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August 6, 2015

You Have Come A Long Way As A Blogger

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Could you have predicted in the past that you would still be blogging today?

I am sure of the fact, that a large percentage of you are a bit surprised that you are still blogging today.

And, I am also sure, that a lot of bloggers who started around the same time with you, no longer blog (And, that is quite a pity, since you are still around in the blogosphere, blogging your heart out).

It is as though, some people are destined to be bloggers.

Your Love For Blogging Is Genuine

One of the main reasons that you are still blogging today is, because you have a genuine love for blogging; if you did not love it, you would have given it up a long time ago.

Besides, it is hard to continue doing something for a long period if you do not have a love for it.

Curiosity probably got you into blogging, but your love for it was the thing that caused you to be psychologically hooked on it.

I always believed that those people who lack the genuine love for blogging, should not stick with it; they should give it up and spend their time doing something else that they love.


Because, blogging should be fun and not some type of punishment (And, I believe that a lot of you would agree with me on that one).

Many Of Us Tried Out Different Blog Sites

A lot of us had our first start on Blogger and as the time progressed, we went on to blogging on a different blogging platform.

In my case, I started on Blogger; I stayed there for some years and then I went over to WordPress; I eventually came back to Blogger and now, I am happier than ever (I still have my blog over at WordPress; but it does not provide me with much pleasure as my blog on Blogger).

My friend, Ray Turner, has his primary blog on Blogger; but that did not stop him from experimenting with TumblrWordPress and Weebly (After the high intensity experimentation, he realized that he liked Blogger better).

Could you remember the blogging platform that you started your blog on?

Hey, that is something that all bloggers will remember; because that is the time when they are trying to figure out their dashboard and learning how to manoeuvre themselves around their blog on the new blog site that they joined.

For me, Blogger was a piece of cake and WordPress (Despite being more advanced than Blogger was not difficult to use).

You Probably Wanted To Learn Everything You Could About Blogging

Although there are some hobbyist-type bloggers who could not give a damn about advancement, you wanted to be a better blogger — a blogger who would enlighten his or her own self about the latest blogging techniques and also one of the many bloggers who would eventually discover ways in which to increase a ton load of website traffic towards their blog.

Most bloggers would learn a lot of the blogging secrets as time goes along; mainly because of the fact that they are hungry for the knowledge of how to become better bloggers.

Your philosophy was, “Why should I give up the opportunity to learn all that I can about blogging and be a better blogger.”

Sportsmen and sportswomen are known to get better at their chosen sport with constant practice.

So, in your case, you kept practising your blogging skills until you mastered them (And, even though you mastered them, there was always much more to be learned).

Then You Started Dancing To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Although you digested a lot of blogging advice from the blogging experts in the blogosphere, you placed their ideas on the proverbial back-burner and you started doing your own thing.

You probably thought to yourself, “Ha! That is too rigid. I will create a method that works for me and excel at it!”

And, the rest was history.

You took a big leap of faith and you are still around today doing fine; while the person who was providing yourself and others with blogging advice years ago no longer blogs.

You Volunteered To Be A Mentor To Others

When you saw a blogger going astray, or having a bit of difficulty blogging, you shared your expertise with them; which helped them out a lot and now they are a much better blogger because of you.

In most cases, if you spotted someone doing something incorrectly, you will show them the right way in which it should be done (Unless you are a self-centred bastard who wants to keep all of the knowledge for his or her self).

You knew that you would not have been where you are today if it was not for the help of other bloggers and now you are giving back to your blogging community; which is quite commendable of you.

The Conclusion

As bloggers, it would be very wise of us to count our blessing for being around today; because a lot of bloggers have failed by not believing in themselves and by giving up on their blogs and by turning their backs on the whole blogging process.

You on the other hand, stuck with it and you have managed to reap the fruits from all of your hard work.

And, there is a part of you that would like to see other bloggers do well; you went through what a lot of the newer bloggers are currently going through and you would not think twice about lending them a helping hand; because you want them to be as successful as you or even better.

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