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January 24, 2017

7 Reasons To Take Your Blog Seriously

Do I take my blog seriously?

Yes, I do!

Even though my blog is a personal one, I enjoy giving it my all; I have no intentions of neglecting it (A person who takes their blog seriously will not neglect it anyway).

Also, those people who take their blogs seriously will always see to it, that they publish articles that they are proud of.

Do you take your blog seriously, or is your approach to blogging a halfhearted one?

Dear friend, I want you to know, that it is possible for you to have fun blogging while you take that blog of yours seriously; it might sound a bit contradictory, but I can assure you that it is not.

The fun aspect applies to enjoying the entire blogging process and the serious part of it all is, in relation to approaching your blog in a highly professional manner.

So, taking your blog seriously inspires you to publish blog posts that are of a high standard and it also pushes you in the direction of becoming a much better blogger.

In the end, taking your blog seriously will work out in your favour.

So, without further ado, let us check out the 7 Reasons To Take Your Blog Seriously:

1.) You Are Putting Your Work Online

Once you have put your work online, people are going to judge it; they will either view it as rubbish, or an article that is worthy of their attention.

In reality, the majority of us would rather read an article that is of value to us.

Are you publishing blog posts that are of value to the readers worldwide?

Or are you wasting their time (and yours too) by publishing a heap of nonsense?

For your sake, you are better off being an enlightened blogger — a blogger that is known for publishing valuable blog posts.

Dear friend, if you intend on building a readership; one that is comprised of loyal viewers, you might as well publish fabulous articles online.

The internet is already saturated with garbage.

So, please publish blog posts of the following nature:

  • Articles that entertain.
  • Articles that teaches people something new.
  • Articles that provides a workable solution to a particular problem.
  • Self-improvement articles.
  • Articles that inspire.

Once you have developed a reputation for publishing worthwhile articles, you will gain the respect of readers from around the world.

2.) You Want People To Take Your Blog Seriously

For starters, you must first take your own blog seriously if you want others to take it seriously; that can be accomplished by doing the following:

  • By proofreading your work before publishing it.
  • By publishing valuable blog posts.
  • By gaining the trust of your readers.
  • By being courteous to everyone who comments in your comments thread (Yes, even to those commenters who disagreed with what you published).
  • By joining a reputable blogging group; one that is known for having members that are serious about taking their blogs to a higher level.
  • By actually practicing what you preach.
  • By utilizing a professional-looking blog template; preferably one that is responsive — a template that loads quickly on all devices.
  • By eventually becoming an authority in your niche.
  • By always conducting yourself and the affairs of your blog in a professional manner.
  • By viewers resonating well to the type of blog posts that you published.

Dear friend, once people start taking your blog seriously, you will stand a better chance of excelling in the blogosphere.

3.) Guest Posting Opportunities May Arise

It is common knowledge, that some authority bloggers seek out the services of new and upcoming bloggers — bloggers who possess an amazing talent for blogging.

Also, if you are one of those bloggers who has a reputation for publishing high-quality content, you will have a much better chance of doing a guest article for a reputable blogger.

So, dear friend, if you are eager to get your feet wet in the area of guest posting, you might as well take your blog seriously and fill it with high-quality content.

Think of the articles on your blog as shiny precious objects that capture the attention of the right people.

4.) You Are Setting An Example For Other Bloggers

Although it may not be an intention of yours to set an example for other bloggers, you do set an example for them via the type of articles that you post (The quality, or lack of quality of those articles will depict whether or not you have been setting a good example or a bad example).

Newcomers to blogging are always looking for bloggers that they can look up to; therefore all experienced bloggers are responsible for the type of blog posts that they publish; which is why they should always make it a priority of theirs to produce high-quality content.

Poorly written articles will only set a poor example and contribute to deplorable conditions in the blogosphere.

So, dear friend, it would be in the best interest of all bloggers to set a good example by posting articles that are well-written.

5.) You Want Your Blog To Stand The Test Of Time

I would want to believe, that all bloggers would appreciate it dearly if their blog stood the test of time.

However, many blogs are short-lived; they are abandoned within a few weeks' time (They unfortunately, did not stand the test of time).

Your blog can stand the test of time by doing the following:

  • By posting evergreen content.
  • By constantly interacting with your fellow bloggers and viewers.
  • By promoting the links to your blog posts on social media.
  • By keeping yourself fully up-to-date with the latest blogging trends.
  • By always maintaining a willingness to be of service to your viewing audience.
  • By remaining grounded and not getting carried away with your success.
  • By understanding your audience; which puts you in a better position to give them the types of articles that they want to peruse.

Those people who are serious about blogging will do whatever it takes for their blog to stand the test of time.

6.) You Are Constantly Building Your Brand

Now, it is not only those business-related blogs that promote and build their brand; personal bloggers do it too; they themselves are their brand.

Also, any wise blogger would not jeopardize their brand.

Therefore, it is up to the blogger to continue building his or her brand by maintaining a good reputation.

Being fully conscious of the fact, that you are always building your brand via your blog is, another good reason to take that blog of yours seriously.

7.) You Are Working Your Way Up To Becoming An Authority Figure

For the record, most of those highly influential bloggers in the blogosphere started off from scratch; their influence grew as time went along.

And, it is no big secret, that highly influential bloggers hold a lot of authority in the blogosphere.

Now, if you continue to publish high-quality articles, there is a chance of you becoming an authority figure in the blogosphere in the near future.

And, dear friend, those authority figures in the blogosphere took their blogs seriously from day one.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, too many bloggers treat their blogs as through they are some type of joke. They have failed to realize that their blog has the potential of becoming amazing in the future — a blog that viewers would be most eager to visit.

But sadly, they lacked vision and their blog fell by the wayside.

By taking your blog seriously, you will want to do your very best in the area of making it a successful one.

And, dear friend, your blog deserves a fair chance at acquiring success.

Success is not for a select few; it is there for anyone who wishes to achieve it and is willing to work hard at attaining it.

So, develop a positive mindset and work towards to becoming all that you can be in the blogosphere (And, taking your blog seriously is the first step to achieving that goal).

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