

Those are merely a few methods in which a blogger can use to maintain his or her equilibrium (There are many more, of course).

However, those that were mentioned can set you upon the right direction (Provided that they are applied). 

A blogger who has discovered inner peace is a happy and a contented person; which is why, it is important for us all to find and maintain our equilibrium.

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To You!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree (Photo credit:
Merry Christmas, dear beloved reader. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful time today.

Although this is the Season to be Merry (and, there is some form of alcohol content in most of those beverages), I strongly urge against the illegal practice of drinking and driving.

If it is a desire of yours to partake of those alcoholic beverages, it would be in your best interest to choose a designated driver in advance (And, hope that the person chosen is willing to be your designated driver).

Also, I want you to be alive and well to peruse more of my wonderful posts for the year 2015.

Where I am concerned, I would be spending my Christmas quietly with my family.

I will also see to it that I get my quota of blogging done (Even though I have some doubts about there being much activity in the blogosphere on Christmas Day).

Let it be known that I am always appreciative of your loyal support and may you enjoy the rest of your Christmas with your beloved ones.


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