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January 28, 2015

No Dishwashing Machine Required

(Photo credit: Pixabay)
I really cannot see myself using a dishwashing machine (or simply referred to as a dishwasher in most countries around the world); I view it as an unnecessary household item (Well, for me, that is).

In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the majority of us, do our dishes by hand.

And, only a small number of affluent people actually use a dishwashing machine in their kitchen (They themselves, or their maid would wash the dishes the old-fashioned way; which is, by hand).

In my country, you would quicker find a dishwashing machine in the kitchen area of a restaurant (And, believe it or not, in this modern day and age, they have people hired to do the dishes without the aid of any machine).

In the United States and in Europe, it is the norm to have a dishwashing machine (And, they can be found in both the rich and the poor households).

I think that one of the reasons why you would not find a dishwashing machine in many of the households in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is, because we have been trained as children to wash our eating and drinking utensils as soon as we are through with them in the kitchen sink.

I think that it would be ridiculous to put one plate, one cup, one knife and one fork in a dishwashing machine; since it was designed to do a large load.

If a person hates to do the dishes, a dishwashing machine would be ideal for them (Especially, those lazy ones who like to leave dirty dishes piled high in their kitchen sink).

Probably in the next two decades, dishwashing machines might be the norm in the kitchens of all people in The Republic of Tobago (And, that would only happen if people started perceiving it as one of those necessary household items).

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