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July 28, 2015

Goodbye Disqus

The Disqus Logo
The Disqus Logo
(Photo credit: Disqus)
There is an old saying, "All good things must come to an end."

Yesterday, I uninstalled my favourite comment plugin — Disqus and here is the reason why:

All of a sudden, the comments that were made on the Disqus plugin stopped showing up in my Blogger dashboard; as a result of this technical annoyance, I had to go directly to the blog post in order to find out if anyone commented (And, there were comments; while my Blogger dashboard showed me that no one had commented for the day).

I could no longer allow Disqus to get away with figurative murder, so I emailed them my complaint; I was surprised that they responded to it rather quickly; I was told that it was some type of change that Google made, etcetera and that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused and that they would like me to continue to use the Disqus plugin with my blog (I thought about it for a little over an hour; because I knew that such a thing was bad for SEO).

The gentleman at Disqus was unable to specify when the Blogger comments would be synchronized with the Disqus commenting platform again; he was quite honest in saying, that they are working on it and that he does not know when things would back to normal between Blogger and Disqus.

According to Disqus, Google's update to OAuth 2.0 is currently not supported by Disqus (And, that is the reason why I have not been seeing those comments that were made on the Disqus plugin in my Blogger dashboard).

Come on Disqus, a huge modern-day company like yours is unable to handle such an update? Oh please, then someone is sleeping on the job, or Google is playing nasty.

I made up my mind to lose all of the comments that were made on my blog for the day (Which is way better than not having it registered on Blogger until the technical issue is sorted out).

For the record, I did not delete my Disqus account; I still have the ability to comment on any blog that has the Disqus plugin installed.

It was very painful for me to uninstall the Disqus plugin; because I loved it very much (Relieving my blog of that plugin was for the best; at least I will have my comments here on Blogger for the Google-bots to crawl).

To those of you who grew accustomed to using the Disqus plugin on my blog, I apologize for any convenience caused (Since there are those who would prefer to do their commenting via the Disqus plugin).

Also, I have no intentions whatsoever of reinstalling the Disqus plugin on The Chronicles Of Renard.

The Disqus plugin is gone forever from my blog and it looks as though I would be stuck with Blogger's native commenting system for a while (Oh well, there is nothing wrong in keeping it simple).

On the bright side, I did not lose all of the comments on my blog; some third party commenting platforms have a reputation for holding on to every comment, resulting in the blogger losing all of their comments on their blog; especially when they have decided to rid their blog of those third party commenting platforms.

What would you have done in my shoes?

Do you think that I handled the situation well?

Or, do you think that I should have waited for Disqus to resolve the technical issue in the future?

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