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March 16, 2018

How Intergalactic Particles Are Attacking Your Laptop

Stefan Chin
Stefan Chin 
In the early 1980s IBM engineers had a hard time to figure out inexplicable computer module failures in Denver, Colorado.

February 25, 2018

Where Should I Put My Wi-Fi Router?

Netgear Wireless Router
Netgear Wireless Router
(Photo credit: Pixabay)  
If you want to improve your wireless internet signal, we've got a few things to keep in mind.

USB Mic Week: Audio-Technica-ATR-2100-USB Review

(Photo credit: Amazon) 
Mike Delguadio — the host of Booth Junkie, reviews the Audio-Technica-ATR-2100-USB microphone.

February 22, 2018

February 18, 2018

Don't Buy The Wrong Gaming Laptop CPU In 2018!

Dave Lee
Dave Lee 
With Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake-G, and Ryzen mobile APU available this year, this is a guide to help you purchase the best gaming laptop CPU for your needs.

What Is In Sorsha's Designer Bag?

Sorsha — a cute-looking video activist, shows us what is inside of her designer bag.

February 11, 2018

MicroLED: Even Better Than OLED! What Is It?

Thio Joe
Thio Joe 
MicroLED could be the next big thing in TV technology, if manufacturing hurdles can be overcome.

November 20, 2017

Best Cameras For Live Streaming

Leo Laporte
A screenshot of Leo Laporte 
Leo Laporte suggests camera and tripod options for live streaming a group Dungeons and Dragons session.

November 15, 2017

Should You Upgrade Your Wireless Router?

Linus Sebastian
A screenshot of Linus Sebastian  
Linus Sebastian — the host of Techquikie, helps us to figure out if we should upgrade our wireless router.

October 16, 2017

Monitoring Your Child's iOS Screen Time

An iPhone And iPad
iPhone and iPad 
Megan Morrone gives a neat, easy tip on parental monitoring using the battery page in the Settings feature of a household iOS device. Plus, she shows the Restrictions page for stricter controls.

June 4, 2017

Jumping Water Droplets Could Be The Future Of Cooling Computers

Trace Dominguez
A screenshot of Trace Dominguez  
Engineers have created a new water-based cooling system that could put an end to electronics crashing and overheating.

March 5, 2017

10 Shocking Secrets About Apple

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, raking in a global net income of $45.69 billion every year.

June 25, 2016

Why Do We Need So Many Remote Controls?

Remote Control
Remote Control
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
We all have many remotes for many devices; why is it so difficult for manufacturers to create one remote that can control all our devices?

November 12, 2014

Could You Live Without A Television?

English: Dog watching tv
English: Dog watching tv (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are addicted to television; they watch a lot of it whenever they can and if they were capable of watching it for twenty-four hours straight, they would do so.

Okay, I am no big fan of television and I think that it is highly overrated. The psychologist, Ralph Smart, once referred to the act of watching television as, "Telling lies to your vision." He is right, because the people who own the mainstream media, are known to utilize their well-put-together television programmes as brainwashing propaganda.

One must never believe everything that they see on television, since the majority of its content is all make believe anyway.

Instead of watching television, I would prefer to read a book, browse the internet, or write an interesting article.

I know of people who haven't watched television in years and they are doing rather well; most of them mentioned to me that they don't miss it.

If your television were to spoil and you were unable to see your favourite episode of Dr. Who, would you become angry? There is a high chance that you would be very angry; you would be so darn infuriated that you might start cussing aloud (or quietly) and you also might not want to speak to anyone until your television is repaired, or until you have purchased a new one.

For most people, television viewing is like a drug and if they were denied access to it, they would become very cranky.

In this twenty-first century, the television has evolved a step further into something known as the Smart TV; which is a hybrid device that enables its users to watch television programmes on it and also to access the internet on it; some technological experts have claimed that those Smart TVs are a violation of our privacy; they take note of everything that its users watch and the information is sent back to the manufacturer (Now, that is a surveillance device that a lot of people have willingly placed inside of their homes).

Some people watch television for entertainment purposes and others merely have it in their homes, because it is one of those electronic devices that they grew up with; it was within the household of their parents (or still is in their parents' household if they are still alive) and now they have passed on the tradition by having one (or a few) inside of their own homes.

The truth is, that you don't have to follow the popular trend of watching television and that watching television is a choice that you have made.

And, let's not forget the fact that we don't need to own a television either.

They (the manufacturers, the advertisers, the media, the movie industry and the businessmen) have stated that television is really for our convenience, but is it? I think that it is more for their convenience, because if members of the public didn't purchase TVs, they wouldn't be in a position to make financial profits.

I don't need a television and I can certainly live without it (It is not mandatory to have one).

What about you? Can you live without a television? Or, are you going to go insane without it?

In reality, you and I can live without a television and our heart wouldn't stop beating in our chest if we refused to watch it.

October 30, 2014

A Major Drop In Samsung's Profit

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo
English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, I heard that Samsung experienced a horrendous third quarter; their profits dropped to sixty percent (Wow, that is quite a drop).

Did the South Korean electronics giant do something wrong? I would say that they did everything correctly except for selling their products at an affordable price.

Almost everyone knows that they can rely on the good quality of Samsung's products. However, when customers look at the pricetags attracted to those items, they are deterred from purchasing them.

I think that their Android smartphones and tablets are exorbitantly priced; it definitely makes one look at other brands — brands that may not be well-known, but are affordable nonetheless.
The Chinese are currently giving the South Koreans a run for their money in the area of electronic items.

China has a history of mass-producing electronic items at a low cost and most of their electronic items are sold at a reasonable price.

It is no Rocket Science that people will always want more for their money.

Also, there are a lot of people who live by their self-imposed budgets; therefore, they will not spend their money on unnecessary things.

Is Samsung unaware of the fact that there are lot of people  who work for a minimum wage? Apparently, they have forgotten that!

If you were a poor housewife or husband, would you spend almost one and a half months' salary on a smartphone? No, you wouldn't!

Therefore, Samsung needs to cater for those who are not affluent members of society.

The only cheap Samsung products are those that are outdated and these days, most people are only interested in the latest cutting-edge technology and Samsung's latest line of electronic items are expensive.

October 9, 2014

Amazon Plans On Building An Actual Tangible Store

Deutsch: Logo von
Deutsch: Logo von (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A lot of us are aware of Amazon's reputation; the first thing that comes to mind is purchasing books online and the the occasional purchase of electronic items.

Call me, "An old school kind of guy," since I have very little interest of buying anything online (The only way I would consider buying anything online is if the desired item is hard to get in stores).

Recently, I read an article about Amazon's intentions of wanting to open a store in Manhattan, New York; it was the type of news that I found to be pleasing.

There are people like me who would rather walk into a store and purchase an item (Besides, lots of people are apprehensive of making credit card purchases on line — a fear that was brought about due to hackers acquiring one's credit card information).

Also, the experience of walking into an actual store is psychologically comforting; the fragrances of the books, the sounds of the electronics, feeling the texture of the desired item with your own hands and having a customer representative around; a knowledgeable person who is willing to answer any questions about the items that are on sale at their store (So, I do think that Amazon wanting to build an actual mortar and brick store is a brilliant idea).

We need to bring back the human way of doing things and the online automated service lacks the human touch.

If Amazon's physical store happens to be a success in Manhattan (and I have a strong feeling that it will), the company may choose to build more of their mortar and brick stores throughout the United States (And probably, other parts of the word too).

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