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January 1, 2017

I Love Baytek's "Way Back When"

Way Back When
Single by Baytek
(Photo credit: Unknown Records)  
Wow! This is one highly infectious-sounding bass house track!

By the way, I am referring to Baytek's Way Back When; it had me totally mesmerized the first time I heard it and I played it repeatedly on a very loud volume setting.

I have to admit, that this Australian DJ and producer really knows his stuff!

I am giving Baytek's Way Back When the full ten points for being so damn awesome!

All deejays and dance music-lovers can support the artiste by purchasing a digital copy of Way Back When via Beatport.

Baytek's music is on Unknown Records — the label that is known for releasing mind-blowing music.

I hereby dedicate Baytek's Way Back When to all of the staunch electronic dance music-lovers on the planet. Enjoy!

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