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May 18, 2014

Not My Usual Blogging Experience

English: A Lenovo X61 tablet laptop shown in t...
English: A Lenovo X61 tablet laptop shown in tablet mode, with its built-in stylus out. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Normally, I would be eager to update both of my blogs on Google Blogger and on WordPress. But, unfortunately, I only had the zeal to update my blog on WordPress (I guess that these things do happen to bloggers at times).

I realized that there is only one me to go around and that it would be wise to move into the direction of updating my blog on WordPress; as you can see, I still updated my blog on Google Blogger out of the sake of being professional.

Honestly, I can't pinpoint the reason why Google Blogger doesn't appeal to me today (Hmmm. Maybe, it's because Google Blogger is boring on a Sunday and that all of the blogging action is on WordPress).

Whoops! I hope that I didn't offend any of the hardcore Google Blogger fans; I am merely expressing the way I am feeling about the blogosphere today.

Also, have no fear, because this is not my usual blogging experience; I am usually eager to blog on both WordPress and Google Blogger (Oh, and please remember that).

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