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November 11, 2016

"Secret Stash" Is A Cool EDM Track!

Secret Stash
Single by Mike Mago & Dragonette
(Photo credit: Hexagon Records)  
Mike MagoDragonette work well together (As a matter of fact, they both did Outlines back in 2014).

Now, they are causing a stir for 2016; people are dancing along to their new dance track, Secret Stash (It is one of those dance tracks that would do well on the radio and at the discotheques around the world).

If you are a staunch dance music-lover or a respectable club deejay (or a person who happens to be both) you can purchase your very own digital copy of Secret Stash by Mike Mago & Dragonette via Beatport.

Mike Mago had this to say about Dragonette:

"Next to the chart successes 'Outlines' had, it was also a personal success, since I'm a big time fan of Dragonette. I remember being so nervous when I was creating 'Outlines', I didn't have a decent night sleep during that period. The hook-up with Dragonette actually went through Don Diablo's contacts, and I have always admired his talent, skill, work ethic and personality. So to work with both these amazing persons on a new release not only feels amazing, it's also a full circle!"

Martina Sorbara (Dragonette's lead singer) had this to say about Mike Mago:

"When Mike and I were doing radio promo for 'Outlines', we listened to a lot of each other's works in progress. Up till then we hadn't had the chance to do that. I think somewhere in us we knew that we had more collaborating to do, it was just a matter of what and when. 'Secret Stash' is the story of being someone's side dish, which is fundamentally a dark theme. But Mike's production brings out the lighter, sexy side of that story. I love this song and I love that Mike and I get to continue our story this way."

Mike Mago & Dragonette are on HEXAGON Records — Don Diablo's very own label; which is fully backed by the folks over at Spinnin' Records.

Without further ado, here is the official video for Secret Stash. Enjoy!

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