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February 19, 2018

Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532 (Updated For 2018) Review

Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532
Acer CB3-532 15.6" HD Chromebook
(Photo credit: Amazon)  
Ryan — the man behind Technically Well, reviews the Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532.

February 15, 2018

Samsung Chromebook Pro With Linux! It's Beautiful + Gaming Part IV

Samsung Chromebook Pro
Samsung Chromebook Pro
(Photo credit: Amazon) 
An American YouTuber who goes by the sobriquet, Das Geek, gives us a look at his Samsung Chromebook Pro with Crouton installed on it.

February 8, 2018

November 10, 2017

Google Pixelbook: $1000 Of Weird

Google Pixelbook
Google Pixelbook
(Photo credit: Amazon)  
Marques Brownlee — an American vlogger who has the habit of exploring the latest technology, reviews the Google Pixelbook.

October 4, 2017

Google Unveils The Pixelbook (With Commentary)

Google Pixelbook
Google Pixelbook
(Photo credit: Amazon) 
Google announces the Pixelbook at their October 4th event held at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco, California.

September 30, 2017

Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook Review

Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook
Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook
(Photo credit: Amazon) 
The Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook is very impressive for its low price.

December 7, 2016

Hiroshi Lockheimer: Chrome OS Versus Android

Ron Richards
A screenshot of Ron Richards  
In this episode of All About Android, Jason Howell, Florence Ion and Ron Richards talk to Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android, Chrome OS & Play about how he would explain the difference between Chrome OS and Android.

April 10, 2016

What Is A Chromebook And Why Should I Buy One?

Chris Thomas
A screenshot of Chris Thomas
Have you ever wondered if it would be a wise decision to purchase a Chromebook?

March 16, 2016

The Dell Chromebook 13 Review

Dell Chromebook 13
Dell Chromebook 13
(Photo credit: Dell)
Recently, I have been thinking about getting myself a Chromebook for the sole purpose of blogging.

March 13, 2016

Thinking About The Ideal Operating System

Laptop On The Grass
Laptop on the grass
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
For quite sometime, I have been thinking about various operating systems for computers.

November 12, 2015

Thinking About The Ideal OS For Blogging

MacBook Pro
Photo credit: Macbook back via photopin (license)
I am proud to admit that I am opened to new ideas (After all, a person cannot really propel their self in a forward direction if they are close-minded).

September 7, 2014

No Operating System Is Immune From Viruses

virus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, I thought about saying, "Goodbye," to Windows, because most viruses are created to wreak havoc on the Windows OS.

My mind drifted on the Mac, because they have a very good reputation where performance is concerned and they don't get as many viruses as Windows (I know that there are some of you who have never heard of any of Apple's computers getting infected with a virus; however, it was brought to my attention from reliable sources, that they do get infected).

I even thought about the Chromebook; which uses the Chrome OS; it is supposed to have a built-in virus protection; I have heard rumours that it is possible for that operating system to fall prey to viruses.

So, does this mean that no operating system is truly immune to viruses? Hmm. It is probably is true!

Now, since no operating system is truly immune to viruses, we might as well go along with the operating system that is least infected.

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