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December 11, 2016

When It Is Only "You"

MacBook Air
MacBook Air
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Currently, lots of personal bloggers do everything for themselves.

After they have written their draft copy, they proofread it and edit it for themselves and they find the appropriate pictures for their articles and they format it for their own selves too.

Some people are versatile; they are capable of doing almost anything.

However, there are times when it is good to do a bit of outsourcing.

There Are Proofreading Services

Proofreading services have been around for years.

If you are a busy blogger and you have not got the time to proofread your articles, you can pay one of those companies that do proofreading to proofread your article for you.

In my case, I prefer to do my own proofreading. I cannot see myself paying someone to proofread an article that I have written (Unless I pay myself to proofread my own article).

Have you ever paid a proofreader in your entire life?

So far, I have not utilized any of those proofreading services and I have no intentions of doing so; despite the fact, that many of them are known for doing a great job.

Paying Someone To Set Up Your Blog

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skill for setting up their own blog; which is the reason why they pay someone else to do that for them.

In most instances, setting up a WordPress blog or a blog on Blogger is easy (But, there are people who are baffled by the whole process of setting up a blog).

Some website hosting companies are happy to help you out by setting up a website for you.

Where I am concerned, I prefer to set up my own blog (And, there are lots of other people who would prefer to set up their own blog as well).

There Are Ghostwriters For Hire

Some professional authors have enlisted the aid of a ghostwriter to finish or rewrite their book.

And, some business websites have hired ghostwriters to create content for them.

Now, it is quite hard for me to fathom using the services of a ghostwriter.

For starters, the ghostwriter does not get any credit for their work; the person or the company that they wrote the article for, gets all of the credit (And, I would feel guilty, if I took all of the credit for someone else's work).

Besides, bloggers should build their brand on their own strengths.

Although it is legal to hire the services of a ghostwriter to produce content for your blog, I think that it is a deceitful practice — the practice of making others think that you wrote that magnificent article.

Therefore, hiring a ghostwriter to produce content for my blog is, definitely out of the question.

By the way, no offense to those of you who do ghostwriting for a living.

Some People Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Create Their Articles

Yes, believe it or not, there are computer programs that spin articles for people.

A person adds the topic and keywords into the computer program and an algorithm creates the article.

Now, I do not know if artificial intelligence is capable of creating a sensible article.

But, I do know that a person infuses their personality into their writing; which is why you can tell if an article was written by Neil Patel or Ryan Biddulph (Their personality stands out).

Now, what are the chances of artificial intelligence writing the same way that you do?

Hmm. I would say, "Zilch!"

But, if I am wrong and artificial intelligence can actually write like us, that would be cheating.

The Conclusion

If you are the type of blogger who does everything for yourself, I commend you.

However, there are things that you can outsource; such as:

  • Paying someone to create a one of a kind template for your blog.
  • Hiring someone to proofread your article.
  • Hiring a security expert to find out whether or not, your website is secure.

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Thank you for reading this blog post and love and light to you!

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