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October 21, 2017

Microsoft Updates And Hack Disclosure — And Other News

Tom Murosky
A screenshot of Tom Murosky — the host of "Switch To Linux"  
Tom Murosky — the creator of Switched To Linux, informs us of Microsoft updates, hack disclosure and other news.

October 15, 2017

Using Facebook Or Google To Sign In Other Websites

Leo Laporte
A screenshot of Leo Laporte  
Ivan wants to know if using a Google or Facebook sign in to leave comments on a website is secure.

October 14, 2017

Windows 10 Violates Dutch Privacy Regulations

Windows 10 Logo
Windows 10 Logo 
Tom Murosky — the creator of Switched To Linux, shares with us: Windows 10 Violates Dutch Privacy Regulations.

September 29, 2017

12 Cool Google Search Tricks You Should Be Using!

Many of us use Google as our default search engine; therefore we should know how to use it effectively.

September 16, 2017

September 12, 2017

August 15, 2017

Google Ate The World — What's Next?

(Photo credit: Pixabay) 
Google and a few other tech companies are dividing the world amongst themselves.

May 28, 2017

Google's Best New Announcements And Products!

Thio Joe
A screenshot of Thio Joe  
Google's keynote last week covered all the awesome stuff they've been building over the past year and will be rolling out soon.

May 24, 2017

Google Expands Its Privacy Reach

Megan Morrone
A screenshot of Megan Morrone  
In this episode of Tech News Today, Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss Google's announcement to marketers that the company can now prove to advertisers that you're buying stuff, even if you're buying it in a brick and mortar store.

April 26, 2017

Google's New Ad Blocker For Chrome

Steve Gibson
A screenshot of Steve Gibson  
In this episode of Security Now, Steve Gibson talks about a Wall Street Journal article saying that Google is planning to add native ad-blocking to Chrome… and what exactly are abusive ads?

April 25, 2017

Google Launches Project Owl

Danny Sullivan
A screenshot of Danny Sullivan  
In this episode of Tech News Today, Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land joins Megan Morrone and Jason Howell to discuss Project Owl, Google's new three-pronged effort to tackle fake news, problematic searches, and their effects on its search product.

March 28, 2017

Google Hangouts Drops SMS

Leo Laporte
A screenshot of Leo Laporte 
In yet another move that shows their understanding of the messaging market is sketchy at best, Google will eliminate the ability to send SMS messages using Hangouts.

What Is Google Thinking?

Google Logo
Google Logo
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
Google makes plenty of great products, but other times it seems they completely drop the ball for no reason.

March 21, 2017

Judge Gives Police An Entire Town's Google Searches

Leo Laporte
A screenshot of Leo Laporte  
Police in Edina, MN asked a judge to force Google to release searches from the entire town that relate to an ongoing investigation into wire fraud. The judge has agreed, possibly setting a disturbing precedent.

March 19, 2017

Week Of Linux News March 2017

The Linux Mascot
Tux; the Linux Mascot
(Photo credit: Pixabay)  
Eight year old vulnerability fixed in Linux kernel, Ubuntu 12.04 end of life, Fedora 26 Alpha delayed, Firefox leaves ALSA users with no sound.

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