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June 30, 2014

I Am Very Open-Minded About Blogging

Open Minded
Open Minded (Photo credit: Dr Case)
Blogging in itself is a useful forum to get your posts out to the masses on the internet (And, it is a whole lot of fun too).

I also like keeping abreast of the latest blogging trends and I am very eager to find out what the blogging experts have to say about the topic of blogging (Even though I do not always agree with their blogging advice).

Every so often, I do personal research on the best places to blog and I have noticed that the information doesn't differ much; within the top findings, I always see WordPress and Google Blogger among them.

I believe that although a person may know a lot about blogging, they do not know everything, since the art of blogging is always evolving; if you don't keep up with the latest developments, you are going to get left out.

One must also be open-minded enough to learn from their mistakes; this is an important aspect that allows one to move forward in the blogosphere.

Usually, whenever someone recommends a certain blogging formula, I will digest the information and look for the pros and the cons of it and discard certain aspects of it that doesn't work or apply to me.

If I was close-minded, I would have probably said aloud, "To hell with all of your blogging advice and your outlandish theories about blog transformation." Luckily, I am not that type of guy. I am always willing to learn all that I can.

Are you very open-minded about blogging? Well, if you are blessed with a curious mind, the chances are high that you will be open-minded about blogging.

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