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June 27, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Walk In Bon Air Gardens, Arouca

Photo credit: MapQuest
Unfortunately, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca was depicted as a gun-slinging town — one of those towns where you have to look over your shoulder when you enter it, because some bad guy may not like you and he may not think twice of shooting you; I can assure you that this is not the case.

The Negative Elements

Honestly, there are some gangs around; people who have been holding feuds with other members within Bon Air Gardens itself; an example of this is: that gang members in Phase One hate the gang members in Phase Three and vice versa and there is this cat and mouse game that they play with each other; which sometimes, results in both parties dodging bullets, or someone getting killed in the process.

Anyone Is Free To Walk Bon Air Gardens, Arouca

The gang members do not harass visitors; however, they would stare a little longer than average in their direction, wondering who that person might be, or which person in the community that they are going to; other than that, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca is a very nice place.

The Real "Big Guns" In Bon Air Gardens, Arouca

A lot of people from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force live in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca; this means: that there are regular patrols from those people in that area.

The Conclusion

Once you are not a gang member, you are safe to move around freely in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

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