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October 7, 2016

How To Find Material For Your Blog

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All bloggers are faced with the task of finding material for their blog (There is no getting away from that).

Some bloggers love the challenge of coming up with new material, while other  bloggers cringe at the idea of coming up with new material.

Dear friend, it is a fact, that if you do not publish new material on a regular basis, your blog is going to become stagnant (And, viewers hate stagnant blogs).

Have A Look At The News

Paying close attention to current affairs is one effective method of coming up with new material for your blog posts.

In my case, I peruse a lot of newscasts from BBC and CNN (And, there is always something interesting going on).

Always remember that news on the whole is vast; for example, there is news that pertains to the following:
  • Local news.
  • Regional news.
  • International news.
  • News that is based on the latest technology.
  • Entertainment news.
  • News that pertains to the latest developments in the area of politics.
  • Business news
There is so much news circulating on the word wide web (And, that makes it easy for a blogger to acquire ideas).

Read Blog Posts From Others

Reading blog posts from others is a nice way of coming up with new material for you blog.

And, why is that the case?

Because, we human beings are blessed with various opinions.

Okay, I will provide you with a crystal clear example:

In the past, I came across a blog post that stated that readers do not care about what goes on in our personal lives and that we should only choose the popular niches in order for us to have a successful blog (Now, that did not go down well with me).

I proved that theory wrong by posting something about my personal life and the article received a large number of views.

Believe it or not, there are people who are interested in our lives.

Besides, people are interested in the personal lives of others; which is the reason why those reality-based television shows  do so well.

A person can actually blog about what they had for breakfast; they can tell their readers what the ate and as a bonus, provide their readers with a recipe on the type of food that they consumed.

Another example of a blogger attracting readers with what transpired in their personal life is, when the blogger write about the country that they vacationed at; as a matter of fact, a lot of bloggers do this; they provide their readers with written material and photos on the various tourist attractions that they visited and photos of the food they ate.

So, dear friend, reading blog posts from others (especially those that you do not agree with) ignites the passion to share your unique perspective on the topic.

Revisit Your Blog Archive

Whether you have realized it or not, your blog archive is filled with proverbial treasure.

Whenever, I visit my blog archive, I end up becoming amazed; I am so blown away by the topics that I have covered in the past, that it makes me say, "Wow!"

There are times when I am inspired to follow up on a topic that I wrote about (And, there is a probability of it doing the same for you).

Do you ever revisit your blog archive?

I hope that you do, because if you have not rummaged through your blog archive, you are missing out on an opportunity of becoming inspired.

When it comes to finding new material for your blog, checking out your blog archive will get your creative juices flowing.

Go Through Your Drafts

Most bloggers I know, have drafts that are collecting figurative dust — articles that they never completed.

If you happen to be one of those bloggers with drafts that are doing nothing, I advise, that you polish up your drafts and publish them.

Also, going through your drafts will provide you with an opportunity to do further research on your chosen topic; here is an example:

In the past, you were writing a blog post about a particular antivirus.

However, four months down the road, you discovered a new antivirus — an antivirus that happens to be way better than the one you were writing about in the past.

Dear friend, you are presented with an opportunity of sharing the information about the new antivirus (via your blog) with your viewing audience.

So, never take your drafts for granted.

Pay Attention To What Is Happening Around You

Life is always unfolding before our eyes (And, that provides us with an opportunity to write about what we witnessed and what we experienced).

Something interesting is always taking place and if you are the type of person who is very observant, you can write an article about the interesting event.

Paying attention to what is happening around us is, a superb way of coming up with new material for our blog.

Read Books

Dear friend, the more knowledgeable you are about a topic, places you in a better position to write extensively about it.

And, it should not be any big secret, that books (written by reputable authors) can aid in expanding our knowledge.

Reading the right type of books can help us to come up with new trends of thoughts — the types of thoughts that can help us to come up with a new idea for a blog post of ours.

It is a known fact, that the top bloggers read a lot.

Do you like reading?

If your answer is, "Yes," you are definitely on the right path.

If your answer is, "No," I would advise, that you get into the habit of reading, because reading will help you to become a well-informed blogger.

Take Hints From What Is Happening On Social Media

Social media is always filled with lots of activity; that reason alone, makes it one of the best sources for acquiring new ideas for one's blog post.

If you are on Facebook, you can gain inspiration by perusing the news feed, by paying attention to the types of things that people write on their walls and by the types of videos and articles that they share.

If you are on Twitter, you can gain inspiration by going through the tweets of others and you can also acquire ideas for your new blog post by writing an article that is based on one of the topics that is trending.

If you are on Pinterest, you can gain inspiration by paying close attention to the type of material that people are pinning on their boards.

Social media is a figurative gold mine and any observant blogger can use it as their source of  inspiration for coming up with new material for their blog.

Go Out Into The Field

Another effective method of finding material for your blog is, going out with the intentions of finding it; here are a few examples:
  • A blogger going out into the wilderness to capture a photo of a plant, a tree or a wild animal.
  • A blogger attending a live concert, so they can capture a few photographs of some musicians and singers; which would enable him or her to produce an article for their entertainment blog.
  • A blogger attending an political debate with the intentions of getting a few photos of the politicians and getting to know their policies, so he or she can write about it and publish it on their blog.
Have you ever gone out into the field with the intentions of  finding material for your blog?

Visit The Elderly

I can imagine some of you thinking, "Visit the elderly?"

Yes, dear friend, visiting the elderly is another great way to find material for your blog.

And, why is the elderly a great source for material?

Because, they love to share stories about their life.

Whenever, I visit a particular aunt of mines, she talks my ear off; she loves to tell me things like:
  • What she did when she was a school principal.
  • What she thinks about the present generation.
  • The old-fashioned way of making hot chocolate.
  • Adding coconut milk to your recipes make them taste better.
  • Her method of making wine.
  • What my mother was like when she was a little girl.
As a matter of fact, the elderly are fond of talking about various topics; they are natural orators and we all can learn a lot from them.

Final Thoughts

In reality, it is not difficult to find material for your blog.

Putting the above suggestions into practice would help you out greatly.

Once you are determined to come up with new material for your blog, you will find it.

Also, if you have a special way of finding new material for your blog, I would love to read about it in the comments thread of my blog.

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