July 1, 2014

Four Tips On Handling Constructive Criticism

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who take things personally; it might be something that someone said to you, or the manner in which they said it (Whatever it was, there is no need to take it the wrong way).

1.) Stop Blowing Things Out Of Proportion

You might be singing a song on the street while you wait for the bus, or the taxi and a man comes along and says to you, "If you learn to breathe properly, you would hold your notes better." Instead of analysing what he said, you get all hot under the collar and you speech him off (That was uncalled for).

If the man had told you to shut up that would have been an insult; but instead, he gave you a suggestion to improve your singing.

A lot of people are into the habit of misconstruing constructive criticism for an insult (And, this is where the problem lies).

2.) Be Grateful That Someone Was Kind Enough To Give You Advice About Your Shortcommings

If someone didn't point out what you were doing incorrectly and provided you with advice on how to correct it, you would remain stuck; making the same mistake over and over again.

3.) Be Slow To React

If you are the type to get angry quickly, you are going to get annoyed whenever someone says something to you that you are not in favour with. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to calm down before you react; constructive criticism would be taken nicely with a cool head.

4.) Be Aware That The Person Giving The Constructive Criticism Is Seeing Things From There Own Perspective

There are times when the advice given may not be the right course of action to take and that there could be other factors that the person may have overlooked (However, it was given with good intentions; which makes it somewhat noble).

The Conclusion

Always remember that constructive criticism is always given with good intent and that it is imperative that we learn to differentiate an insult from constructive criticism.

Whether or not we choose to act on the constructive criticism given, is entirely up to us; we can accept it, or ignore it.


  1. All good points. I've learned to take a step back and have a thought before reacting. Usually, you realize that spewing off is not always the best way to react.

  2. [ Smiles ] Thank you for your valuable input!

  3. Thank you for this. I feel I have thick skin (so to speak) and your reflection helps me digest future comments.

  4. Very good points here, Renard. I have always been a hothead but age has slowed me down over the years. These days I am ever so slightly more patient and I listen more. And if anyone annoys me, I I tend to use sarcasm to get my point across which I think is better than chewing someone head off. LOL!

  5. [ Smiles ] Shireen, sarcasm can get you into trouble; especially if it is directed at someone who is highly intelligent. They may end up reciprocating the sarcasm.

    Thank you so kindly for sharing that with me.

  6. Hi Renard I really enjoyed this post. It's about the way our comments hit or land on our fellow humans male or female. Some people tend to react before stopping to engage the mind long enough to think through the effect of their response. And, some people just don't care!

  7. [ Smiles ] Noeline, I would like to thank you for your valuable input!


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