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Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Very Groovy Deep House Track!

Photo credit: Armada Music
The Australian duo, Fake Forward are two very talented DJs and producers who create beautiful-sounding dance music from scratch.

To be honest with you, I love their Deep House track: Rewind; a song that they did with their fellow Australian, Amba Shepherd (Amba's voice is amazing; it has a sultry quality and it stands out on the track).

And, I am pleased to know that they are representing Armada Deep — the deeper side of Armada!

The Issue Of Recycled Phone Numbers

Photo credit: H is for Home via photopin cc
I dislike it when phone companies recycle numbers that haven't been used in a while, because some of those numbers may have a horrible history attached to them; a type of baggage that you wouldn't want.

Recently, a person called me over the phone in connection with a car; they were given a number by a person to call anytime they wanted the car transferred in their name (I will make an educated guess by saying that the person whom they purchased the car from had changed their number and the old one got recycled and that the phone company passed it on to me).

That sort of thing isn't new; I remembered that when my aunt got a new phone number, the old one was reassigned to a new customer.

What if your new number once belonged to a scam artist in the past? When people call it and hear your voice, they may think that you are covering up for the scam artist, or that you are part of the scam.

Hopefully, one day, the phone company will start issuing brand new numbers to their customers and that they would stop the practice of reissuing old ones.

Starting Your Day The Right Way

Photo credit: chrisinplymouth via photopin cc
I guarantee you that if you listen to your favourite category of music and also a list of your favourite songs after you have participated in prayer and meditation, you are going to feel much better (The feeling might even last throughout the day).

While having breakfast, I listened to some Electronic Dance Music (It is one of my daily routines and it keeps me in a positive frame of mind).

As I have mentioned earlier, you can start your day with your favourite category of music; it doesn't necessarily have to be the same genre of music that I listen to (unless you genuinely like that genre of music); it could be anything from Classical Music to Rock Music, etcetera; the whole idea is to get you into a positive frame of mind.
It is no big secret that when we are in a positive frame of mind, we approach people, situations and whatever life sends our way in a positive manner.

So, isn't it for our greater good that we start our day in a positive frame of mind? Well, I honestly think that we need to start our day in a positive frame of mind; it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are angry first thing in the morning that the rest of the day tends to go horribly for you?

If I didn't known better, I would believe that some of you enjoy being angry and are addicted to pain and disaster.

Do you want to change your life for the better? If the answer is, "Yes," you can start by listening to your favourite genre of music first thing in the morning. 

Never underestimate the power of music and always remember that it is possible to start your day in a positive frame of mind.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Super Determination: Making The Time To Blog No Matter What

Photo credit: HP APJ via photopin cc
As I have said in a past post, the only thing that can keep me away from blogging is: technical difficulties or no internet service.

Even though I am busy, I can still make the time to post; I am skilled enough to find something to post about with whatever free-time that is available to me (And, I believe that it is all about one's mindset).

Besides, I love blogging (And, when I stay away from it, I feel like a figurative fish that has been reeled out of the water by a fishing rod).

I have seen articles from bloggers explaining to their readers that they have been too busy to blog and that they apologize for their absence and that they don't know when they are going to blog again (Okay, we are all different; what I am able to do, you might not be able to do and vice versa).

However, it is possible for people who are busy to blog too. Tablets and smartphones make it possible for you or I to blog on the go; so it is not imperative that you have to remain glued to your desktop computer.

If you truly love blogging, you would do whatever it takes to get your quota of blogging done.

At times, I think that people get too comfortable with their excuses and the sad part is: they actually believe those darn excuses.

Believe that it is possible to blog no matter what and it shall be so!

A Dreamy Dance Track From Seven Lions

Seven Lions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I must admit that Seven Lions' music is very melodious; it grabs your attention as soon as it starts playing through the speakers.

One amazing track that I like from this American DJ and producer is: Worlds Apart; featuring the vocals of the Estonian singer and songwriter, Kerli.

What I like about this track is: that it is Trance with a hint of Dubstep thrown in (A rather interesting fusion; an experimental sound that is pleasing to the ear).

Here is the video for Seven Lions' Worlds Apart; featuring Kerli. Enjoy!

Are You Into Pinterest?

English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So far, I haven't developed much of a zeal to use Pinterest; I am not that eager to use it.

From a logical perspective, being a blogger, I should be making the best use of my Pinterest account (Since social media can be used to promote one's blog).

I also believe that Pinterest lacks excitement (If it excites you, I am very happy for you).

For the record, I don't hate Pinterest; I merely see it as one of the many social networks out there on the internet — a social network that anyone can use for the fun of it or one that could be utilized to promote their business.

I joined Pinterest sometime this year (I can't remember exactly when) and it was done out of curiosity; at the moment, I have two boards on it; one where I pin the posts from my WordPress blog and the other where I pin the posts from my Blogger blog (And, I really don't think that Pinterest has contributed to an increase readership of those two blogs of mine).

I have heard from reliable sources that there are those who have acquired a certain level of success through the wise usage of Pinterest (Hmm. I am happy for them).

Maybe, Pinterest might rub off on me as time goes along; but at the moment, I am certainly not feeling it!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Nice Deep House Track From Higher Self

Photo credit: Facebook
To those of you who like Deep House, I recommend the work of the British House Music producer, Higher Self (You would enjoy his high quality productions).

His new single, Ghosts; which features the vocals of his fellow British artiste, Lauren Mason, is an impressive dance track and to make things even better, they are representing, the Dutch label, Spinnin' Records.

Without further ado, here is the video for Higher Self's Ghosts; featuring the vocals of Lauren Mason. Enjoy!

One Of My Favourite Songs From Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani performing Hollaback Girl in Dulu...
Gwen Stefani performing Hollaback Girl in Duluth, Georgia, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from Gwen Stefani is: Hollaback Girl.

Back in 2005, this American singer, songwriter and actress had us moving our bodies rhythmically to that song of hers.

Hollaback Girl, was number one in Australia and in the United States.

That same year, it also received nominations for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year at the 48th Grammy Awards.

These days, Gwen Stefani is enjoying a successful career as a fashion designer.

Ants Are Everywhere

English: Ants eating slice of an apple!
English: Ants eating slice of an apple! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago ants can be seen crawling about almost anywhere.

For years, I have been keeping my kitchen clean; I have been making sure that the foodstuff that inadvertently made its way on the floor was removed and I personally saw to it that any small remnants of food was cleared away from off of my kitchen countertop.

However, the ants still explore the floor in the kitchen and the kitchen countertop; it is as though those little ones are on the constant hunt for food.

Whenever food is cooked, I have to make sure that I put the leftovers in the refrigerator as soon as the food has cooled.

And, the ants have good timing too; if you allowed your food to cool and you do not put it away in time, the ants are going to help themselves to it (Apparently, they love a home-cooked meal like everyone else).

Do the people in the United States and in the United Kingdom have this same problem with ants?

The ants deserve a chance at life too; however, at times, I do feel that they are competing with me. Thankfully, there is a lot of food to go around; enough for the ants and I.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Would You Buy A Computer Just For Blogging?

Photo credit: osde8info via photopin cc
In today's word, it is common practice to use our computer for everything; whether it be photo editing, downloading music, creating digital art, etcetera; after all, the computer was designed to do those things.

However, it wouldn't hurt having a computer for the special task of blogging (In order to do that, we would have to purchase an additional computer and having an extra computer is always a good idea; a precautionary measure in case one computer chooses to give trouble).

I could just imagine some of you saying: "What? An additional computer just for blogging?"

Although it isn't mandatory to buy a computer solely for blogging, it wouldn't hurt having an extra one around in the house (Unless you are faced with a financial crisis).

For the record, I am not forcing anyone to go into the electronics store with the intentions of buying a new computer (That is merely a suggestion; one that you can fulfill, provided that your finances are up to mark).

For the longest while, I have been thinking about getting a Chromebook for the sole purpose of blogging (And, from the information I have gathered, they are reasonably priced).

The way I look at it is like this:

If blogging is a passion of yours, you might as well invest some of your money into it.

A Fabulous House Track From Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

Photo credit: Ultra Music
Hats off to the hard-working staff of Ultra Music once again for recording and promoting lovely-sounding dance music.

Representing their label, Ultra Music, is Germany's Oliver $ (pronounced Oliver Dollar) and Swiss DJ, Jimi Jules.

I happen to like their dance track, Pushing On; which by the way is some rather soulful and catchy House Music.

Hey, check out the video for their dance hit: Pushing On. Enjoy!

Picking Topics Out Of A Hat

Top hat, by Chapeau Lavalle
Top hat, by Chapeau Lavalle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are times when some of us may stare at the blank monitor for a long moment wondering: "Hmm. What should I write about?"

I still believe that too many of us waste too much of our precious time brainstorming for a meaningful topic.

Here is what I recommend (And, it is a very simple solution):

Get an old hat of yours; one that you know that you don't use, or one that you have no intentions of wearing in a hurry and place it next to your computer.

Then, you are going to get yourself a blank sheet of paper; once that is done, cut it into eight pieces (or more if you wish) with a scissors and on each one of those pieces of paper, write one of your favourite topics; once you are through with that, fold them neatly and place them inside of your hat.

So, the next time you are faced with the issue of wondering what to write about, you can choose a folded piece of paper from within your hat; which sole purpose is, to help you save time.

If we don't come up with innovative time management methods, we are going to waste unnecessary time trying to fathom a topic out of thin air.

It would be logical to spend our time wisely; especially when we have our lives to live.
The time spent on figuring out what to write, could actually be utilized composing an article.

I Have Been Bad To Myself: The Sleep Deprivation Story

Photo credit: CJ Isherwood via photopin cc
Yesterday (Sunday 19th, October), I felt as though I could have slept the whole day (Staying awake until late hours on both Friday and Saturday only resulted in me feeling lethargic on Sunday).

The irony is: I know better, but I ignored commonsense by figuratively burning my candle at both ends.

Anyone looking on would have thought to themselves, "He is being rather wicked to himself."

I think that for this entire week, I would have to mend my relationship with sleep.

As human beings, most of us have learned the hard way that our mind and body needs rest (And, to perform exceptionally well as a blogger, I would need to get a reasonable amount of both).

Did you get your fair share of sleep for the past few days? I am hoping that you did and that you didn't partake in a self-imposed sleep deprivation exercise like I did.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Pleasant Musical Surprise From M4SONIC

Photo credit: Ultra Music
When I first heard the dance track, Chaos by the Australian music producer, M4SONIC, I automatically fell in love with it (I was even more totally blown away when I looked at the video and saw that the darn thing was skilfully done on a Novation Launchpad; I was like: "Wow! I have to get me one of those! And, I immediately thought of my DJ, Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale; I imagined him having fun with that device).

I guess with the right type of software and hardware combined with imagination, a music producer can make our jaw drop!

Also, two thumps up to the guys (and the ladies too) over at Ultra Music for seeing to it that we always have EDM tracks to dance to.

A Very Captivating Dance Track From Moguai & Benny Benassi

Photo credit: Ultra Music
Oh, my goodness! German DJ and EDM producer, Moguai teamed up with one of Italy's most talented DJs and producers, the legendary, Benny Benassi and together, they came up with the track, Gangsta!

I love the way in which the track starts up; one can clearly hear the trademark sound of Benny Benassi and the first thing that comes to mind is his 2003 dance hit, Satisfaction; one which I happen to love very much.

Those two DJs and producers really know how to capture our attention and make us dance.

Without further ado, here is the video for Moguai's & Benny Benassi's hit track for the year 2014: Gangsta. Enjoy!

White Flowers At Night

White Flowers At Night Photographed By Renard Moreau
Gorgeous-looking white flowers.
Yesterday, I paid my DJ, Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale a visit; we live walking distance from each other and I was also in the mood to discus business.

On my way back home, I photographed these beautiful flowers (And, just in case you are wondering where they were photographed, I would be most happy to tell you; they were photographed at Bon Air Gardens, Arouca).

As I have mentioned in a past post, I like experimenting with photos by taking them in various degrees of light and darkness (And, most of the times, I enjoy the end result).

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Men Who Beat Women Stand The Chance Of Being Rudely Surprised

Photo credit: dualdflipflop via photopin cc
One of the worst things is: an abusive relationship — a relationship were a man is abusive towards a woman (No man deserves the right to hit a woman).

I remembered an incident were things turned out badly for the man, because he raised his hand to hit a woman. This is what happened:

When the woman received the first blow to her face, she immediately fought back; the tables had turned on the man; he was the one who repeatedly received vicious blows from the woman (And, it turned out that he was badly hurt; I am sure that he learned his lesson the hard way — a lesson that everyone should know; that a man should never hit a woman).

Although the above case is a rare one, it usually turns out badly for the woman; in most cases, she is the one who gets badly hurt or gets killed in the process.

Abusive relationships are definitely uncalled for; no man should hit a woman and vice versa.

It is better for the man to work out his anger issues (Or better yet, get professional help with them before it escalates into something that he is unable to control).

A Lovely Deep House Track From Rain City Riot

Photo credit: Facebook
German music producer, Rain City Riot, is a man to be highly respected on the EDM scene; he is known for producing great-sounding tracks and he is also recognized for his skills in producing remixes.

The track that I like from this guy is: Chances; which is a beautiful Deep House track.

I also know that there are a lot of Deep House fans on the world wide web and I dedicate the video for this amazing track to all of them.

I Am Enjoying The Weather Today

Photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc
Although the first part of day started off with sunny weather conditions, it later changed into cloudy weather conditions; which eventually lead to some rain (My favourite kind of weather).

There was no way that I was willing to endure another hot day; especially one with scorching temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit); so I prayed and I asked for cooler weather (And, I was granted my wish).

Today (Saturday 18th October), the rain has cooled the place down a bit; the temperature went down to a reasonable 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I also believe that there are a lot of people who are appreciative of today's rainy conditions.

I hereby thank God/Goddess for the rain today and I hope that the remainder of the day remains fairly cool.

What about you? Are you enjoying the weather today? Or, is it a total disaster for you weather-wise?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Another Beautiful Track From Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I happen to be a huge fan of Above & Beyond (I have been listening to them for years).

Their track, Blue Sky Action; which features the vocals of, Alex Vargas, is beautiful-sounding.

Blue Sky Action, is a lovely track to start one's day (And, it is perfect for playing loudly on the car's sound-system; if you happen to be stuck in traffic while playing it, you will remain cool as a cucumber).

Without further ado, here is the video for Above & Beyond's Blue Sky Action; featuring Alex Vargas. Enjoy!

Lash Plants Before Sunrise

Photo Of Lash Plants Taken By Renard Moreau
Irresistible-looking lash plants.
Recently, I took this photo of these lash plants; they were taken in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca (I was returning home from my usual exercise routine and the Sun wasn't up in the sky as yet; the place was still dark; that is what happens when one exercises very early in the morning).

I couldn't wait for the sunshine (because that would have been a very long wait) and besides, I like photographing plants in various shades of light (and darkness too); which happens to be one of my favourite types of experiments. Enjoy!

A Smashing Dance Track From Bebe Rexha

Single By Bebe Rexha (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)
These days, I have been searching the internet for women with amazing voices; especially those who dabble in the EDM genre.

One woman whose voice that stood out from all of the rest for me was, Bebe Rexha (whose real name happens to be, Belta Rexha); the tonal quality of her voice is reminiscent of that of Nadia Ali and Lana Del Ray.

One of the songs that I really like from this American singer and songwriter is: I Can't Stop Drinking About You; which is a song that she personally wrote about a breakup of hers — a breakup that turned out badly for her.

Apparently, most people can relate to breakups; which is why songs about them do rather well.

Accidentally Deleting A Post

Delete key on PC keyboard
Delete key on PC keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the hurtful things is: accidentally deleting a post that you worked on for a while; I have done this on a few occasions; If you accidentally deleted a post of yours on WordPress, you can visit the Trash area and recover it; however, if you accidentally deleted a post on Blogger, it is gone forever; which is one of the reasons why I prefer to compose my posts on the notepad of my smartphone, or Microsoft Office.

I hereby take full responsibility for the accidental deletion of my post; even though a family member was constantly interrupting me; they wanted to keep me abreast of the latest developments of the Ebola virus.

In the past, I would have been really pissed, but these days, I have adopted the laid back approach — an approach whereby I say to myself: "Oh well, back to square one!"

I have two choices, I can attempt to write it over from scratch, or compose a new one that is of a different topic. A wrongfully deleted post doesn't mean that it is the end of the world; it means that you have to do the whole process over again!