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Thursday, 24 April 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From October Project

October Project
Cover of October Project
One of my favourite songs from this American group is: Return to Me.

October Project underwent some changes in regards to the members of their band; the current members are: Marina Belica (lead vocals), Julie Flanders (vocals), and Emil Adler (keyboards and vocals).

Past members of the group are: Mary Fahl (vocals) and David Sabatino (vocals and guitar); who plays with his old band on some occasions.

Return to Me was one of those songs that had people mesmerised back in 1994.

A Tiny Mushroom

A beautiful-looking mushroom
Mushrooms have that magical look and I always thought that they were fascinating to look at; which is the reason why I photographed it.

Here is another beautiful snapshot for all of you wonderful Nature-lovers online. Enjoy!

Is It Possible To Regain Our Online Privacy?

English: Tor Logo
English: Tor Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to various whistle-blowers (and, we know who they are), intelligence agencies have been monitoring our internet activity and I also heard from reliable sources that they can even predict what you and I are going to do next.

Like most of you, I consider myself as being a model citizen and I do not engage myself in shady activities on the internet. However, I dislike the idea of an intelligence agent (or, computer program) tracking every blog or website that I visit; the feeling is akin to having one peeping over your shoulder and you know how discomforting that can be.

For quite sometime, I have been thinking about downloading the Tor software; but I have doubts as to its effectiveness. Why? Because, it is in heavy usage by the military and law enforcement personnel; it is not only used by the criminals of the underworld.

I am speculating that the NSA have found their way around Tor's settings by discovering its technical flaws (And, it was recently alleged that Tor was vulnerable to Heartbleed).

It doesn't take a technical genius to know that or privacy is being infringed on and intelligence agencies will always make it their priority to decrypt all encrypted traffic on the internet.

I was also thinking that if I downloaded Tor on my computer, it might raise a red flag where the authorities are concerned; they might get the wrong impression; thinking that I have intentions of engaging myself in some sort of illegal online activity.

What are your views on this?

Is Tor really good as most people have claimed?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Resilient Tree

The continuous growth of a tree.
This flora caught my attention, because it is a tree that someone had cut down in the past. I was amazed when I saw the growth; additional small branches and leaves which sprouted from the bark of the tree.

Although it was cut down, it refused to stay down by growing again.

Nature teaches us a lot of lessons and I gathered from this one that whenever we fall, we must always get back up.

I genuinely believe that this photograph I took of this tree spoke to my Soul and that I conveyed this message in a shamanistic type of manner.

Bloggers Will Always Unfollow Each Other

unfollow (Photo credit: jimray)
Bloggers are as unique as the shape of snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. What might be inspirational for one blogger might be considered as offensive to another.

Also, there are countless other reasons why bloggers unfollow each other; one of them being: they think that the person that they are following posts too often.

Sometime in the past (this happened on my WordPress blog by the way), a woman told me that I posted too often and she requested that I post once a week, because she was getting too many email notifications about my blog updates. Knowing me, there was no way that I was going to post once a week and she disappeared like a thief into the night. For the record, I wasn't angry or sad that she had unfollowed my blog; I was pleased because it was her prerogative to unfollow; I don't want to be the cause of someone's annoyance.

The nice thing about blogging is, that there will always be those people who simply want you to be yourself and that includes posting as often or not as often as you like.

Another reason that they may choose to unfollow your blog is, because of its content; they are not in agreement with a particular type of philosophy you posted; for example (on my WordPress blog again): I posted quotes from Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and David Icke; it figuratively ruffled a few feathers and they spoke out against it; which left me surprised (So, it is no Rocket Science that they decided to unfollow).

Some people may even unfollow you, because you are too open-minded and the material you posted might be deemed highly controversial by them.

The reasons why bloggers unfollow each other are endless; but don't ever feel dejected if you've discovered that this has happened to you; because bloggers will always unfollow each other.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Have You Gotten Any New Readers?

Laptop Icon
Laptop Icon (Photo credit: ichibod)
Many of us are pleased whenever we notice that our blog is attracting lots of attention.

Well, in regards to my blog on Google Blogger, it is a little difficult to decipher whether or not I had new readers; however in regards to my blog on WordPress, I know for a fact that I attracted new readers (Google Blogger will always be challenging). 

I guess that once a blog is diverse, it will attract those who are interested in the topics at hand.

In the past, I vowed not to fall into the niche trap and that has worked out well for me so far.

Since I peruse blogs on a regular basis, I came across lots of articles on how to increase one's readership; they range from having catchy titles and the concept of having an eye-catching blog design. However, I believe that the main ingredient would always be one's blog content.

The nice part of all of this is: that no one has a personality quite like yours and that means that the contents of your blog is going to be unique and that, dear friends, will pique the interest of many readers on the world wide web.

The main thing is: to have lots of fun while you are blogging and readers will eventually show up; fun appears to be very magnetic!

Two Little Flowers

Two cute yellow-coloured flowers.
While I was engaging in my early morning walk, I came across these two small beautiful flowers and without thinking twice, I photographed them.

I hereby pledge that, "Beauty will not go unnoticed!"


One Of My Favourite Songs From The Wallflowers

Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers.
Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from the American band, The Wallflowers is, their 1997 hit: One Headlight; it was written by the band's lead singer, Jakob Dylan and it was produced by the legendary, T-Bone Burnett.

Although there were many interpretations as to the true meaning of this song, Jakob Dylan said that the song is really about "The death of ideas."

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Majestic-Looking Tree

A tree that is both large and beautiful.
The photo of this majestic-looking tree was taken in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca; I liked the way in which that tree looked; it was as though it had a very commanding presence and the trees that are in close proximity are not bad either.

When you LOVE trees like me, it is impossible to ignore them!

Not All Bloggers Get The Credit That They Deserve

See related blog post
See related blog post (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am constantly exploring the blogosphere for new blogs; blogs that are within my blog site and blogs that are outside of my blog site. And, what I have noticed is, that there are a lot of bloggers who do not get the attention that they deserve.

On many occasions, I came across countless blogs that got little or no response from viewers; I was somewhat bewildered by this, because their articles were well-written and highly informative; from observations, that sort of thing happens mostly with bloggers on Google Blogger, Weebly and also on WordPress on a very small scale.

I thought to myself that part of the problem lies within the particular blog site's community; for example: Google Blogger and Weebly do not have an effective Reader feature like WordPress; which enables the blogger to quickly locate the type of blogs that they are interested in (It's as though they are trying to have a conversation on a deserted island and they are its only inhabitants; which is absolute craziness. If you have a blog on Google Blogger or Weebly, I highly recommend that you create some cards with your blog's URL on it, so you can give it out to friends, family, colleagues or anyone you think that might be interested in it. I personally believe that if anyone is truly serious about blogging, WordPress is the place for it).

I will be utterly straightforward: once a blog site is community oriented, you stand a better chance of getting your blog noticed (And, from experience, I can tell you that WordPress is very community oriented).

Also, how do you expect your blog to get the credit that it deserves if no one knows about it?

I want the engineers that are responsible for Google Blogger to know that they still have a lot of work to do in regards of bloggers finding the blogs of their fellow bloggers easily.

In the meantime, I will exercise patience with Google Blogger.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Nice View Of A Coconut Tree

A lovely snapshot of a coconut tree.
I have made it a habit to carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go (I am happy that I developed such a habit).

On my way home, I saw this coconut tree and I got an instant epiphany that this sight would make a wonderful picture.

I also like the way in which the trees to its left and right looked and not forgetting the view of the blue morning sky and the unique cloud formation; which provided natural enhancements to this coconut tree photo.

A Curious Puppy

A cute puppy.
Earlier on today, I photographed this beautiful puppy; the youngster was outside of his gate. When his caretaker opened the gate for the vehicle to drive out of the driveway, he decided to sneak out and explore; as a result of this, he was left stranded outside.

As you can see, one of the older dogs in the yard, stayed close to the gate, keeping him company; as a way of letting him know that everything is going to be all right.

Do We Really Need All Of Those Plastic Bags?

Oxfam cotton bag design concepts
Oxfam cotton bag design concepts (Photo credit: net_efekt)
The truth is: we do not need an enormous amount of plastic bags. And, seeing the way that some people operate, plastic bags end up polluting our environment; they end up in landfills and in our seas and rivers.

Countries such as Rwanda, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Japan (to name a few) have all done their part to eliminate the plastic bag nuisance; just recently, I heard that Hawaii is following in their footsteps towards a greener lifestyle.

An alternative to plastic bags would be to use those bags that are made of cotton, nylon and canvas.

It is upon us all to make Planet Earth an ideal place to live and we cannot do that with the irresponsible usage of plastic bags.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

All The Noise Of Social Media

108 High Resolution Dark Denim Social Media Icons
108 High Resolution Dark Denim Social Media Icons (Photo credit: webtreats)
Many blogging experts believe that social media like Facebook and Twitter are necessary tools in which a blogger can use to promote his or her blog; this is true to some extent, but it is not necessary.

While there are some worthwhile social media out there, some are definitely a waste of time; for example: my articles get a more positive response from Twitter than it does from Google Plus (Maybe, Google should throw Google Plus into a hot furnace and burnt it all down to ashes).

Anyway, some bloggers may turn out to be lucky with Facebook; while others may be doing poorly on the social media that you and I are having a figurative field-day on (Yes, strange indeed; but it is also true).

As strange as this may sound to some of you, there are bloggers who are doing well without any added help from social media (I guess that most of us would like to know their secret; but unfortunately, their secret lies safely with them).

Social media might be of some help to some; whereas, it may prove to be quite unhelpful to some; especially with all of the noise taking place in the social media ― people fighting for the attention of others!

A Mind-Blowing Dance Track From Askery

Photo credit: Facebook
Those of you who know me well, will know that I LOVE my Electronic Dance Music and one dance track from within that category that I have been grooving to lately is: Askery's NaOH.

Two thumbs up and my uttermost respect to Swiss DJ and producer, Shawn Askeri (Who goes by his stage-name, Askery).

I believe that any DJ who plays this track at a club will witness for themselves, an elated crowd response.

So Much For Freedom Of Speech

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase
One of my pet peeves is: when I have added a YouTube video to my list of favourites and a few days after, someone (or, some people) flagged it as being offensive or inappropriate.

Does YouTube investigate such claims thoroughly? Do they watch those videos that are in so-called violation? I have a strong feeling that they don't.

In the past, someone gave a negative review of a product via a YouTube video and the following day, that video was taken down.

Oh well, so much for freedom of speech!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Some People Have Some Rather Interesting Commenting Policies

English: Comment icon
English: Comment icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you have been a member of the blogosphere for quite sometime, you would have noticed that some bloggers have set up a commenting policy for their blog; special guidelines to follow when commenting.

I have to admit that setting up a commenting policy is a fabulous idea, since some people can be highly disrespectful to the blog administrator and to other bloggers who commented on their blog.

However, I believe that many bloggers are aware of a special code of conduct ― one that they inherently know; like having mutual respect for their fellow blogger.

I would like to point out the fact that some of the rules they implemented in regards to commenting, are quite unnecessary.

Some blog administrators have specified that you keep your comments short (Well, that can be a double-edged sword). There are those who can express themselves succinctly, while there are those who are rather verbose; I understand this fact, which is why I have allowed people to comment at any length they desire. When people are commenting, I want them to be comfortable, I want them to be themselves; I genuinely want them to feel at home when they are commenting on my blog. I don't want them to feel as though they are in school or some kind of educational institution where time-constraint is imposed on all those who comment; that would be total madness!

Recently, I read where a blog administrator warned bloggers about multiple comments; again, I find this to be somewhat ridiculous. Here are the reasons why:

I have friends who can only go online when they are not busy; which might be one day, or a few days a week. For example: my friend, Alex, who is based in the United Kingdom, doesn't visit my blog daily, because of his rather hectic schedule; but when he does, he leaves comments on the majority of my posts on WordPress that he missed while he was away (Hmmm. I am yet to experience that sort of thing on Google Blogger). To pass a rule stating that multiple comments are not allowed would hinder Alex's self-expression and the special communication that we have.

Also, I have noticed on my WordPress blog, that bloggers would strike up conversations with other bloggers in the comments section (And, I am totally okay with that).

One thing I am in absolute agreement with is, that those who have chosen to comment, are required to stay on the subject and not digress. It would be absurd if the topic is about Microsoft computers and they left comments about their favourite ice cream.

What are your views on this? Do you think that some blog administrators' commenting policies are ridiculous? Or, are you willing to go along with some of their flawed commenting policies?

Let Us All Pray For Those In Mexico

blank map of mexico
blank map of mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today (Friday, 18th April, 2013), Mexico experienced an earthquake; it registered 7.2 on the Richter magnitude scale.

When the earthquake struck, there was a sense of panic; those who were in the streets quickly moved to safety; they were trying their very best to avoid the collision of debris from broken windows and concrete.

According to the reports from the US Geological Survey, its epicentre was Northwest of the Pacific resort of Acapulco; the area where a large number of Mexicans were enjoying their Easter holiday.

More Cute Little Flowers

These little flowers were too cute to ignore.
These cute little flowers were photographed close to home; I was eager to share this image with you.

I have a strong feeling that those people who LOVE the sight of flowers are going to enjoy this one!

More Lovely-Looking Flowers

A pretty sight captured.
I had my camera with me and I was taking random photographs of plants and trees.

These beautiful flowers didn't escape my attention and I am very happy that I photographed them. Enjoy!

Interesting Flora

A beautiful and interesting flower.
When the rain had subsided, I ventured outside for some fresh air and also for the purpose of finding something beautiful to photograph (Mission accomplished).

This appears to be some type of flower sticking out of the bark of a tree; I do hope that you find this snapshot of mines beautiful and enjoyable to look at.

No Morning Outdoor Exercise

Rain bokeh
Rain bokeh (Photo credit: kevin dooley)
When I got up this morning to exercise, it was raining outside. I said to myself, "Oh, it is not a problem." I decided that I would jog after the rain subsided.

I had a quick breakfast and a long shower.

Although it was drizzling, I still dressed in my sports apparel thinking that the rain would hold up; but that didn't happen; instead, it started raining heavily. I opened my kitchen door, looked at the grey rain-filled clouds in the sky and laughed. I thought to myself, "I am not going out in that weather."

The irony is: I LOVE the rain. However, I wasn't in the mood for a second shower; I showered prior to the heavy downpour.

Also, I am not at all surprised that it rained, because it always rains on Good Friday in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is also a public holiday today. I might as well rest and enjoy the sound of raindrops pounding rhythmically on the roof (And, I can do that from the comfort of my bed).

Hopefully, I can hit the track tomorrow.