Monday, 30 June 2014

Deep Contemplation About My Secondary Blog

Photo credit: anoni_moose via photopin cc
In the past, I mentioned to my readers that my main blog is on WordPress and that my secondary blog is on Google Blogger.

My Favourite Place To Blog

Let it be known that my favourite blog site is, WordPress; I have no regrets of ever joining it (As a matter of fact, I think that it is the best blog site on the planet).

My Thoughts On Google Blogger

Google Blogger on the other hand, is good; but unfortunately, not good enough; I think that they are a bit old-fashioned (I even mentioned in a past post, that they need to enter the 21st Century).

I Am Having Second Thoughts

A part of me is wondering if I made the right decision of choosing Google Blogger to be the home of my secondary blog.

This Blog Was Created As An Experiment

I will admit that The Chronicles Of Renard was created as an experiment to see if Google Blogger is worth blogging on.

I Am No Stranger To Google Blogger

I also want my readers to know that I am no newcomer to Google Blogger;  my first blog, Renard Moreau Presents actually started here (And, the story goes, that I migrated it to WordPress).

My Thoughts On Tumblr

Someone actually advised that I start another blog on Tumblr; which was way before I decided to start another blog on Google Blogger.

A part of me now wonders: Would my secondary blog be better off being on Tumblr than on Google Blogger?

Even though Yahoo bought Tumblr, they still have a large following.
From a logical perspective, the only way to know what it is like to be on Tumblr, is to join their network and I have no intentions whatsoever of creating a third blog.

The Only Thing That Would Cause Me To Abandon Google Blogger

However, if for some reason, Google Blogger decided to pull down The Chronicles Of Renard, I would contemplate setting up shop elsewhere.

The Conclusion

So far, The Chronicles Of Renard seems to be doing well on Google Blogger.

I will carry on this unique experiment of mines here on Google Blogger.

However, it doesn't hurt to wonder what it would have been like if my secondary blog was on another blog site.


  1. I'm thinking the other way Renard, tempted to drop Wordpress and do more with Blogger, which is my favourite blogging platform. I also have a Tumblr blog, so am using three different blogging patforms at the moment.

    What I will probaly do though, is keep all three going, as I think it is handy to have skills & experience of all three and a good understanding of how they work. Not to mention their little foibles....

  2. [ Smiles ] Ray, I am curious. Why is it that you are tempted to drop WordPress?

    Also, how is your readership on Tumblr?

  3. I'm tempted to drop because I can't put advertising on the free site. Advertising is important to my blogging strategy, for reasons I won;t explain here.

    Based on my experience with Eastleigh News, I don't think I'll get enough of a return from advertising to justify the cost of hosting my secondary blog on Wordpress. As I explained above, I'll probably keep my blog going, but I might tweak it to focus on other things...

    Tumblr is strange. Well worth doing, not least because it is fun, but readership took a while to pick up. The secret I think is to post new stuff, rather than re-blog. Your photos of plants should work very well on Tumblr...!

  4. [ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing that with me, Ray.