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January 17, 2016

"Rock This Place" Is A Hot Bass House Track!

Rock This Place
Single by Bleu Clair & Paper Planes
(Photo credit: Artist Intelligence Agency)
Electronic dance music has taken the world by storm (Yes, that is true; it can be heard in countries that we least expect).

Representing Indonesia are the talented ones, Bleu Clair and Paper Planes (Those guys are absolutely impressive).

I love their new bass house track, Rock This Place (I was blown away by it when I first heard it).

I am rating Rock This Place highly; it gets a ten out of a ten (Yes, it gets the full points)!

A standing ovation to Bleu Clair and Paper Planes; they did a fabulous job!

If you are a club DJ or merely a dance music-lover (or both), you would be very pleased to know that you can download the bass house track, Rock This Place for free here.

Bleu Clair and Paper Planes are on Artist Intelligence Agency — the record label that releases a whole lot of mind-blowing electronic dance music.

I hereby dedicate Rock This Place by Bleu Clair & Paper Planes, to all of the bass house-lovers on the planet. Enjoy!

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