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January 10, 2017

Staying Motivated For 2017

Some bloggers went on a hiatus as early as September, 2016; they intended to get some well-needed rest for a month; but they ended up taking the rest of 2016 off.

Unfortunately, some bloggers find it somewhat difficult to blog after they stayed away from it for a very long period.


Maybe, they grew a bit lazy in the mental sense and they are no longer capable of facing the challenges of blogging.

Or, they are too busy for blogging.

It is as though when one gives up blogging for a while, something else ends up filling that void.

Are you having trouble getting yourself back into the blogging groove?

Find Ways To Motivate Yourself

In most instances, it is a case of lack of motivation.

Bloggers who are not motivated to blog, will simply stay away from blogging.

You can motivate yourself to blog by doing the following:

  • By thinking about what motivated you in the first place.
  • By reading blog posts by some of your favourite bloggers.
  • By making a genuine effort to compose a draft-copy of your article.
  • By thinking of all the people that missed reading your blog posts.

Dear friend, you would know what motivates you the best.

Without motivation, you will end up writing nothing.

So, do you see how important motivation is?

Give Your Blog A Makeover

At times, bloggers can get fed up with the way in which their blog look; if you happen to be one of those bloggers, you can do the following:

  • Clean up your sidebar by removing unnecessary widgets, or replace them with new ones.
  • Change your fonts.
  • Change the colour of your template.
  • Redesign your blog's header.
  • Upload a new modern-looking blog template.
  • Create a new landing page.

The new look should help to put you in a positive frame of mind and boost your motivation at the same time.

Blog About The Things That Are Close To Your Heart

If you have chosen to blog about the things that you are sincerely interested in, you would find it much easier to create content for your blog.

People who publish articles that they love, seldom lose interest in their blogs.

Unfortunately, some bloggers have chosen niches because of their popularity; they do not really like those niches (But, if bloggers chose niches that they love; whether those niches are popular or not, they will enjoy creating content for their blog).

If you go against what you truly love by dabbling in a niche that you are not really interested in, your motivation will abandon you (And, that dear friend is, counterproductive).

Write When Your Energy Level Is At A Peak

Thankfully, I have learnt the best times for me to compose articles; which is either very late at night, or very early in the morning.

I advise that you refrain from writing when your energy level is low.


Because, writing an article is going to be twice as hard and all you are going to think about is, going to relax.

Also, when your energy level is low, you end up doing one or some of these things:

  • Falling asleep in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Making grammatical errors.
  • Making typographical errors.
  • Leaving writing for something less strenuous; like watching television.

You might as well forget about writing when your energy level is low, because you are not going to be motivated to write anything.

The wise thing to do is, to write when your energy level is at a peak.

Associate Yourself With Bloggers That Support Each Other

Hey, I will admit, that blogging is a whole lot of fun when you associate yourself with bloggers that are highly supportive of each other.

As a matter of fact, a blogger's motivation increases when they know that people are reading their articles and are leaving comments in the comments section of their blogs.

One of the best ways to acquire support for your blog is to engage yourself in the following:

  • By supporting bloggers within (and outside) of your own niche.
  • By joining a well-established blogging group; preferably one with rules.
  • By adding your blog to a reputable blogging directory.
  • By doing some guest blogging on the blogs of influential bloggers.

Doing the above things will certainly help you to remain motivated.

Do Not Burn Your Proverbial Candle At Booth Ends

When we overwork ourselves, we eventually feel unmotivated in the end; this is usually caused by the following:

  • By forcing ourselves to produce content within a very short timespan.
  • By spending all of our precious time trying to promote our blog posts via social media.
  • By reading too many blog posts from others in a day's time.
  • By actually commenting on too many blogs in a day's time.
  • By spending way too much time on our computer, tablet or smartphone.

We need to remember, that too much of anything is, not good for us; which is why we must blog in moderation.

Listen To Your Favourite Genre Of Music While You Are Writing

Yes, listening to your favourite genre of music will put you in a very positive frame of mind — a state of mind that is conducive to creating remarkable content.

In my case, I enjoy listening to electronic dance music while I write; it puts me in a really good mood and my creativity is heightened.

The day that you are faced with the trouble of coming up with content for your blog, play your favourite genre of music in the background; you will feel at ease and words will flow through you as though you were channelling some sort of higher entity.

Dear friend, listening to your favourite genre of music while you write is, an excellent method of keeping yourself motivated.

Watching Your Blog's Popularity Grow

To be quite honest with you, everyone's blog will not progress at the same rate; some blogs will take a much longer time than others to gain popularity.

In my case, I had to work very hard at blogging in order for The Chronicles Of Renard to gain a readership; it did not happen overnight.

However, watching the growth of my blog motivated me to give blogging my all.

Hey, anyone who witnesses the growth of their blog will be highly motivated to blog.

Could you remember how you felt when your blog started getting views and comments in its comments thread?

At the time you were probably elated that your blog was gaining attention and you felt motivated to carry on blogging.

Although our blog may not be the most popular one on the planet, it is a very satisfying experience to see it gain a level of popularity (And, the more it grows, is the more motivated we become).

Pay Close Attention To Your Internal Dialogue

The things that we say to ourselves can either make us, or break us.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are in the habit of saying and thinking some rather cruel things about ourselves.

Dear friend, instead of uttering, "I will never be good at blogging," say to yourself, "I will become a better blogger as time goes along."

Be mindful about what you say to yourself, because words have power.

Are you in the habit of saying positive things to yourself?

Or, is you internal dialogue  usually on the negative side?

In order for you to remain motivated, your internal dialogue needs to be on the positive side.

In Closing

Dear friend, the longevity of a person's blog has a lot to do with them remaining motivated.

Now, if I had failed to remain motivated, The Chronicles Of Renard would not have been around today (Thank God/Goddess, that I remained highly motivated).

And, please feel free to tell me how you go about motivating yourself in the comments section of my blog.

Also, thank you for reading!


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