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August 22, 2017

The Issue Of Featuring Guest Posts

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging
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On many occasions, I have asked myself, "Should I feature guest posts on my blog?"

Also, on many occasions, my answer to that question was an outright, "No!"

In the past, I featured guest posts on my old blog (And, it turned out to be more work than I had expected).

Therefore, I am not too keen on the idea of featuring guest posts anytime soon on this current blog of mine.

The Advantages Of Featuring Guest Posts

Now, there are a lot of advantages of featuring guest posts on your blog; they are as follows:

  • You do not feel pressured to come up with content on a regular basis, because guest bloggers will be submitting content to your blog.
  • You will be helping out bloggers, because they would be getting added exposure.
  • The guest bloggers would be sharing the links to the featured content on your blog via their social media accounts; which in turn will provide additional incoming traffic to your blog.
  • Your audience gets to know about a new blogger, because you featured their work on your blog.
  • The guest blogger's audience learns about you and your blog via the featured guest posts.

The Disadvantages Of Featuring Guest Posts

Yes, dear friend. There are disadvantages to featuring guest posts on your blog and they are as follows:

  • You have to proofread their article even though it went through a strict proofreading process by the guest blogger who submitted it.
  • You have to spend time formatting the guest post correctly.
  • A percentage of your audience may not like the guest blogger's work.
  • Some guest bloggers will not respond to the comments on their guest posts; that not only reflects badly on the guest blogger; it reflects badly on you too.
  • If you are a lazy blogger (a person who hardly produces content for their blog), the majority of the blog posts would end up being from guest bloggers (That would be a very bad thing, because the majority of blog posts are supposed to be from you).

Featuring Guest Posts Is Not For Every Blogger

Featuring guest posts on a business-related blog can work out well; especially if the guest blogger is an expert in your line of work.

And, although guest posting can be done successfully on personal blogs, too many guest posts can cause them to lose their personal touch.

Also, a blogger who is atrocious in the areas of proofreading and formatting, should not even dream of featuring guest posts on their blog.

However, it is always up to the blogger to decide whether or not, they would like to feature guest posts on their blog and the truth is, that no one on the face of the Earth can prevent a blogger from featuring guest posts on their blog; especially if they are determined to do that sort of thing.

High Standards Must Be Maintained

For starters, it would be an insane move on a blogger's behalf to accept any type of guest post.


Because not all articles are of a high standard.

It would be in the blogger's best interest to feature guest posts that are well-written.

Always remember, that misspelt words and grammatical errors in a blog post, reflects poorly on the blogger and the blog.

Therefore, bloggers who wish to feature guest posts will have to do a bit of quality assurance by proofreading every guest post submission.

Do you have the patience to proofread every guest post submission?

If your answer is, "Yes," then you can go ahead and feature guest posts on your blog.

If your answer is, "No," please scrap the idea of featuring guest posts on your blog.

Beware Of Unscrupulous Guest Bloggers

Unfortunately, there are guest bloggers out there with hidden agendas; they are the ones who do the following:

  • Add links to their guest posts that forwards the reader to spam-related websites.
  • Engage in a lot of keyword-stuffing.
  • Steal other people's content and pretend that it is their own.
  • Use your blog to gain the trust of your audience with the intentions of scamming them after.

So, choose your guest post submissions wisely.

Final Thoughts

The issue of accepting guest post submissions can be a very complicated process.

Therefore, one needs to have a very keen eye in order to choose guest post submissions — the type of submissions that are harmonious with their brand and not put their blog into a whole lot of trouble.

Now, even though I have no intentions of accepting guest post submissions, I do see the benefits of featuring guest posts on one's blog (I am not against the idea of other bloggers wanting to accept guest post submissions).

By the way, what do you think about the idea of featuring guest posts on your blog?

Are you for it?

Or are you against it?

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