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I am a quiet and very loving person who happens to be a hardcore blogger.

The Chronicles Of Renard is my personal experiment to see first hand if Google Blogger is worth blogging on (So far, I think that it is worth blogging on).

I am not new to the blogosphere; some of you may know me through my other blog, Renard Moreau Presents (Which is now defunct; because it was deleted on Tuesday 31th May, 2016).

One thing that you will immediately notice is: that I like to have fun and that I would always be polite to all of those people that comment on this blog; I am one of the most diplomatic bloggers that you would ever come across on the internet.

I have created a welcoming atmosphere — an atmosphere where anyone can come to enjoy miscellaneous topics (Hence the blog's subtitle: A Happy Exploration Of The Blogosphere).

You are more than welcome to make yourself at home!

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