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June 28, 2015

These White Beauties Are Captivating!

Beautiful White Flowers Photographed By Renard Moreau
Irresistible white beauties.
I have a habit of carrying my camera with me outdoors; the purpose being: that if I encounter something beautiful or interesting, I can photograph it.

Recently, I took a picture of these beautiful white flowers in front one of the houses in Five Rivers, Arouca (Please don't ask me what they are called, because I am horrible when it comes to the names of flowers; all that I know is, that they are beautiful and that they are worth photographing).

It has been a while since I photographed some flowers (And, I am glad that I took this photo to share with my viewing audience).

I hereby dedicate this beautiful picture to all of those people around the world that have a deep appreciation for beautiful and delicate things. Enjoy!


  1. I think that's bougainvillea, Renard and no, I'm not a flower expert but I grew up with it because my neighbour has a few of them. :-)

  2. [ Laughs ] Thank you for letting me know that, Shireen.

  3. Hi Renard,

    What a beautiful picture you have taken. It just brightened up my day. I love to take pictures of nature. I'm not a good photographer, but my phone does the trick. I like to post them up on social sites with sayings on them.


  4. [ Smiles ] Thank you, Donna.

    Adding quotes to them do transform them into something beautiful.

  5. [ Smiles ] I think so too.

    And, thank you for your input!

  6. I love white flowers!

    Pop over to my blog!



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