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May 24, 2014

Has Facebook Gone Too Far?

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facebook logo (Photo credit: marcopako )
Recently, it was brought to my attention that Facebook can now listen to our television sets; this new audio recognition feature of theirs is designed to share data pertaining to our entertainment viewing habits (As though Facebook doesn't already have enough information on us).

I am concerned that this feature can be misused and that it has a Big Brother appeal to it. Intelligence agencies from around the world could tap into the Facebook social networking site and create a dossier on people's psychological profile; for example: if they noticed that you've been watching a lot of anti-government shows or conspiracy theories on television, they may decide to pay closer attention to you via Facebook's audio recognition system.

Dear Friends, I would like to add that once you've joined Facebook, you've voluntarily given up your privacy. Why? Because Facebook is known for their very effective data mining techniques.

As a gentle reminder, Facebook has facial recognition software; enabling it to recognize the faces of all its users.

Let it be known to all, that the latest version of Facebook for Android and iOs, can clearly identify the song that one is listening to, or the actor's voice on the television show that a person is looking at.

Whether you've realized it or not, Facebook has created the perfect intelligence database.

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