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July 20, 2016

The Demise Of The Vegan Cheetah's Channel

The Vegan Cheetah
The Vegan Cheetah
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Unfortunately, Charles Elias Marlowe, better known as, The Vegan Cheetah, suffered the demise of his YouTube channel.

October 10, 2015

What? No More Extant?

(Photo credit: Facebook)
CBS gave the figurative axe to the television drama, Extant (I have only seen it a few times; but I am going to miss it); it only lasted for two seasons.

Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested For Public Intoxication

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf
(Photo credit: Marvin Lynchard)
Shia LaBeouf was arrested on Friday at approximately 7:30PM; he was outside of a bar in Austin Texas, when he was charged by the police for public intoxication.

September 20, 2015

Rest In Peace Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Those of you who are into books would know that Jackie Collins' novels are well-loved throughout the world (And, Jackie Collins is somewhat of a household name).

Unfortunately, Jackie Collins lost her battle with cancer; she passed away at the age of seventy-seven.

She will always be remembered for these fabulously written books:

Goddess of Love

Drop Dead Beautiful

Married Lovers

Dangerous Kiss

Lethal Seduction

Lucky's Revenge

The Bitch

The Collins family issued this statement:

"It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the death of our beautiful, dynamic and one of kind mother, Jackie Collins, who died of breast cancer today. She lived a wonderfully full life and was adored by her family, friends and the millions of readers who she has been entertaining for over four decades. She was a true inspiration, a trailblazer for women in fiction and creative force. She will live on through her characters, but we already miss her beyond words."

Six-and-a half years ago, Jackie Collins, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

At the time, she made the decision to keep the knowledge about her illness to herself and confided primarily in her three daughters, Rory, 46, Tiffany, 48 and Tracy, 54.

We will all miss this British-born novelist.

May you rest in peace, my dear.

September 14, 2015

Justin Bieber Loses Beer Drinking Contest

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
(Photo credit: Facebook)
These days, the news headlines are becoming more interesting; I am encountering a lot of news that are of a very weird nature.

Recently, many websites that dealt with news, highlighted the fact, that the Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber, participated in a beer drinking contest (And, I will speculate, that it was posted to capture the attention of Justin Bieber's countless fans worldwide).

Official sources have stated that the beer drinking contest started at the Las Vegas Palms and Dayclub; the place where he decided to guzzle some beers down with with his friend, Sam Shahidi; but in the end, Sam Shahidi came out triumphant.

Justin Bieber blamed his loss on not attending college (Hey, you and I both know that fraternity clubs at many colleges throughout the United States of America are known to participate in a lot of alcohol-consumption activities; such as: binge drinking).

What does this say about Justin Bieber?

Well, it certainly shows his fans that he is inexperienced where alcohol is concerned (And, that is not a bad thing).


Because, the last thing the world needs to see is: an intoxicated Justin Bieber on stage, or finding out via the electronic media that he was rushed to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning (Many alcoholics are known to abuse alcoholic beverages to the point where they pass out from an overdose).

So, I am happy to know that the 21-year-old pop star did not win that beer drinking contest.

I am of the opinion, that Justin Bieber is better off by not drinking alcohol!

February 27, 2015

Kanye West Apologized To Beck And Bruno Mars Via Twitter

Kanye West
Kanye West
(Photo credit: Facebook)
The whole controversy started after Beck had won the Grammy for Album of the Year; Kanye West went on stage and asked Beck to respect artistry and to give the award to BeyoncĂ©.

The security personnel who were hired to watch over that event should have watched Kanye West's movements like a hawk.

If you or I were to pull such a stunt, we would have been brutally thrown out of the building by security guards.

Today's celebrities seem to getaway with almost anything.

Oh well, it was nice to know that Kayne West saw the error of his ways and apologized to both Beck and Bruno Mars via Twitter; this is what he tweeted:

Kanye West's Apology To Beck
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Kanye West's Apology To Bruno Mars
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Now, let us hope that Kanye West does not make an ass of himself in the future.

February 20, 2015

Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit:
Yes, folks, the word is out that Iggy Azalea has given up on Twitter.


Because, she has been attacked without mercy by trolls.

Okay, come to think of it, which celebrity do you know that was never attacked by trolls?

When one is in the bright spotlight of fame, people are going to say hurtful things about them (That is part of the life on social media, because not everything that people say about them would be in their favour).

What really provoked this?

Apparently, she was criticized for the cellulite on her buttucks that someone saw on her when she was dressed in a red bikini.

The Australian rapper was believed to have the perfect-shaped body.

But, come on, no one is going to look truly perfect unless they are attending the gym on a daily basis.

It is also a known fact that models in the fashion industry are Photoshopped (Most of the images of celebrities that we have seen in magazines, have been digitally altered to make them look perfect).

If I were Iggy Azalea, I was not going to let negative comments that were made about my body to hurt my feelings (Especially, the kind that would cause me to shy away from Twitter).

In my opinion, this is a reality check; one that truly shows the young boys and the young girls that their favourite celebrity is not perfect and that they have a body-type that is really close to theirs.

What happened to authenticity?

It was pushed aside by illusion!

Anyway, this is what Iggy Azalea tweeted:

Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit:Twitter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twiter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Tweet From Iggy Azalea
(Photo credit: Twitter)

Is Iggy Azalea blowing all of this out of proportion? I think that she is.

What are your views on this?

February 18, 2015

Is Madonna Losing Her Touch?

Madonna (Photo credit: Facebook)
At the moment, the electronic media is having a field-day with Madonna; they have highlighted the embarrassing news about her latest single, Living For Love being pulled from the BBC Radio 1 playlist.

Now, I am totally surprised by all of this. Isn't she supposed to be the Queen of pop? Was she dethroned by someone younger like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga?

Anyway, management at BBC Radio 1, have claimed that the track did not make the cut; it was said that the single was omitted from their playlists on the basis of "audience relevance" and "musical merit".

Instead, Madonna's Living For Love was relegated to BBC Radio 2; which caters for people that are 35 years of age and older (Hmm. Could this be a case of age discrimination? I certainty think that it is).

Diplo and Boy George took to her defence via Twitter; this is what they tweeted:

Diplo's Tweet
Photo credit: (Twitter)

Boy George's Tweet
Photo credit: (Twitter)
I don't think that Madonna is losing her touch at all. I am speculating that Madonna figuratively stepped on a few toes of those high-ranking officials in the entertainment industry and that they plan on making her pay dearly for it.

January 2, 2015

Veteran Actress Donna Douglas Dies At 81

Donna Douglas
Donna Douglas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Donna Douglas was best known for her portrayal of Elly May Clampett in the sixties sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies.

The granddaughter of this famous actress mentioned to the media that Donna Douglas passed away at her Louisiana home and that she was surrounded by close friends and family.

Donna Douglas would always be remembered for her roles on other film projects; some of them are as follows:

• Acting the part of Frankie in the movie, Frankie and Johnny; which starred Elvis Presley as a riverboat gambler.

• She was cast as Barbara Simmons in the the detective series Checkmate.

• She also appeared in the film, Lover Come Back; where she acted the role of Deborah; Peter's secretary.

It is without a doubt that Donna Douglas was well-loved by people in the movie and entertainment industry.

As a kid, I fondly watched a lot of those old films which starred her in it.

My condolences goes out to Donna Douglas' family and may Donna Douglas' soul rest in peace.

December 31, 2014

Rita Ora Grabs Everyone's Attention With Her Topless Snapshot

Rita Ora On Instagram
Rita Ora's racy snapshot (Photo credit: Instagram)
Recently, British singer, Rita Ora uploaded a topless photo of herself on the popular social media Instagram with the caption: "Hey Sexy Lady" (When I first heard about it, I thought to myself, "Huh? You have got to be kidding me!" But, when I finally found it, I immediately realized that it was done in good taste; she did not show any breast-nipples; only a partial view of  her breast).

As you can see, she shows off her stylish tattoo of a a topless woman smelling a rose.

Admirers of Rita Ora  started circulating the photo among their friends when it first came online (It had received over 83,000 likes from those within the Instagram community).

Oh well, there is no publicity as great as self-publicity (And, Rita Ora has mastered that rather well)!

December 25, 2014

Why Are People So Interested In Miley Cyrus's Gift Selections?

Miley Cyrus (Photo credit: Facebook)
Recently, I read an article on the internet about Miley Cyrus's choice of gift items (They were a large amount of sex-toys).

Did a store employee divulge her secret? Or, was it one of the shoppers who paid attention to what she was taking off of the shelves?

Anyway, any news about Miley Cyrus seems to catch on like wildfire on the internet; for example: if Miley Cyrus bought herself a box of crayons and a colouring-book, the whole world will know about it via the gossip columns and the blogs that deal with entertainment news.

Anyway, I have to admit that I am a bit curious to know what she intends to do with all of those sex toys; they could be gifts intended for friends of hers, or those gifts could simply be for her (Hmm. Maybe, Miley might let her fans know via Twitter if all of those sex-toys are actually gifts for other people or some new toys that she intends to play with in the very near future).

December 8, 2014

Jason White Battles Tonsil Cancer

Jason White (Photo credit:
It is sad to know that Jason White has cancer; Green Day's guitarist has tonsil cancer and the good news is, that it is treatable (Jason's White's condition was published on the band's official website).

"We have some news to report regarding our brother Jason White and wanted you to hear it from us before it spread.

"Jason recently underwent a recent tonsillectomy and his doctors discovered a treatable form of tonsil cancer. Thankfully, they caught it early and he should make a full and speedy recovery."

I am also praying for the 41-year-old guitarist to make a fast recovery.

Late in 2012, Jason White became an official member of Green Day.

He is also the guitarist and vocalist for the California's punk rock band, Pinhead Gunpowder and is the co-founder of Adeline Records.

December 6, 2014

Tina Sumpter Plays The Role Of Michelle Obama In Upcoming Movie

Tina Sumpter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yes, it is official; the 34-year-old American actress, Tina Sumpter (Euphemia L. Sumpter), will be acting the role as Michelle Obama in the upcoming film, Southside With You.

The movie is going to be based on the first date of Barack Obama (who at the time was a first-year Havard Law student that took a summer job as an associate for a Chicago law firm, Sidley Austin; there, he met the love of his life; his younger boss, a lawyer by the name of Michelle Robinson).

The movie, Southside With You, without a doubt, is going to be an interesting one.

So far, they haven't found anyone to play the role of Barack Obama.

The movie's director is, Richard Tanne and the executive producers of that film are going to be Tina Sumpter and Richard Tanne; the originators of the film project.

Filming is scheduled to begin in July 2015 on location in Chicago.

Tracey Bing, one of the film's producers had this to say:

"Stephanie (Stephanie Allain) and I are exited to produce this small and timeless film that sheds light on one of the great love stories of our time. Richard really captures the essence of that romantic connection between Barack and Michelle that is so evident in the way that they look at each other. We are looking forward to finding the perfect Barack."

Being a romantic person by nature, I strongly believe that I am going to enjoy this film when it is released (I can't wait to see the finished product).

Best of luck to all the actors and actresses and everyone else that are responsible for putting together this wonderful film; may the movie, Southside With You be highly successful!

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