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December 29, 2016

Your Blog Can Be Successful Too!

I have been blogging for quite a number of years (The Chronicles Of Renard is not my first blog).

Since I have been blogging, I have seen many bloggers come and go (And, you have probably noticed the same thing too).

These days, people are abandoning their blogs like crazy; they will try to bang out something on their blog for approximately three weeks (or less), become frustrated and leave as fast as a speeding bullet.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of bloggers will keep blogging until they see the signs of success.

A Lot Of People Went Into Blogging Blindly

Now, I wished that everyone knew what blogging entails.

Most people wrongfully believe that blogging is, a figurative walk in the park.

In reality, blogging is, a lot of hard work; but, when you love blogging you will do whatever it takes (provided those steps are legal) to excel at it.

Bloggers must be willing to learn the following:

  • On and off-page SEO.
  • How to target their audience.
  • Ways to keep their readers interested in their articles.
  • Methods of promoting their blog.

Dear friend, whether you like it or not, you really have to go out of your way to learn everything you can about blogging and how to keep that blog of yours afloat.

Do Not Get Caught Up In The Superstar Syndrome

Believe it or not, a lot of people ventured into blogging, because they wanted to be famous.

However, many of those bloggers who wanted to be famous in the blogosphere struggled with acquiring a handful of views (Especially the ones who recently started blogging).

Currently, there are countless blogs on the internet; which by the way, are trying their very best to capture the attention of viewers worldwide.

Therefore, a blogger's content really needs to be impressive in order to have that wow factor; which is something that is really needed in order to entice viewers to read what they published and also to have them returning to their blog.

People want fabulous content — content that they can not only enjoy, but to utilize whenever they are faced with a problem.

But, people who are afflicted with the superstar syndrome are not in the habit of catering for the needs of others; they are solely focused on themselves (And, that leads to their downfall).

Put Aside Your Ego And Learn How To Serve Others

Now, although it is your blog, you are publishing articles for other people to read.

Therefore, it is imperative that you address the needs of your viewing audience.

Here are a few examples:

  • Write an article about how to start a blog (Which would be ideal for those people who have been contemplating starting a blog of their own).
  • Share with them your favourite word processor — the one that you use to compose your own blog posts and also tell them the reason why you chose to use that particular word processor (Bloggers are looking for word processors to experiment with; some of them are bored with their blog's default editor).
  • Tell the newcomers to blogging (via an article of yours), the best places on the internet to promote their content (They will appreciate that).

Dear friend, put the readers first; make it a priority of yours to serve them by presenting them with a workable solution to a problem that they are currently experiencing.

Never forget the fact, that lots of people are in the habit of searching online for a solution to whatever problem they are faced with.

The more useful you are to people is, the more they will return to your blog.

In reality, you will not have all of the answers. But, you can do your uttermost best in the area of being of service to others.

Always Maintain A Very High Level Of Professionalism

I have stated on many occasions, "Your blog is a reflection of you."

So, let us hope that you have a sense of professionalism and that you live it, breathe it and that you are an embodiment of it.

Now, I am of the opinion, that both personal and business-related bloggers should handle the affairs of their blog in a very professional manner and that would involve doing the following things:

  • Proofreading your articles before publishing them.
  • Responding to the comments that were made in the comments thread of your blog.
  • Being polite to all of those people who commented in the comments thread of your blog; including those people who disagreed with what you published.
  • By blatantly refusing to publish substandard articles.
  • By sticking to your blogging schedule; whether it be daily, a few days a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly (So, your viewing audience can know when they can expect another blog post from you).
  • By using a clean-looking blog template that is user-friendly and responsive — one that loads quickly and loads superbly on all devices (By the way, most professional bloggers are known to use those sorts of blogging templates).

Conducting your blog in a professional manner will pay off greatly, because people adore professionalism.

Rub Shoulders With Like-Minded Bloggers

If your blog is a niche-related one, you can check out those blogs that are in the same niche as yours.

You can read their informative blog posts and you can also leave them a valuable comment in the comments thread of their blog.

And, if you truly enjoyed their blog post, you can share it on your Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account (Or any social media account of your choice).

Since most bloggers like to reciprocate, they will do the same for you (Now, there will be some bloggers who well ignore the hell out of you; but do not let them discourage you).

Friendships are usually created via this method and you end up having a loyal support group that is comprised of like-minded bloggers.

For the record, the same thing applies to bloggers that blog about miscellaneous topics.

So, dear friend, are you willing to mingle with like-minded bloggers?

In my case, I enjoy interacting with other bloggers.

Besides, it would be most boring to only publish my work and not find out what other bloggers are blogging about.

Get Into The Habit Of Writing

If your blog is, one where visitors come to read your articles, you have no choice but to come up with material for them to peruse.

So, dear friend, you have to be writing on a daily basis (Now, I am not referring to publishing on a daily basis; which is, something entirely different).

Psychologists have stated, that the things we do on a regular basis, eventually becomes a habit of ours (And, I strongly believe, that writing is a good habit to develop).

One of my favourite advantages of writing on a regular basis is, that I get to pick and choose an article that I can publish on my blog.

Successful bloggers seldom worry about where they are going to find the next article to post; because they have articles lined up.

Remain Optimistic

I will admit, that there are times when this is easier said than done.

However, it is not impossible to put yourself in an optimistic state of mind.

Why is optimism so important?

Because, you stand a better chance of focusing on producing content for your blog when you are optimistic.

In most cases, when one is depressed, they tend to dwell on sad, depressing thoughts and they end up neglecting themselves, things and the people around them.

The last thing that any ambitious blogger would want to do is, neglect their blog.

I understand fully well, that we all get the blues at times; but we must never become stuck in depression.

Do Not Overwork Yourself

Yes, we are aware of the fact, that blogging on the whole involves a lot of hard work; especially when one is doing their very best in the area of seeing to it that their blog turns out successful.

However, we need to rest at intervals.

Your break period could involve the following:

  • Doing some meditation for fifteen minutes.
  • Taking a short walk in your neighbourhood; which would help you to relax your mind.
  • By playing with a pet; which is guaranteed to relieve any tension that you might have.
  • Listening to a few songs by your favourite music artiste (Listening to your favourite music will put you in a jolly mood and that type of mindset is ideal for blogging).

It is imperative that we replenish our energy at intervals, because if we do not do that, we will find ourselves becoming burnt out and frustrated.

Write For Human Beings

No, offense to any extraterrestrials who might be reading this.

The point I am trying to figuratively hammer into the heads of people is, write for a living person.

Bloggers have made the error by doing the following:

  • Writing solely for search engines.
  • Engaging in keyword stuffing.
  • Focusing all of their attention on SEO.

For the record, there is nothing wrong in wanting your articles to be search engine-friendly by using the appropriate keywords and by engaging yourself in good SEO practices; but you must always remember that you are writing for a human being like yourself.

When it comes to blogging, put people first!

Anything else can come after.

Final Thoughts

Putting the above suggestions into practice will help you to become a successful blogger.

Also, with countless bloggers saturating the blogosphere with their blog posts, you will have to go the extra mile if you truly wish to standout.

If you enjoyed this article and you found it to be helpful, I kindly ask that you show it some love by sharing it on your favourite social media and you are hereby invited to follow The Chronicles Of Renard via email or via Feedly.

As always, thank you for reading.

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