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September 4, 2017

7 Mistakes That Newbie Bloggers Make

Now, I do not view myself as the best blogger on the planet; I view myself as a blogger who learned a lot since they started blogging.

Therefore, I am always willing to share with others what I have learned in the area of blogging.

I am a strong believer in passing on knowledge; keeping it to myself would be selfish, because there are a lot of bloggers out there who can benefit greatly from what I have learned.

If I noticed that a blogger made an error in some aspect of their blog, I would politely point it out.

Now, if you saw someone you love doing something incorrectly, you would show them the flaws in their method and teach them the correct thing.

Like most of you, I have seen my fair share of madness in the blogosphere (And, I wished that someone would let them know, that they really made a mess of things).

1.) Ignoring The Proofreading Process

I firmly believe, that every blogger should proofread their blog posts before they publish them.

Now, I do not care if you are a personal blogger or a business blogger.

Proofreading is mandatory!

If you do not proofread your articles before pressing the publish button, you run the risk of publishing unwanted things things like grammatical errors and misspelled words.

Most bloggers I know hate it when they discover those sort of things after they pressed the publish button.

So, is it really a good move on your behalf to publish a blog post without proofreading it?

The answer is an obvious, “No!”

To save yourself the embarrassment, proofread your blog posts before publishing them.

In my case, I would never publish a blog post without going through the proofreading process.

Although my blog falls into the category of a personal blog, I enjoying handling it in a professional manner.

2.) Using Fonts That Are Too Small

Yes, a lot of bloggers are guilty of using fonts that are too small.

Many occasions, I have visited blogs that used ridiculously small fonts.

If you want people to read your blog posts, the fonts should be at a reasonable size; the rule of thumb is, to not go smaller than 16 pixels.

If people are unable to read what you have posted, they will simply leave (And, that would be counterproductive).

Remember, you want people to stay and read your blog posts from start to finish.

And, as people get older, they tend to have problems reading small fonts.

3.) Using Too Many Widgets And Plugins

Widgets and plugins do have their special functions and they do come in very handy. However, using too many of them can drastically slow down the loading time of your blog.

Choose your widgets and your plugins wisely; you do not need to use 25 of them on your blog.

Instead, choose the ones that matter the most to you (And, of course, the ones that you find most useful).

There is no need for overkill.

4.) Not Using Responsive Themes

In this modern age, all bloggers should be using responsive themes themes that load well on the following devices:

  • The laptop computer
  • The desktop computer
  • The smartphone
  • The tablet

Gone are the days when people only perused blog posts on desktop computers.

Are you using a responsive theme?

5.) Not Responding To Comments

Apparently, there are bloggers out there who are unaware of the fact, that not responding to comments on their blog is, a very rude thing for them to do.

I have stated on numerous occasions, that if a blogger has no intentions of responding to comments, they should disable the comments feature on their blog.

I am of the opinion, that the comments section adds life to a blog; it is a place where bloggers can share their unique perspectives and discuss what they agreed (or disagreed) with in the blog post they read.

Now, if someone were to talk to you at your home, workplace or at a place where you like to socialise, you would respond to their statements.

Dear friend, the same thing applies to the comments that were made on your blog.

6.) Sporadic Blog Posts

People like knowing when a new blog post is published by their favourite blogger.

Therefore plan out the following:

  • Are you going to publish content daily?
  • Are you going to publish content weekly?
  • Are you going to publish content fortnightly?
  • Are you going to publish content monthly?

Never leave your audience guessing.

They should know exactly when they can expect to see another blog post from you.

Some people may wrongfully think that you have abandoned your blog (And, you do not want them to believe that).

Another important thing is, if you plan on not posting for a while, you should let your audience know and you should also let them know when you are going to resume posting.

Believe it or not, it is way easier to lose an audience than to build one.

Therefore, I want bloggers to always remember, that posting sporadically has negative consequences.

7.) Not Adding Sharing Buttons To Their Blog

Yes, dear friend, sharing buttons are important. After all, you would greatly appreciate it if readers shared your blog post via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or any of the other social media outlets on the world wide web.

Luckily, for us bloggers, most blogging themes come with sharing buttons by default.

However, there are some blogging themes that do not come with sharing buttons; the responsibility lies upon us to add them to our blogging theme.

Checking to see if a blogging theme has sharing buttons is, one of the first things that all bloggers should do (Unless, you have made the conscientious decision not to add any sharing buttons to your blog).

Final Thoughts

Those are a small handful of things that newbie bloggers tend to make (Of course, there are lots more mistakes that newbie bloggers tend to make).

By all means, pass on this information to those friends of yours who are newbie bloggers.


Because, the only way that they can correct their mistakes is, to be aware of them.

And, please feel free to share this article via your favourite social media accounts.

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