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November 28, 2016

The Genuine Desire For A Well-Liked Blog

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As a blogger, you would want people to like your blog; therefore, I am no different.

Besides, people visit blogs that they like and they avoid visiting those blogs that they hate or have nothing in common with.

The God's/Goddess's truth is, that you cannot force anyone to like your blog; since tastes in blogs vary from person to person.

Well, one of the most important things is, that I like my own blog.

I Blog About The Things That I Love

For starters, I blog about the things that I love.

Those of you who visit The Chronicles Of Renard on a regular basis, would  know that I love many things; which is why you will find miscellaneous topics on my blog.

As a matter of fact, I advise all bloggers to blog about the things that they love.

Are you blogging about the things that you love?

Or are you blogging about things that you have no interest in?

Anyway, I will continue to blog about multiple topics, because I love diversity.

Our Fans Love Our Blog

Most bloggers have fans — fans who visit their blog on a regular basis; these are the people who read our articles and comment on them.

Our fans eagerly await our next blog post and they love supporting us.

Our fans are usually comprised of these types of people:

  • Fellow bloggers.
  • Our closest friends.
  • Our family.
  • Our colleagues.
  • People who basically enjoy what our blog has to offer.

Your Story Is Unique

I have always believed that we all have unique stories to tell.

Interesting things do happen to us and we can write about them in our own unique style.

People enjoy reading about different perspectives on different topics; for example:

  • Reasons to switch to Windows 10.
  • Reasons to avoid Windows 10.
  • The reasons why Donald Trump will make a good US president.
  • The reasons why Donald Trump would make a bad US president. 

Okay, you get the idea.

People love to peruse articles that are based on various things and you and I will have opinions on various things and we can share our unique perspectives on those various things via our blog.

In my case, I enjoy reading about other people's perspectives on Linux.

I know for a fact, that some people hate Linux and of course, there are those people who love Linux.

So, people will give you the reasons why they hate Linux and people will provide you will provide you with in-depth reasons as to why they love Linux so much.

Therefore, people would be interested in your opinion on a specific topic.

And, let us not forget, that we appreciate those bloggers who are not afraid to share their opinions with the masses.

So, go right ahead and share your unique story; someone (or some people) will love you for doing so.

People Cannot Like A Blog That They Are Unaware Of

If you have never visited a specific blog, how in God's/Goddess's name could you like it?

Logic would dictate, that you would have to visit a specific blog to deduce whether or not you like it.

So, dear friend, it is imperative that you promote your blog (And, social media can help you out greatly with that).

Remember, dear friend, in order for people to like your blog, they need to be aware of its existence.

Provide Your Viewing Audience With Value

I will be honest by stating, that you and I appreciate blogs that disseminate valuable information.

Put yourself in the proverbial shoes of the reader; that person may be searching online for a solution to a specific problem.

It is no big secret, that they are going to hold your blog in high regards if you have helped them to solve their problem.

We also like blogs that teach us new things; for example:

  • Blogs that tech us how to prepare a certain recipe.
  • Blogs that teach us how to save money.
  • Blogs that teach us how to take good care of our computer.
  • Blogs that teach us how to remain fit and healthy.

So, dear friend, people will like our blog if it is a solution-oriented one and they would also enjoy our blog if they learn something new by pursuing through our articles.

People Like It When We Respond To Their Comments

Honestly, I hate it when people do not respond to my comments.

When people refuse to respond to the comments that were made on their blogs, commenters tend to gather the impression that the owner of the blog does not care about them.

Now, I would like to point out, that I do not expect bloggers to respond to the comments that were made on their blog right away (They are busy people who are engaged in other activities; therefore, they are not online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year).

However, I expect them to respond to the comments that were made on their blog when they are logged in.

I have seen my fair share of blogs where the owner of the blog blatantly refused to respond to comments.

I have always stated on numerous occasions, that if a blogger has no interest in responding to the comments that were made on their blog, they should disable the comments feature (That way, they would not have the cause to respond to any of the comments that were made on their blog).

If you are in the habit of responding to the comments that were made on your blog, there is going to be a high chance of it being loved by others.

Do you ever respond to the comments that were made on your blog?

The Conclusion

In reality, there is nothing wrong in wanting your blog to be a well-liked one; since a well-liked blog has a very high percentage of incoming traffic.

Now, seeing to it that our blog is well-liked involves a lot of hard work.

Are you willing to be a hard working blogger?

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