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June 18, 2016

10 Amazing Animal Camouflaging Techniques

(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Whether it's to entice unsuspecting prey, or to simply survive, these animals have ingenious camouflage techniques.

February 21, 2016

"Move Back" Is A Hot Bass House Track!

Move Back
Single by Camouflage
(Photo credit: 3000 Bass)
Oh my goodness! This is one of the hottest-sounding bass house tracks that I have ever heard!

August 14, 2015

A Hot Classic From Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Rod Stewart is one of those well-known British singers and songwriters (He a household name worldwide).

One of his songs that I like is, Infatuation; which is an infectious pop rock hit from off of his thirteenth studio album, Camouflage.

The song, Infatuation was written by Rod Stewart and it was produced by Michael Omartian.

Rod Stewart's Infatuation was really huge back in 1984 and that song of his was once at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100.

One of my favourite parts of the song is Jeff Beck's guitar work.

Here is the video for Rod Stewart's, Infatuation. Enjoy!

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