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May 24, 2015

Dissecting Blogger Under A Microscope

Blogger Logo
Blogger Logo
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I have noticed that a lot of people have joined Blogger lately; despite the fact that there are a lot of other blog sites out there.

I will admit that Blogger is unique; there is no other blog site quite like it.

However, do most of the people really know what they are getting themselves into?

A Lot Of People Have Misconceptions About Blogger

Because of Blogger's simple-looking UI, they think that it is a blog site for beginners.

Okay, I would admit that Blogger is a great blog site for beginners (When I first started blogging, Blogger was the place that I chose to set up my blog).

However, the tech-savvy individuals can tweak Blogger to their liking; this is done by doing the following:

• Uploading your own blog template.

• Uploading widgets of your choice.

• Altering the code in your template to personalize the look of your blog.

• Adding additional coding to one's template so it can become responsive.

• Optimizing it for SEO by making a few changes to one's template.

The truth is: a lot can be done with Blogger and unfortunately a high percentage of people are unaware of Blogger's true potential.

I Still Think That Better Can Be Done

Although Blogger is great, I genuinely believe that Google can do a lot better with it.


Because, Blogger basically looks the same as when it was launched many years ago.

If you are on Blogger, you would know that they did not update their collection of templates (The default templates are archaic-looking; which are the ones that people have to choose from).

It gives me the impression that Google purposely ignored the blog site that is under their proverbial wing.

Google is filled with lots of engineers; young geniuses with PhDs and yet, nothing major was done with Blogger.

They need to realize that not everyone is capable of uploading their own template and even those who have the knowledge of such matters do encounter the occasional technical difficulties; all of this can be avoided by Google updating their collection of templates.

Google has failed to realize that WordPress is filled with lots of modern-looking themes (templates) and that they update their collection on a regular basis (And, WordPress does not have the large resources like Google; yet they are always improving and evolving).

Does Google have an ounce of care in their heart for Blogger?

The way Blogger is treated, makes me want to think that it is one of Google's most forgotten projects ― a project that got buried by a thick layer of dust.

Blogger Will Still Be Around Many Years To Come

Human beings love free stuff; therefore they would not hesitate to join Blogger (Even though it means, joining it for a few weeks to see what it is like and abandoning it after they have gotten the figurative taste of it).

I have the knowledge of how to tweak Blogger to my liking, so I will be staying with it.

Also, my blog on Blogger (The Chronicles Of Renard), is giving my blog over at WordPress (Renard Moreau Presents), a run for its proverbial money; which is evidence of Blogger being a very worthy blog site to blog on.

Bloggers Will Come And Bloggers Will Go

Google is aware of the fact that not everyone who starts a blog will stick with it and a high percentage of newcomers would eventually abandon their blogs.

Google is not losing out, because Blogger is free.

Also, it is a person's right to abandon their blog, or to migrate it to another blog site of their choice (Which in most cases is, the blog site with the high reputation ― WordPress).

There Are People Who Are Devoted To Blogger

A lot of people like Blogger because of its simplicity; they can start blogging a few minutes after setting up their blog.

Besides, most people that I know, do not like anything that is too complicated; which makes Blogger the ideal blog site for newcomers (And, for the well-experienced ones too).

Also, there are those who like Blogger because of the fact that it is easy for them to monetize their blog with AdSense.

Blogger has its advantages.

Blogger Seems To Be Popular With A Certain Crowd

I have observed that there are lots of blogs that deal with book reviews, fashion, recipes, technology and information that pertains to the metaphysical on Blogger (And, a lot of them are doing rather well).

I have noticed that the Indians and the Pakistanis are in the habit of using Blogger to their advantage (Maybe, they know something about Blogger that you and I are unaware of).

Well, if Blogger is working great for you, there is really no need for you to shatter that formula by jumping on another blog site's bandwagon.

Is Blogger The Best Blog Site?

Hell no! WordPress is currently the number one blog site!

However, that does not mean that Blogger is inferior; because if it was an inferior blog site, I would not have remained on it.

The main questions we should ask ourselves when choosing a blog site are:

• Does this blog site meet my needs?

• Is it easy to blog on?

• Is it the most appropriate blog site to acquire the most views?

• Are the members of a particular blogging community friendly and supportive?

• If I were to encounter any sort of technical difficulties, would someone from the blog site's staff help to rectify the situation?

• Is that blog site a proverbial no man's land?

The truth is, that all blog sites have their strengths and their weaknesses and it is up to us to find out what their pros and their cons are and to weigh them carefully; so we can find the one that is most appropriate for us.

Do You Like Blogger?

If I were to ask my friends over at WordPress this question, a large percentage of them would not hesitate to tell me, "No!"


Because, many of them once had a blog of their own on Blogger; they did not like it because their blog did not get much readership and they had lots of trouble finding other bloggers who held a similar interest as theirs.

Then, there are those people that love Blogger, because they have managed to amass a huge viewing audience.

Some people also like Blogger, because if they do not want to monetize their blog, Google will not bombard their blog with advertisements; which is something that WordPress likes to do with their free version of WordPress.

Honesty, people would like (or hate) Blogger for various reasons.

My friend, Ray Turner, has chosen to keep his primary blog (his main blog) on Blogger, even though he blogs on other blog sites (And, it is mainly because of the fact, that Blogger meets his needs).

So, if Blogger is meeting your needs, you are going to like that blog site.

And, if Blogger is unable to meet your needs, you are going to hate that blog site with a passion.

Can Blogger Be Blamed For The Failure Of A Person's Blog?

Actually, I do not think that Blogger can be blamed for the failure of a person's blog.

And, how did I come to this conclusion?

Because, there are people on Blogger who run successful blogs.

If Blogger was a dire place to be, no one on that blog site would have a blog that is doing well.

So, what about those blogs on Blogger that failed miserably?

Okay, I would have to point out the fact that there are blogs on WordPress (the number one blog site) that failed miserably too.

There are various factors that can cause one's blog to spiral in a downward direction, or not take flight at all; such as:

• The failure to promote your blog.

• Not making an effort to read the blogs of your fellow bloggers and not commenting on them.

• Not blogging in a disciplined and predictable manner; for example: failing to blog daily, weekly, bimonthly or monthly, etcetera (No one has familiarized their self with your blogging pattern, because you blog sporadically).

• Not catering for an audience.

• Not putting the right amount of effort towards your blog.

• Giving up blogging before your blog can acquire a readership.

• Lack of faith in your ability as a blogger.

• Lack of passion for blogging.

• Displaying a lack of respect to those who commented on your blog.

• The failure to respond to the comments that were made on your blog.

• Your blog loads slowly.

• Failing to optimize your blog for mobile views by not utilizing a blog template that is responsive.

• Using your blog as a means to circulate spam to others (And, search engines end up blacklisting your blog).

Most of the times, it is usually the fault of the blogger; he or she do not understand the entire concept of blogging. Or in some cases, the blogger has chosen to use their blog as a smokescreen for their illegal activities.

Is It Possible For Blogger To Regain The Top Spot?

Yes, I do believe that it is possible for Blogger to climb to number one again and they can accomplish that feat by doing the following:

• Adding new templates regularly to their default collection of templates.

• Modernize their default commenting system.

• Make it easier for the people on Blogger to find the blogs that they are interested in by typing in the category in a new and improved user interface.

• The creation of a new notification system; for example: one that lets the blogger know that one has commented on their blog and one where the person on Blogger knows when someone has replied to a comment that was made on their blog or someone else's blog (Which ironically, WordPress has been doing since their inception into the blogosphere).

• Transforming Blogger into a more community-oriented blog site; one where bloggers do not have to be under the impression that they are in a proverbial ghost town.

• Turning Blogger into a household name with the help of advertising their blog site via the electronic media.

It Is Imperative That Blogger Modernize Their Mobile App

Have you ever used the Blogger App to update your blog?

It is quite a horrendous experience and I strongly advise against updating your blog via the Blogger App.


Here are the reasons why:

• A person is unable to format their blog using the Blogger App; they cannot add italics, bold letters and a whole list of other things that are available to them when they are logged in directly through their browser.

• Articles written with paragraphs lose their paragraphing format when uploaded through the Blogger App (They end up looking like one long mess; because of the disappearance of the paragraphing structure).

• Many times, the picture fails to load when one tries to upload a picture on their blog; the Blogger App ends up crashing.

• One cannot place their pictures the way that they want it via the Blogger App (when it is finally uploaded to one's blog); for example: it cannot be positioned left or right.

• If you are lucky to get a picture uploaded to your blog after you have typed out your article; it only appears at the bottom of it.

• You cannot visit the blogs of others using the Blogger App.

• You cannot check your stats using the Blogger App.

• You cannot follow other bloggers via the Blogger App.

• One is unable to access their dashboard through the usage of the Blogger App.

Hey, the Blogger App is, a waste of a blogger's time; if one wants to post a professional-looking article of theirs online, they might as well wipe that thought clean out of their minds, because at the moment, it is impossible to do so using the Blogger App (Which is the main reason why I only use the Blogger App to upload drafts; when I get on the computer, I do the final formatting and upload my articles to my blog).

Google really needs to redesign their Blogger App from the ground up; because, it has fallen pretty short of everyone's expectation.

And, I believe that Google is capable of making a better mobile application for their blog site.

Now, that is quite a shame since Google has focused their emphasis on mobile-friendliness.

Well, at least their blog site is way better than their mobile application.

The Blogger App is a huge embarrassment to Google.

So, dear friend, you have been warned; do not use the Blogger App to update your blog (Unless you are very fond of stress).

The Conclusion

Blogger is far from perfect; however, it is not a bad place to blog on.

Once you have things well-planned out and you know the type of audience that you are catering for, you have made a wonderful start.

It is possible to turn your blog on Blogger into a very successful one; you do not have to migrate it to another blog site in order for it acquire a very high level of success.

Google on the other hand, needs to do their best in regards to upgrading Blogger and their mobile application; if they do not, Blogger can get left behind and will never regain the top position in the blogosphere.

Also, people should stop blaming Blogger for the failure of their blog; because the reality of the situation is: that those people have neglected to learn all they can about blogging; which would have enabled them the fair chance of running a successful blog.

Maybe, Google needs a new CEO; someone who is willing to pay close attention to the future development of Blogger.

I enjoy blogging on Blogger and I intend to see it evolve into the type of blog site that all bloggers will be proud to blog on (Let us hope that it happens within our lifetime).

Do you plan to continue blogging on Blogger? Or, do you plan to leave Blogger for good and start blogging somewhere else?

For the record, I am not going to hold it against you for wanting to blog on another blog site; because, that is your prerogative.

I think that Blogger is a nice place to blog; despite the fact that it is not as community-oriented as WordPress.

If you are a fan of Blogger, or you simply enjoyed this article of mine, I kindly as a favour of you; which is, to share this post on your favourite social media (I thank you in advance for doing so).

Also, please let me know what you think about Blogger via the comments section of my blog (I am curious to find out what you think about Blogger and I have a strong feeling that the people over at Google are just as curious as I am; after all Google owns Blogger; therefore they should be highly appreciative of all of the feedback).

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