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February 8, 2015

Should I Waste My Time With Weebly?

Weebly; start something (Photo credit: Weebly)
On a few occasions, I have teased about what it might be like to have a blog on Weebly.

Apparently, Weebly seems to be growing in popularity (I saw an advertisement on television for the Weebly site).

A few times in the past, I mentioned to you that I do visit blogs on Weebly and comment on them.

I also mentioned that many of the blogs on Weebly look like a virtual ghost town (I am still trying to figure out why that is currently the case with blogs on Weebly).

I highly doubt that it could be a SEO issue (And, if it is, I should be able to fix that).

Recently, my friend, Ray joked about Weebly saying, "It is hard to take the name Weebly seriously."

Also, my friend, Shireen recommended that I start a blog on Weebly as an experiment to find out what it would be like to blog on Weebly and I said to her, "Over my dead body!"

Although Weebly themes are very modern-looking and very attractive to look at, I do not think that would be enough to inveigle me to join that site (But, the biggest irony is: I am tempted to create an account on Weebly to find out what the experience of blogging on Weebly would be like; the only thing stopping me from doing so is, the fact that I already have two blogs; this one on Blogger and the other on WordPress).

However, if out of the blue, I decided to create a blog on Weebly, would you follow it?

I genuinely think that if a blogger puts a lot of time and a lot of effort into his or her blog, it should do well in the blogosphere.

But, for some reason, Weebly blogs are not all that popular (in comparison to other blog sites) and you might find one or two of them if you were to search for a particular topic on your search engine of choice.

Blogs on WordPress and the blogs on Blogger seem to be dominating the blogosphere at the moment (And, it would be wise for a person to start a blog on those two blog sites, since they are easily found by search engines).

If blogs on Weebly hardly show up on the search results on search engines, it might be a very unwise move for anyone to start a blog over at Weebly.

Now, despite the popularity of Blogger, I had to work my ass off to acquire a readership (It is something that I was very opened to, because it was an experiment to see if it was worth blogging on Blogger and I can proudly admit to my readers that the experiment turned out to be a very successful one).

If blogging on Blogger is hard work, blogging on Weebly is probably akin to undergoing harsh conditions in a prison atmosphere at the worst concentration camp on the planet.

Therefore, it would be wise of me (or any other person, for that matter) to choose the most appropriate blog sites to blog on.

Blogging on Weebly might turn out to be worst than creating a Facebook page for The Chronicles Of Renard (And, I certainly do not have time to waste).

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