June 26, 2014

I Need To Regain My Energy

Sleeping (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn DeLight (back again))
For the past few days, my energy level was a little lower than average (I am not too sure if this has anything to do with the high temperatures that I had to endure lately).

I have intentions of getting some rest; however, I don't want to rest too much and miss out on blogging.

The logical thing to do of course is: to get some rest at all costs and replenish my energy (Even if this means, cutting down the amount of time that I spend blogging).

Some of you are uttering, "Turn off the damn computer and get some rest!"

Now, I am fully aware that wise people don't burn their candles at both ends; so, I might as well get some rest; I would benefit greatly by doing so (The only problem is: that would mean spending less time online). 


  1. Some times Renard, a change is as good as a rest... I switched off for a while.. It did me the world of good.. Blessings Sue

  2. High temperatures probably did contribute Renard.
    I've been suffering too.

    I found it very hard to concentrate and focus my thoughts today.
    Dehydration and skipping meals, the problem in my case...

  3. [ Smiles ] This goes to show that we need to hydrate ourselves or fall victim to the heat.

    Thank you for commenting, Ray.


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