October 9, 2014

Amazon Plans On Building An Actual Tangible Store

Deutsch: Logo von Amazon.com
Deutsch: Logo von Amazon.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A lot of us are aware of Amazon's reputation; the first thing that comes to mind is purchasing books online and the the occasional purchase of electronic items.

Call me, "An old school kind of guy," since I have very little interest of buying anything online (The only way I would consider buying anything online is if the desired item is hard to get in stores).

Recently, I read an article about Amazon's intentions of wanting to open a store in Manhattan, New York; it was the type of news that I found to be pleasing.

There are people like me who would rather walk into a store and purchase an item (Besides, lots of people are apprehensive of making credit card purchases on line — a fear that was brought about due to hackers acquiring one's credit card information).

Also, the experience of walking into an actual store is psychologically comforting; the fragrances of the books, the sounds of the electronics, feeling the texture of the desired item with your own hands and having a customer representative around; a knowledgeable person who is willing to answer any questions about the items that are on sale at their store (So, I do think that Amazon wanting to build an actual mortar and brick store is a brilliant idea).

We need to bring back the human way of doing things and the online automated service lacks the human touch.

If Amazon's physical store happens to be a success in Manhattan (and I have a strong feeling that it will), the company may choose to build more of their mortar and brick stores throughout the United States (And probably, other parts of the word too).


  1. You're right, Renard. "We need to bring back the human way of doing things." I buy books online, nothing else so far. Sometimes you can't get what you want in a store. I hope Amazon's physical stores proves to be successful.

  2. [ Smiles ] Thank you for your input, Irina.

  3. I have a feeling that the physical Amazon store will be short lived.

    Isn't the appeal of Amazon and online shopping in general, that you think you are getting a bargain (even if your are not) because all the overheads of operating a physical store have been removed...?

  4. [ Smiles ] Hmm. I still believe that the same can be achieved with a physical store.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your perspective, Ray.


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