September 3, 2014

It Is Your Blog And Not Theirs

An Acer laptop computer.
An Acer laptop computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am sure that before you started blogging, you probably read various articles explaining that in order for your blog to be successful, you would need to choose a popular niche.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing a niche, it is not mandatory that you do so; but, only choose a niche for your blog if your heart has lead you in that direction.

It saddens me to see people adopting certain ideologies (especially ones that they are not truly in agreement with) because they think that it is going to help increase their readership.

Although I agree that everyone should know the basics of blogging, they are all free to experiment with their blog and do what their intuition tells them to do with it.

Remember dear friends, it is your blog and you are free to do whatever you want with it; you can implement a niche, or you can blog about miscellaneous subjects.


  1. Cool post!! =)

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  2. You make some very good points here Renard.

    As you know, I have several blogs. Some of them address a specific niche, but my main blog covers anything and everything. Nothing is sacred in The Complete Works of TGR Worzel


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