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November 26, 2016

The Issue Of Religion

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Religion has become a problem around the world. A large percentage of people are biased towards those who are not members of the same religious faith as they (One would think that people should embrace others despite their differences; but that does not always happen).

There are religious groups that think that they are superior to all of the other religious groups on the planet.

We have heard the various religious doctrines and some of those doctrines tend to give us the impression that they were written by a biased set of individuals.

Now, do not get me wrong, dear friend. I think that religion can be a good thing; they usually teach discipline and morals — things that modern-day society often lacks.

Religious Bias Is Prevalent

I had a Christian upbringing; therefore I know firsthand of the biased beliefs that some Christians adhere to.

The priests made us believe that Christianity was the true religion — a religion that was approved by God and that all of the other religions were misled and that they were doing the work of the Devil.

Now, that so-called religious superiority can warp the minds of those within the Christian faith. It makes them think, that they are better than the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Taoists, etcetera.

If people are biased towards others, how do they expect to live in harmony with each other?

In reality, we live in a society that is comprised of people of various religious denominations. So, it is imperative that we all get along.

There Are Religious Extremists Living Among Us

The are Christian sects that believe that they should pick up guns and fight against injustices that were created by their government.

And, let us not forget about ISIS; a bunch of extremist Muslims who believe that what they are doing is right.

Some of us are fully aware of the fact, that both Christianity and Islam adhere to peace and love.

However, there are those who do their own thing; which stems from people's interpretation of religious texts.

I can tell you that no two Christians view the Holy Bible in the same way and the same applies to those who are of different religions.

Everyone's opinion is different (There might be some similarities; but they are different nonetheless).

Going Beyond Religion

I like to view myself as a person who is spiritual and not religious.

I also believe that religion is man-made.

God/Goddess, Infinite Spirit, the Divine (or whatever terminology that you like to use) does not hold a religion higher than the other one or prefer the rich over the poor,  or view a race as better than the other, etcetera.

We are are equal!

Some people have said, "It is time to do away with religion."

But, as I have mentioned earlier, religion can instill discipline and morals in people.

The issue stems from people not wanting to embrace diversity and their unwillingness to understand each other.

In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we have religious holidays (And, everyone here loves holidays, because it means that we do not have to got work; unless you are a security guard, a police officer or a member of the armed forces).

So, if we did away with religion, we in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago would have less public holidays (And, no one here would like that to happen).

Not Everyone Practices Their Religion

There are those people who do not practice their religion; they were born into it and they could not care about attending any church or taking a moment of their time to pray to God.

And, it is a well-known fact, that people of all religions commit various crimes.

So, it is quite clear, that calling oneself a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, etcetera, is a label that we attach to our own self.

By the way, not everyone who refuses to practice their religion are bad.

Some have seen the hypocrisy in religion. They know that it does not make sense to go to church on a Sunday, pray to God for forgiveness and when the church service is over, go back to doing the things that got them in a whole heap of mess.

And, they know that it is not imperative to go to a church to pray to the Divine; they know that they can pray or meditate at home, at work, or anywhere on the face of the Earth.

The Atheists Are Having The Last Laugh

The atheists do not believe in God, or in religion or in spirituality; they think that those sorts of things are all fantasy and that people are foolish to believe in those sorts of things.

Well, I have nothing against atheists.


Because, they do not infringe on my spiritual practices.

They know that if a person has chosen to be spiritual or religious, that is the person's choice.

While they may give me that strange look whenever I say, "Love and Light," or "Namasté," they are not going to behead me for it.

If I were in an ISIS controlled area in the Eastern hemisphere, I would be beheaded, or shot for believing anything that does not comply with the doctrines of Islam.

Also, atheists do not argue about which religion was ordained by God; since it is not a part of their belief system.

My Final Thoughts On Religion

Probably a few centuries into the future people might rid society of what is known as, religion.

Today, we have no choice, but to deal with all sorts of religious issues.

At the moment, religion is not perfect (And, it was never perfect in the past either).

If people of all religious denominations can coexist harmoniously, that would be great.

And, if religious extremism is put to an end, that would be great too; since the last thing that you or I need is, an extremist Christian group, an extremist Muslim group, an extremist Hindu group, etcetera (We do not want individuals twisting religious doctrines for their own agenda).

The job of religion is, to help make the world a better place and not a worse one.

However, you know by now, that I believe that religion is not necessary.

I am of the opinion, that life would be much better if everyone was spiritually awakened (But, that in itself is a whole other topic — a topic that is capable of causing a very heated debate; especially among the religious and the atheist folks). 

What are your views on religion?

Do you think that we should do away with it?

Do you think that we should continue with religion?

Please feel free to share your perspective on religion; I would love to read all about it in the comments section of my blog.

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