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May 27, 2014

Six Reasons Why I Think Blogging Is Cool!

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I am fully aware that there are people like myself who LOVE blogging; it's as though they could never get enough of it (And, it is difficult to get bored of it since the blogosphere is a very large place; there is so much to explore).

1.) Learning New Things

If you are quite honest with yourself, you will openly admit that you do not know everything (And, anyone who thinks that they know everything is deluding his or herself).

There are lots of informative blogs on the internet that I have learned a lot from over the years and I enjoy learning new things on a regular basis.

2.) For The Fun Of It

Fun, is an important factor where blogging is concerned; if it wasn't fun, I wouldn't be updating my posts or visiting the blogs of others.

Fun, is what fuels most bloggers to carry on blogging.

Also, bloggers who no longer see their blog as fun (for some reason or the other) tend to abandon their blog.

3.) Making Friends

A lot of us who started blogging didn't do it with the intentions of making friends; however, gaining friendships from people from around the world makes the blogging experience more worthwhile. Acquiring friendships from fellow bloggers is inevitable (Unless, you are a terrorist or a person with a really rotten personality).

I am proud to admit that I have made friends with a lot of people within the blogosphere (And, chances are, you did too).

4.) A Wonderful Form Of Self-Expression

One of the main reasons that you and I started blogging is to express ourselves.

I like sharing my views via my articles and if you are a regular visitor to this blog, you would have noticed that I like sharing photographs of plants, trees, flowers and various miscellaneous items with my beloved viewers.

5.) As A Form Of Self-Discipline 

It takes a very disciplined person to update their posts on a regular basis, because there are so much distractions happening around one; for example: a person may choose to watch a DVD or peruse Facebook  instead of devoting a portion of their time to update the posts on their blog.

I made up my mind to blog and I do it with all my heart; I have poured myself fully into my posts.

6.) Overcoming Challenges

I can just see a lot of you scratching your heads with this one. "Overcoming challenges?" you've asked quietly, wondering where I am going with this.

Okay, I will tell you: it challenges my mind to be very creative, because there were many occasions when I turned on the computer and I didn't have a topic to blog about and I eventually came up with a few.

And, if you are someone who blogs as often as I do, your creativity needs to be as sharp as a razor-blade.

 The Conclusion

What motivates me to blog may be a bit different from what motivates you to blog; but, you and I are motivated nonetheless.

And, we could all agree on the fact that our lives wouldn't have been the same without blogging.

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