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December 9, 2016

A Case Of Undercover Bloggers

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The biggest irony is, that people will let you know if they are on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etcetera. But, they never go out of their way to tell you that they have a blog.

Now, blogging is not taboo and many of us know what blogging is.

A blogger could be standing next to you on the street and you would not even know that they are a blogger.

Are bloggers a rare breed of people?

Hmm. That might be the case.

It Is Way Easier To Be On Regular Social Media Than To Start A Blog

We all know that it does not require much to be on social media; you simply join it, share your thoughts and post a few things on it, chat with friends, etcetera.

A blog on the other hand, requires lots of hard work.

You need to figure out, what type of blog it is going to be.

There is also the added trouble of learning on-page and off-page SEO.

Then you need to come up with material for your blog.

And, you need to update your blog on a regular basis.

So, I can clearly understand the reason why the average person would be contented with merely being on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etcetera.

The Blogosphere Is Saturated With Bloggers

Although cyberspace is filled with many blogs, it is hard to really say what percentage of a country's population are bloggers.

Here in The Republic of Tobago, people blog; I encountered their blogs on WordPress and Blogger.

But, I will speculate, that the number of bloggers in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are quite minuscule in comparison to the number of bloggers in the United States of America or Canada.

Besides, blogging is something a person must be temperamentally suited for and a lot of people do not have what it takes to be a blogger (Sad, but true).

Yet, there are lots of bloggers in almost every country on the planet and we do not know who these people are.

For the record, you can learn a lot about a blogger by visiting their About page; but unfortunately, not every blogger will invest their time into creating an About page; this is quite prevalent with those people who have personal blogs.

Thankfully, an About page is mandatory for those blogs that fall within the category or business-related-type blogs (And, you would prefer to do business with someone that you know something about).

Some Bloggers Use Pseudonyms

A lot of bloggers love to use aliases; a good example is, a female blogger calling herself, "Teenage Vampire Chick."

And, these days, a lot of bloggers are not posting pictures of themselves; they may use an image that represents their personality; such as a heart or a peace symbol.

With all of the anonymity taking place in the blogosphere, it is a bit difficult to really know whose article you are reading or whom you are communicating with online ("Teenage Vampire Chick" might not be a teenager at all; but a happy, high-spirited grandmother who feels quite young for her age).

Some Bloggers Chose Not To Go "Public"

It is common knowledge, that a blogger has the option to allow search engines to crawl their blog, or to allow their blog to remain hidden from search engines.

Apparently, there are bloggers who do not want any sort of exposure; they are in it to publish a few blog posts about how their day went; which is viewed by a handful of their friends and their family.

In addition to not having their blog crawled by search engines, they set their blog on "Private," and in order to view their content, you have to request their permission.

Final Thoughts

In reality, it is difficult to tell the exact number of people who blog.

Bloggers do not usually say to strangers on the pavement, "Hey, I have a blog and this is my URL," holding up a sign with their website address.

And, then there are those extremely private people who do not want you to know that they have a blog.

The only way to know how many bloggers there are in a specific country is, for that country's intelligence agency to do some snooping around; which can be done via a specially designed computer algorithm.

Now, I am betting that if the President of the United States of America enquired about the number of active bloggers in his country, the Director of the NSA or the Director of the DHS, would be able to provide him with an exact figure.

However, the average person like you and I, would have to make an educated guess.

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