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July 2, 2014

Can You See Yourself Blogging On Weebly?

weebly-logo (Photo credit: Svetlana Gladkova)
Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I want them to know that I have nothing against Weebly; there are many fine bloggers on that website.

I clearly remembered that approximately two years ago, I tried to create a blog over there and I became a bit frustrated, because I couldn't find my way around it; the drag and drop feature was supposed to make it easy for those who didn't have any knowledge of website building (Instead it proved to be difficult for someone like me who knows a little about website building).

It turned out that I deleted that blog in about one minute and forty-five seconds; the stress was too much to bear (And, some people say that setting up a blog on WordPress is hard; if they really think so, they should go through the experience of trying to set up a blog on Weebly).

I peruse articles on Weebly regularly and from the looks of it, people hardly comment on those articles (I am yet to ascertain the reason why).

Great articles deserve to be noticed and not neglected (Maybe, those bloggers on Weebly should make the migration to WordPress or Google Blogger).

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