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February 1, 2017

6 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

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Like most of you out there, I had my fair share of tomatoes to last me a lifetime (But, that is not going to stop me from sinking my teeth into those delicious tomatoes).

One of the biggest ironies is, I grew up believing that tomatoes were a vegetable; after all, that is what I was taught in school (Back then, my teachers were wrong).

Tomatoes are actually a fruit; you can find out more by checking out this very informative article by the United States Department of Agriculture:
Now, it is not my intention to convince you that it is a fruit (You are more than welcome to continue believing that it is a vegetable).

However, we can all agree, that tomatoes are good for us to eat and that they are filled with lots of good nutrition — nutrition that is vital for keeping us healthy!

1.) Tomatoes Are Great For Maintaining The Health Of Our Eyes

Yes, dear friend, tomatoes contribute to the health of our eyes, because they contain these highly powerful antioxidants:
  • Lycopene 
  • Beta-carotene
  • Lutein
The above nutrients help in the area of combating age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

So, go right ahead and eat them in abundance.

2.) Tomatoes Help To Keep Our Heart Healthy 

We all want a healthy heart (I know that I do)!

Tomatoes keep our heart healthy because:
  • The lycopene content is known for preventing serum lipid oxidization.
  • It reduces the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Vitamin C and lycopene work synergistically to neutralize free radicals; therefore preventing the damage of cells and cell membranes.
  • The potassium content helps to maintain good cardiovascular health.

3.) Tomatoes Help To Keep Cancer Away

Hey, nobody wants cancer; it is something that most of us avoid like the plague.

Regular consumption of tomatoes are known to prevent the following:
  • Lung cancer.
  • Stomach cancer.
  • Prostrate cancer.
The lycopene content in tomatoes does wonders in warding off cancer.

Although we get the lycopene from tomatoes by eating them raw, cooking them actually releases the lycopene in them (It might sound a bit strange; but it is actually true).

4.) Tomatoes Are Great For The Skin

Healthy-looking skin is a sign of very good health; which is one of the reasons why a lot of people go out of their way to achieve it.

A person can acquire healthy-looking skin by eating tomatoes regularly; because of the following:
  • The Vitamin C content in tomatoes assist in the area of collagen synthesis; which helps to keep one's skin firm.
  • The Vitamin A content in tomatoes help the skin to remain youthful-looking (Vitamin A has a reputation for possessing anti-aging properties).
  • The lycopene content in tomatoes help to protect the skin from light-induced damage.
Do check out this highly informative article from The Times Of India:

5.) Tomatoes Help To Protect The Health Of Our Bones

It should not be any big secret, that the health of your bones play an important part in your well being; they assist the following:
  • In the area of producing blood cells.
  • In the area of storing minerals.
  • In the area of protecting organs.
  • In the area of maintaining fluid movement.
Thankfully, lycopene helps to maintain good bone health; thus preventing osteoporosis.

6.) Tomatoes Help To Stabilize Our Mood 

Stabilizing our mood is important, because the way that we feel can have a negative or a positive effect on us.

The good news is:
  • Folate in tomatoes help to prevent the excessive buildup of excessive homocysteine in our body (Too much homocysteine is a bad thing, because it interrupts the production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine and you do not want their production to be interrupted, because they play an important role in our emotions, our appetite and our sleep cycle). 
  • Vitamin B6 in tomatoes help to combat anxiety and depression.

Final Thoughts

Tomatoes are great for our health; they possess many health benefits.

So, dear friend, it would be in your best interest to add them to your diet.

Never take your health for granted, because if you do, you will end up spending a fortune (provided that you have the huge cash-flow) with the intentions of regaining your lost health.

And, always remember, that tomatoes can be consumed in its raw state or cooked.

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