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Friday, 25 July 2014

Today I Am On The Lookout

English: Photograph of full-size (12cm) and &q...
English: Photograph of full-size (12cm) and "mini" (8cm) DVDs side by side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, I am on the lookout for my friend, Ghost; I haven't seen him since the 2014 World Cup ended. The gentleman was kind enough to lend me three of his DVDs to watch and I have been looking out for him to return his DVDs ever since.

We usually see each other on the track on mornings; but since the weather was somewhat rainy, he decided to stay inside his house — a place where it is warm and dry.

I found it funny, that he came out on the track to exercise the day I chose to stay home and rest.

Now, I am going on the track not because I want to jog; I am going on the track to return what is his; however, once I am there, I can't change my mind about exercising; I will merely get myself a reasonable quota of exercise. If I don't want to jog, there is always the option of brisk walking.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Lovely House Track From Chris Lago

Chris Lago (Photo credit:
Lately, I have been grooving to the sweet mellow-sounding House track from, Chris Lago.

For starters, this Canadian DJ, singer, songwriter and producer is on the famous Armada Music label (So, you know, he had to be darn good in order to be signed to that label).

I am hoping to hear more great music from this guy.

My good friend and DJ, Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale is also into this genre of music (And, I wouldn't be surprised if he already had this beautiful track in his up-to-date music collection).

Without further ado, here is the video for Chris Lago's, Royal. Enjoy!

Two Beautiful Purple-Coloured Flowers

Another batch of beautiful flowers.
Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing these beauties; they were located at a side-walk in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca. When I saw them, I said to myself, "I am not leaving without taking a picture of those flowers;" and I am glad that I did.

I hereby dedicate this photo to all of the flower-lovers from around the world. Enjoy!

Do You Worry About The Well-Being Of Your Blog?

Blogging Research Wordle
Blogging Research Wordle (Photo credit: Kristina B)
A large number of people are concerned about the well-being of their blogs; they want to make sure that they continue to reel in the traffic, because bloggers dislike having a blog that doesn't attract any readers. However, there are simple things that a blogger can do to keep his or her readers.

Be Always Up-To-Date

If you are dealing with a particular niche; for example: technology, you must keep up with the latest trends in technology.
If visitors to your blog realize that you have been slacking off and not being up-to-date with the latest technological trends, they will simply check out another person's website; someone else who is an authority figure on the subject.

See To It That Your Site Loads Quickly

I am sure you have visited a website in the past that took rather long to load. Could you remember what you did? Well, most likely, you didn't bother to wait for that site to finish load; you immediately went on to the next website on your list.

As the blog administrator, it is up to you to work out those figurative bugs; it might be a case of insufficient bandwidth, or one of those templates that takes rather long to load, or you might be using too many widgets on your page; whatever it is, figure it out, or higher someone to figure it out for you.

Handle Spam Effectively

A highly responsible blog administrator would not allow spam to infiltrate his or her comment thread, because spam makes it look as though he or she doesn't care about the type of comments that make it there.

As a warning, spam is targeted towards your readers and they could harbour links to pornographic sites; which could damage your online reputation along with your search engine rankings.

There are lots of plugins that can keep blogs free from spam; luckily, most blog sites have their built-in spam detection programs.

Make It Your Priority To Respond To Comments In A Timely Manner

People like it when you respond to their comments in a timely manner; it shows them that you care enough about others and they will always remember that about you; therefore wanting to comment again on your blog in the near future.

Create A Friendly Atmosphere

People like to feel at ease; therefore, it is solely up to you to make them feel at home; this can be done by being friendly and polite to all of the commenters on your blog.

Those reading the comment thread will not feel apprehensive and will in turn, add comments of their own.

Provide Your Readers With Information That They Can Use

If you are known for having useful information, people will keep coming back for more.

People in general are always looking for ways to uplift themselves and methods in which to do regular everyday tasks easier; provide them with this and they will definitely return; hence the importance of posting great content.

Have A Specific Schedule For Your Posts

If your readers are accustomed to reading your articles on a weekly basis, don't be erratic. Continue to post weekly.

Personally, I hate it when I am following someone and I have no idea as to when they are going to update their posts again.

Consistency will always work in your favour.

Make Sure That Visitors Can Navigate Through Your Blog Easily

Can visitors to your blog find your Table of Contents easily? Can they easily locate your various Blog Categories? If you have answered, "No," to those two questions, you have some restructuring to do.

The Conclusion

It is natural for a blogger to be concerned about the well-being of their blog and the pointers provided above can set you on the right track.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Let's Talk About Windows

Windows Logo
Honestly, I am quite comfortable using the Windows OS; I used it on the desktop computer, the laptop computer and even the smartphone (And, in the future, I hope to use it on the tablet).

Many of us had our start with the earlier versions of Windows and as time went along, we graduated to the newer versions of Windows.

Some of us have never even used anything other than Windows.

Will people continue to use Windows in the future? I believe so (Provided that Microsoft doesn't go bankrupt and is forced to put an end to Windows).

Windows might not be the best OS on the market; however, almost everyone that used it, will admit to you that it is, user friendly.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blogs And The SEO Madness

English: seo block
English: seo block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I already know that the engineers at WordPress created the themes for their blogs to be SEO friendly; which is why WordPress blogs generally do better than the ones over at Google Blogger.

A person would want to believe that since Google owns Google Blogger, it would be flawless where SEO is concerned; some blogging experts told me that this is not the case and that those over on Google Blogger would have to add the necessary SEO to their templates.

My goodness, this is a lot of work for those over at Google Blogger; especially those who don't even have a clue of what SEO is.

And, to make matters even worse, there is a lot of information about SEO on the internet that would cause steam to come out of the ears of some of those who are trying to understand it.

A major part of one's blogging success is understanding SEO (And, it is something that all bloggers need to learn).

One Of My Favourite Songs From Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple performing in Seattle
Fiona Apple performing in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from, Fiona Apple is, her 1997 hit song: Criminal.

Word has circulated, that Criminal is actually about Fiona Apple feeling badly for acquiring something easily via the usage of her sexuality (Hmmm. Interesting).

Anyway, whatever it is truly about, Criminal is a darn good song!

Here is the video for Fiona Apple's, Criminal (And maybe, you can come up with an interpretation of yours pertaining to the meaning of it).

One Of My Favourites Songs From Lisa Standsfield

Lisa Stansfield
Cover of Lisa Stansfield
One of my favourite songs from the British singer, Lisa Standsfield is: All Around the World; it was a big hit for her back in 1989.

All Around the World, still sounds as fresh as the day it was released and I am never bored of hearing it again.

I hereby dedicate the video for Lisa Standsfield's, All Around the World, to all of the Lisa Standsfield fans on the world wide web. Enjoy!

Back In The Swing Of Things

English: QWERTY keyboard, on 2007 Sony Vaio la...
English: QWERTY keyboard, on 2007 Sony Vaio laptop computer. Français : Le clavier QWERTY d'un ordinateur portable Sony Vaio de 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yesterday, I was exploring the features of Advanced System Care; there I saw something to boost the speed of the computer; I was intrigued by this and I had to go and dabble with it. Unknowingly, it increased the processor's speed to 100% (this is okay provided that you have a fairly new computer with a processor that works well. My processor cannot operate above 80% without it shutting the entire computer off; so as a precautionary measure, I have lowered the speed of the processor to 50%).

For the record, Advanced System Care, is not at fault; the issue lies with my processor (My Sony Vaio laptop is 6 years old and a lot of people are surprised that it is still working).

When my laptop finally came back on, I went into Processor Power Management and lowered the processor's maximum state back to 50% (Thankfully, I can carry on with my blogging).

Friday, 18 July 2014

Sprinkled Leaves

These leaves are nice-looking when wet.
Today, it really rained heavily in my part of the world (The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).

I felt that I was a little behind in my photography, so I went out into my own backyard and I photographed these leaves; they were sprinkled with raindrops and I also thought that they were picture-perfect!

Naughty Bloggers On The Loose

English: prohibited
English: prohibited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since I check out more blogs than I could ever count daily, I do come across some very interesting things; I have noticed that a lot of bloggers are posting pornography. Bloggers have been using Tumblr and Google Blogger as a medium to post their lewd images (Thankfully, that sort of thing gets pulled down on WordPress).

Why is there a lot of pornography on the internet? Because, those posting it are aware that there are a lot of dirty minds out there on the world wide web.

One of my major concerns is: that young children do surf the web (it is not an activity that is exclusive to teenagers and adults) and there is the possibility of them coming across pornography accidentally.

Many years ago, a good friend of mine, accidentally entered an incorrect URL and it landed on a pornography site (So, almost anyone can find it without intentionally looking for it).

In reality, bloggers are free to post whatever they want; however, it should be a violation if they posted pornography and people of all ages had access to it.

A Nice Classic From Sheena Easton

English: Sheena Easton
English: Sheena Easton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Back in 1981, Scottish singer, Sheena Easton (Sheena Shirley Orr), mesmerised her fans with her hit song, For Your Eyes Only; that song was also the theme song for the twelveth James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only.

That famous song of hers managed to peak at the number eight position on the UK Singles Chart and it also made it to the fourth position on the US Billboard Hot 100.

In 1982, For Your Eyes Only, was nominated for Best Song at the Academy Awards.

I like, For Your Eyes Only, because it is a beautiful song and not because I am a big fan of the James Bond character.

Here is the video for Sheena Easton's memorable song, For Your Eyes Only. Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Land Of YouTube

youtube-logo (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)
I will admit that I watch lots of tutorials on YouTube; some of them are a total waste of time and some of them are truly worth watching.

When you are pressed for time, the last thing that you want to see is a lengthy video that tells you very little; it makes you wonder: did the person upload the video to help others, or to gain stardom?

I like videos that get to the point, because long ones that stray off of the topic gets me antsy.

Let's face the fact, that even though YouTube is helpful in finding what you want, you have to sift through a whole lot of crap and that can be rather time-consuming.

It is a bit ridiculous knowing that I have to go through approximately seven to eight videos in order to locate one that is truly beneficial to me.

I have nothing against YouTube and I think that a lot of content doesn't deserve to be there; it is as though Google allowed YouTube to be heavily saturated with junk.

Hopefully, in the near future, the good content would outweigh the horrible ones and that the standard of YouTube videos will be elevated.

A Fabulous Song To Groove To

Moko (Photo credit: Facebook)
Lately, I have been grooving to the sounds of Moko (Diane Nadia Adu-Gyamfi); one of my favourite songs from this British singer is: Your Love.

It is a nice House Music track that can be played at home or in the clubs.

I know that my good friend, DJ Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale is going to love this one (He is known for having the most up-to-date music in his collection).

Here is the video for, Moko's, Your Love. Enjoy!

Getting The Fun Started

A 17" Apple MacBook Pro
A 17" Apple MacBook Pro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As many of you know, blogging is a lot of fun for me (And, I am sure that it is a lot of fun for other bloggers too).

Today, I am going to post anything that tickles my fancy (I am hoping I don't get myself into trouble for doing that).

Earlier on, I visited some blogs and commented on them; for it is mandatory that I be a willing participant in all of this (Consider it as a kind of give and take).

I have some dance music playing in the background; which will help me in maintaining my jovial mood.

Okay folks, I intend to get the fun started by keeping you entertained; I have lots of interesting posts that I am going to be sharing with you throughout the day — posts that fall within the category of philosophy, social commentary and not forgetting, my favourite songs from famous musical artistes.

It is time for me to get the proverbial ball rolling; the fun begins now!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, Coachella 2014
Lana Del Rey, Coachella 2014 (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)
One of my favourite songs from, Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) is: Young and Beautiful; that remarkable song of hers was released on, the 23rd of April, 2013 by Interscope Records.

Young and Beautiful is on The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

When I first heard this song, I immediately fell in love with it; at the time (back in 2013), I thought that it would be the perfect soundtrack for a James Bond movie; because it had that kind of feel to it (However, someone in the movie industry had other plans for it).

Without further ado, here is the video for Lana Del Rey's, Young and Beautiful.

We Need To Educate Ourselves About Technology

keyloggers (Photo credit: Robbert van der Steeg)
There are computers in almost every home; which is why, you and I need to learn how to protect our personal information from being stolen by hackers.

The hackers are tech-savvy, therefore we need to become tech-savvy too.

Now, I don't expect you to become tech-savvy overnight. You can read articles on the web from reliable sources pertaining to internet security (Hopefully, something should rub off and sink into your mind).

I have noticed that a lot of computer owners have installed antispyware  and antivirus programs on their computers; but they seldom update their antispyware and antivirus definitions (This creates a doorway for the unwanted).

Whether we like it or not, we need to beef-up our security on the internet; which can save us from the heartache of those eager hackers, who are always waiting to pounce on the vulnerable people online.

It would be naive to believe that we could merely sit back and use our computers without putting any type of security measures in place. 

I Love Fedde Le Grand's Music

Fedde Le Grand (Photo credit:
If you're deep into the EDM genre, you would obviously know of Fedde Le Grand; who by the way, is one of the best DJs and producers to come out of The Netherlands.

I happen to like his track, Don't Give Up; which is great to play when you feel like simply quitting; it lifts your spirits, encouraging you to be persistent at whatever task that you're currently involved in.

Just One Of Those Days

new running shoes
new running shoes (Photo credit: jacob earl)
Today, I wasn't in any mood to jog; but I did it anyway.

Usually, when our body says that it is not in any mood for exercise, we should listen (In my case, it was more mental; I had to psychologically convince myself to hit the damp tracks).

Also, before I go out to do any sort of exercise, I usually listen to an hour of Electronic Dance Music (For some strange reason, I did it the other way around today; I guess that this is what happens when one is feeling out of sorts).

I have no regrets of going out to exercise this morning; however, I believe that a day off from that activity would of been in my best interest.

Whenever we are about to do something, there mustn't be any type of inner conflict; we must be in such a powerful state where we have the full backing of our physical, mental and spiritual faculties.