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May 19, 2017

The Truth On Expectations With The Law Of Attraction (And How To Do It)

Aaron Doughty
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Aaron Doughty, a vlogger who enjoys helping others expand their consciousness, shares with us: The Truth On Expectations With The Law Of Attraction (And How To Do It).

December 6, 2016

August 9, 2015

What Are Your Blogging Expectations?

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Although some of us have set up a blog out of curiosity, we all want our blog to do well.

We would like to see for ourselves that we are not blogging in vain and that people are taking the time to view our posts.

Most bloggers have devoted a lot of time into their blogs; therefore, they want to make sure that their blogs bear proverbial fruit.

Some Bloggers Expect To Make A Large Income From Blogging

A large percentage of bloggers in the blogosphere have monetised their blogs with the intentions of their blogs raking in an additional income for them.

Monetization of blogs have worked out well for some, while there are those who have made very little money.

I will admit that the idea of monetizing one's blog is not a bad idea at all; since it has the potential of bringing in an additional set of cash for the blogger.

If you are one of the many people who have chosen to monetise their blog, I strongly advise that you research ways on how to make blog-monetization work for you; which is way better than going into it blindly.

I have not monetised The Chronicles Of Renard, because I have no intentions of making any money with this blog of mine; however, there is a very slim chance, that all of that could change in the very near future (After all, I am entitled to change my mind).

Some Bloggers Want Their Blog To Be Popular

I think that it is a natural urge for a blogger to want their blog to become popular (After all, popular blogs acquire record-breaking incoming traffic from viewers all over the world wide web).

Now, it does not require a blogging expert to point out to you, that blogs do not become popular overnight; it is something that happens to blogs over a long period of time (And, the bloggers who have popular blogs have put a lot of time and a lot of effort into their blogs).

Have you been putting a lot of time and a lot of effort into your blog?

And, is it a desire of yours for your blog to become popular?

Well, if you have answered, "Yes," to both of my questions, I would suggest to you that you upload high quality posts on your blog and that you promote your content as though your life depended on it.

However, the sad truth is: a large percentage of the blogs in the blogosphere will fail at becoming popular (That is just the way things are with blogs).

Some People Merely Blog To Enlighten Others

There are bloggers on the world wide web, whose intention is to enlighten those who visit their blog; those blogs are usually filled with a wealth of knowledge and their readers always learn something new every time they visit their blogs.

And, even though the blogger's sole intention is to enlighten others, their blog do end up gaining a level of popularity among members of various blogging communities.

As, the old saying goes, "Good deeds do not go unnoticed."

Some Bloggers Merely Want Joy And Satisfaction

There are people who have gotten into blogging merely for the fun of it; they could not give a damn about fame and fortune; all they want to do is to have a good time in the blogosphere and once they acquire joyous moments from blogging, they will continue to blog (These types of people make great online associates).

As a matter of fact, I happen to know a lot of people who blog with the sole intentions of getting joy out of their blogging activities.

Do you know anyone who blogs because it brings them joy?

Most likely you do and I would not doubt it for a moment if you told me that you were one of those people.

Some Bloggers Just Want The Attention

There are bloggers who can give those so-called reality television shows a run for their money. They would go out of their way to post themselves doing something rather outrageous or something that is very dangerous.


Because, they know that sort of thing attracts attention and that it is one of the best ways in which they can acquire some views.

Are you one of those attention-seeking bloggers?

Some Bloggers Expect To Create Friendships Through Blogging

One thing that is quite obvious to all bloggers is, that becoming friends with some of your fellow bloggers is inevitable.

In my case, I have forged lots of friendships with people from various countries around the world.

The truth is: you will encounter those people whose philosophy of life resonates well with yours (And, naturally, you would want to form a bond with those people).

Some People Expect Their Blogs To Be Invisible

I can just hear some of you staying, "What? Some people expect their blogs to be invisible?"

Yes, it is true.

And, how do I know that?

I know that for a fact, because a friend over at WordPress created a blog on Blogger to vent his stress; he used it to cuss whomever he wanted; it was a form of therapy for him.

He told me he had chosen Blogger for that sort of thing, because no one actually read blogs on Blogger (Which he was actually wrong about; since Blogger has its unique community of bloggers who are devoted to each other).

Anyway, he eventually deleted the contents of his blog and he re-branded it into something positive — something that was safe for the general audience to peruse.

The Conclusion

We bloggers have ventured into the world of blogging for all sorts of reasons (And, I find those reasons to be very interesting since I have an interest in the way in which the minds of people work).

Also, it is good to have expectations for your blog; whether or not those blogging expectations will come into fruition is a different story altogether (Those blogging expectations could manifest themselves or they may refuse to show up until you figure out how to execute them effectively).

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