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August 22, 2017

The Issue Of Featuring Guest Posts

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging
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On many occasions, I have asked myself, "Should I feature guest posts on my blog?"

March 7, 2015

Guest Blogging Project Ahead

Guest Posting
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Recently, I promised my friend, Brent Jones, that I would  write a guest article for his website (And, so far, I have not started writing the draft for it; the good thing is: he did not give me a deadline; but I intend to get it done nonetheless).

Hopefully, I would be working on that article sometime during the upcoming week.

I do not want to make any petty excuses, but I was a little under the weather for a brief period during this week; if you would like the full details of this brief illness of mine, you can check out my article; the one that is entitled: I Am Not Feeling 100% Myself.

Thankfully, I am feeling much better now.

However, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of those notifications from my Feedly reader; at the moment, I am following so many people, that I can barely catch my breath and make the time for my writing (No matter how challenging things are, I always manage to compose a post for The Chronicles Of Renard).

Luckily, writing comes easily for me and composing a guest article should be child's play.

It is just that, I want that future guest article of mine to be superb; since all of the posts on Brent's website are excellent (Hmm. I hope that Brent did not think that I forgot about my commitment).

I was thinking about doing something in the line of blogging advice; but I do not want to write anything that his audience already knows (Well, I have assumed that they are an extremely smart bunch of people — people who are as brilliant-minded as Brent).

And, I do not want to do anything that may appear to be too technical (I do not want anyone to feel that it was written by an android; someone like Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek).

Anyway, I would find a balance; that way, it would appear appealing to both the beginner and the already tech-savvy blogger.

I have already made a commitment and I am not backing out; the guest article will go on as planned. 

Besides, being a guest blogger on someone else's blog is a great way to get some exposure.

In the past, I used to be the one who featured guest bloggers on my blog over at WordPress and now, I am the one who would be acting the role of a guest blogger (Wow, the tables have certainly turned).

I promise that when it is approved by Brent and uploaded to his website, I would share the link for it via my Google+ account.

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