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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From The Police

Don't Stand So Close to Me
Don't Stand So Close to Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from The Police is: Don't Stand So Close To Me.

Back in 1980, almost everybody was dancing to that song of theirs; it was also the number one UK single and it also managed to reach number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Recently, I played it and it brought back some rather fond memories.

Without further ado, here is the video for The Police's Don't Stand So Close To Me. Enjoy!

I Dreamt Of A Huge Spider

Maman, a huge spider by Louise Bourgeois outsi...
Maman, a huge spider by Louise Bourgeois outside the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is said that dreams are our way of interpreting the messages from the Divine.

There are those who are good at interpreting dreams, but I think that I am not all that skilled at interpreting dreams and I that I might have to enlist the help of an interpreter.

In the early hours of the morning, I dreamt that there was a huge spider on my bedroom wall; its legs were over one metre in length (39.370 inches); I wasn't at all scared when I saw it; I actually looked at it with amazement, because I have never seen a spider that size and wondered if they were really that size when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

The spider didn't pose a threat and it gave me the impression that it liked being looked at.

Now, what could such a dream mean?

Since the experience with the spider was a positive one, I will look at it from a positive perspective.

Some dream interpreters believe that dreaming about spiders is about us paving the foundations for our future (I like that one), while other dream interpreters believe that dreaming of of a spider walking up a wall signifies that our desires would be soon realized (Hmm. But in my dream, the spider was just standing there on the wall and looking all majestic).

From a shamanistic perspective, spiders are associated with the female creative energy and is looked upon as the symbol for the creator of the world.

Also, there are dream interpreters who believe that dreaming of spiders is a representation of good luck, good news or financial improvement (Okay, I love the sound of that).

So, my dream of a huge spider might be a great one after all.

I Love Fedde Le Grand's Twisted!

Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand
Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been listening to the groovy rhythms of Fedde Le Grand  since 2003 and he still has a fiery touch when it comes to his musical productions.

Recently, I was dancing to a dance track of his called: Twisted.

I am proud to say that Fedde Le Grand never falls short where EDM is concerned.

Fedde Le Grand is one of the hottest deejays and producers to come out of the Netherlands.

Hats off to you, Fedde!

Are You Being Bombarded By Social Media?

Photo credit: webtreats via photopin cc
Today, I read about information overload from a fellow blogger and I felt his pain.

For starters, I am the one who is in charge and not the social media.

Also, I have only joined a handful of social networks and not every single one under the Sun.

In reality, we can only digest a certain amount of information and if we go over that threshold, we tend to feel overwhelmed by all of the information, because we cannot process it all.

In this modern era, we no longer rely on traditional methods of receiving information; the older generation would have relied on television and radio to be updated on current affairs. However, this present generation is being updated on everything via their smartphones; since they are logged in 24 hours, 7 days a week to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I have learned to switch off my mobile device and I believe that other people can too; but the problem for most people is: that they always want to be in the know.

Now, here is an interesting analogy that I would use to make my point very clear and unforgettable:

When we are eating food and we feel filled, we stop eating. Therefore, if you have received your quota of information and you cannot handle any more of it, turn off your electronic devices; it would be an unwise move to take it all in, because you are going to stress yourself out.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Getting Your Voice Heard In All Of That Noise

Photo credit: quite peculiar via photopin cc
In the blogosphere, bloggers are blogging away with the intentions of attracting traffic to their blog (And, there are more bloggers on the world wide web doing their own thing than we could ever imagine).

Have you ever felt as though your blog could get lost in the figurative blogging wilderness?

When I first started, I felt as though I had to work extra hard to gain the attention of an audience; luckily, I acquired loyal viewers as time went along.

Well, if you have chosen a popular niche, there is a chance of you gaining some recognition; however, it is not mandatory that you follow a popular niche in order to attract people to your blog; being yourself and highlighting your personality traits are two of the main things that would cause people to be interested in you and your blog.

Also, a lot of bloggers are following trends and trends do wear off, or become dull and uninteresting like last season's style of clothing. Therefore, it pays to be original (Most people like originality anyway and would prefer to read the perspectives of those who are different from the rest and embracing originality is the quickest method to get your proverbial voice heard).

Believe in yourself and be persistent where your blogging is concerned and eventually people will begin to take notice; your voice will not be silent forever in the blogosphere.

Duke Dumont's Brand Of House Music Is Impressive!

Duke Dumont (Photo credit:
British DJ and producer, Duke Dumont (Adam George Dyment) is known for creating some cool-sounding House Music and he is the proud owner of the record label, Blasé Boys Club.

At the moment, I am heavily addicted to his dance track: Won't Look Back; I just can't seem to get enough of that song (And, the outstanding guest vocals from, Yolanda Quartey makes it even better).

Anyway, here is the video for Duke Dumont's Won't Look Back. Enjoy!

Two Thumbs Up To Vicetone!

Vicetone (Photo credit: Facebook)
Dutch duo Vicetone (Victor and Ruben) deserves lots of recognition for their melodious Big Room House sound; those two deejays and producers have been friends since childhood (So, it is no doubt that they have created a sort of musical symbiosis).

I truly love their dance track: Ensemble; I also think that it would make an excellent soundtrack for a movie.

Ensemble can be played in almost any type of environment; it is perfect for parties, wedding receptions, playing loudly at home or at a very high volume-level in one's car (I certainly don't mind hearing more EDM like this).

A Beautiful Red Flower

A Beautiful Red Flower That Was Photographed In Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.
A beautiful red flower by the side-walk.
Today, I took the liberty of photographing this beautiful red flower; its marvellous image was taken in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

I have lots of viewers that love flowers and I know for a fact that they are going to like this splendid snapshot. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Cool Classic From The Spice Girls

English: Spice Girls performing their final co...
English: Spice Girls performing their final concert in Toronto, Ontario on February 26th, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Could you remember the time when the Spice Girls ruled the airwaves? Those five beautiful women were quite the global phenomenon.

Back in1996, the Spice Girls had me totally entranced by their debut hit song: Wannabe.

The Spice Girls were truly amazing and there wouldn't be another female group quite like them.

Here is the video for the Spice Girls' Wannabe; which is considered as the best-selling single by a female group in the world. Enjoy!

I Am Totally Baffled By This

English: Sony VAIO VGN-FW590 laptop, in sleep ...
English: Sony VAIO VGN-FW590 laptop, in sleep mode (as indicated by an orange pulsating light, seen on the side of the laptop). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The battery for my Sony VAIO wasn't accepting any charge; for approximately two months, it indicated, "0% available; plugged in and charging;" that resulted in me having to use my Sony VAIO laptop plugged in (And, not mentioning the fact that it gave trouble to turn on, because the battery was dead).

Today, after a few repeated tries of pressing the Power button it came on; it showed the usual, "0% available; plugged in and charging;" I didn't think much of it, because I thought that the battery had finally died; because my Sony VAIO is into its sixth year (Which is rather old for a laptop).

My Sony VAIO works flawlessly when it is on; the only problem that I had for the past few months was getting it started to blog; there were some days I was successful in getting it on and other days, it refused to power up.

Now here is where the baffling part comes in:

After having the laptop computer on for a few hours, I noticed that the battery icon was almost full; it indicated, "96% available; plugged in and charging."

I am truly baffled by all of this. Do you have any theory (or theories) as to why the battery is now accepting an electrical charge?

Please feel free to comment; I would like to get to the bottom of this so-called mystery as soon as possible.

Clean Bandit Makes Fabulous Music

Clean Bandit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The music of Clean Bandit has made its figurative dent on the playlists of radio stations and of course those clubs that go out of their way to promote dance music.

Lately, I have been grooving to their hit song: Extraordinary Featuring Sharna Bass.

Their music is an excellent example of the music that is currently coming out of the United Kingdom.

Bent iPhone 6 Plus Smartphones: The Reason Is A Simple One

Honestly, I don't think that it is Apple's fault that a few of their iPhone 6 Plus handsets got bent; part of the blame should go to the user. Why? Because the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1 millimetres thick (which is a very thin phone) and people chose to put something that thin into their back pockets (Come on, if you sit on something that thin, it is going to bend (Which isn't Rocket Science).

Now, if I had an iPhone 6 Plus and I inadvertently bent it, I would be pissed too (So, those of you who have ruined your new iPhone 6 Plus, your anger is well-justified).

The biggest irony of all is: that Apple placed their iPhone 6 Plus handsets through a process known as the Sit Test — a test that simulates sitting on a hard surface with the iPhone 6 Plus in the back pocket of tight jeans (Maybe, they failed to include the weight factor; people's weight vary. There will be a greater chance of the iPhone 6 Plus bending in the back pocket of a heavier person than in the back pocket of a lighter person).

One the bright side, since Apple was bold enough to make such claims, you have every right to get your iPhone 6 Plus replaced (Even though it was your fault in the first place, that your iPhone 6 Plus smartphone got misshaped in your back pocket).

Hey, I will be straightforward with you by saying, "The back pockets of trousers are not the ideal places to put your smartphone; unless you are doing a personal stress test of your own."

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I Will Try To Put In An Earlier Night's Rest

Photo credit: marcp_dmoz via photopin cc
There are times when I would stay up late; engaged in all sorts of activities and there are also times when I do go to bed early.

Honestly, I am more of a night owl; but these days, I have been thinking about giving my body the rest that it deserves (After all, I am not getting any younger).

Thankfully, I am not of that age where the television watches me instead of I watching it, or falling asleep in the middle of a conversation while speaking to someone.

However, I do recognize the importance of sleep and I intend to get my fair share of it.

So, if you have realized that I haven't commented on your article tonight, don't miscontrue it for a lack of interest; for the truth is: I have stept into Dreamland a few hours earlier.

Beautiful-Looking Spanish Thyme

Beautiful-Looking Spanish Thyme
Spanish thyme within my own garden.
Today, I decided to photograph some Spanish thyme (Plectranthus Amboinicus) that I have at home; those large leaves looked most photogenic.

Spanish thyme is used for culinary purposes in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; its unique flavour is used to spice up a lot of our recipes.

It has its medicinal purposes too; it can be used to cure coughs, alleviate sore throats and relieve nasal congestion.

Promoting Our Blog Definitely Helps With Its Success

Photo credit: IainBuchanan via photopin cc
If you are one of those people who have a blog, you would want as much people as possible to know about it (That is provided that you did not set it on private; where only yourself and a few selected people have access to it).

Promoting our blog is one of those things that we bloggers must do in order to get people to know of us and our blog; some of us did that with the help of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit, to name a few.

I even went as far as to spread it via word of mouth to a few friends (And hopefully, they would pass on the word about my blog to a few friends of theirs).

The way I see it is like this: What is the sense of having a blog that no one knows about? For it to attain a level of success, it must first attract a readership (And, the more people that know of it, the better).

Did you ever go out of your way to promote your blog? And, do you think that promoting your blog is a good idea?

A Lovely Classic From The Cars

Drive (The Cars song)
Drive (The Cars song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I grew up listening to music from The Cars and I found their music rather enjoyable; one of my favourite songs from this American band is: Drive.

Back in the year, 1984, their song Drive rose to the number three position on the Billboard Hot 100 and they proudly held the number one spot on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Drive was a huge international hit for The Cars and their music can still be heard today on radio stations that specialize in the Soft Rock genre.

Friday, 26 September 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From Nancy Sinatra

Publicity photo of Nancy Sinatra.
Publicity photo of Nancy Sinatra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from Nancy Sinatra is: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.

Back in1966, Nancy Sinatra's, These Boots Are Made For Walkin' appeared on the number one position on both the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100.

Without further ado, here is the video for Nancy Sinatra's signature hit: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. Enjoy!

The Determination Of Mosquitoes

English: The yellowfever mosquito Aedes aegypt...
English: The yellowfever mosquito Aedes aegypti'. Note the marking on the thorax in the form of a lyre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you live in the Caribbean (or, have been to the Caribbean), you would know that there are very determined mosquitoes that dwell within that region; they don't stop pestering you until they get blood from you.

Everyday, I am bitten on my back by those mosquitoes (And, they are so skilled that they drew blood from my back even though my back was well-covered with a T-shirt).

Why are mosquitoes from the Caribbean so vicious? Maybe, they have grown addicted to the taste of the unique flavour of Caribbean blood that people within that region possess (And, I can see those mosquitoes growing an addiction for the taste of strong Caribbean rum in the blood of some of the people that they bite).

There are so many mosquito-borne diseases and I have no intentions of contracting any of them.

When 5 o'clock in the evening approaches, I am going to shut all of my doors and windows with the intentions of keeping them out!

I Love Tom Ferro's Steel Drum

DJ Tom Ferro (Photo credit:
Dutch DJ, Tom Ferro is heating up the EDM scene with his tasteful brand of dance music.

One of my favourite tracks from this guy is: Steel Drum; which is perfect for getting everyone on the dance floor moving.

Wow! Another great track from out of the Netherlands!

Social Media: Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don't!

Photo credit: Flikr
These days, being on social media seems to be almost everyone's favourite pastime. Even the senior citizens are having fun with social media (So, it is not only a favourite pastime of a younger generation).

Today, we have more people than you or I could ever imagine on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, to name a few.

Despite the popularity of social media, there are those people who want no part of it and wouldn't even dream of touching it with an extremely long rod in their hands; they believe that social media stands for everything that is unnatural and it is one of the main reasons why people hardly interact via the old-fashioned method of speaking to each other face to face.

The reaction pertaining to social media is definitely a mixed one; since there are those who are for it and of course those who are against it.

The truth is: social media can be used for good — a tool that is used to spread positive messages throughout the internet.

Many bloggers have utilized social media with the intentions of promoting their blog (And, there is nothing wrong in doing so).

The real problem pertaining to social media is: when people become addicted to it and they prefer to be on it whole day and not do anything productive with it; instead they commit countless hours using it in a counter-productive manner, neglecting the real world around them.

One Of My Favourite Songs From Martika

Love... Thy Will Be Done
Love... Thy Will Be Done (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite songs from Martika is: Love... Thy Will Be Done; it was produced by the legendary Prince and he co-wrote it with Martika.

Even though Love... Thy Will Be Done was released way back in 1991, it sounds remarkably fresh every time it is played.

Love... Thy Will Be Done  is one of those songs that would be remembered for its greatness (It is one of those classic tunes that people love).

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another Day Of Fun In The Blogosphere

English: SONY VAIO VPCZ119FJ/S (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am utterly pleased to let my readers know that today was also another great day for blogging.

Interestingly enough, my Sony VAIO performed incident-free (Hmm. It makes me wonder if it is planning some kind of mischief for later on in the week).

In many instances, a problematic computer would prevent a person from exploring the blogosphere (And, I am sure that many of us have experienced that sort of thing in the past).

I hereby pray that those unwanted technical difficulties remain in the past.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who took a fraction of their time to visit my blog — The Chronicles Of Renard.

By the way, did you have fun in the blogosphere today? Well, if it didn't turn out the way you had planned, I hope that things go splendidly for you tomorrow.

Thank you God/Goddess for the ability to have fun today in the blogosphere and also for the ability to interact with my fellow bloggers.

LOVE and Light to all of my readers!

A Groovy Track From Magic!

Magic! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Radio and television are beginning to take notice of Canada's Magic!

To be honest, I love the band's Reggae Fusion sound and one of my favourite songs from them is: Rude.

I am predicting a very bright future in the area of music for that band and I am also keeping a close eye on their development.

Another Wonderful Song From Katy Perry

Katy Perry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Back in 2012, Katy Perry had us singing along to her beautiful power ballad, Wide Awake.

That song of hers had personal meaning for lots of people and almost everyone was able to relate to it at the time.

Wide Awake is also one of my favourite tacks from her (And, I am sure that it is a favourite among Katy Perry fans from around the world).

Without further ado, here is the video for Katy Perry's, Wide Awake. Enjoy!

Blogger Has Surprised The Living Daylights Out Of Me

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let it be known that I still believe that WordPress is the best place for me to blog; since it is more fun in the sense that I can find my way around it and that I can easily locate the blogs of others (Other blog sites have failed to come up with this sort of convenience).

When I am not blogging on WordPress, I am exploring Blogger and exploration certainly leads to some highly interesting discoveries.

You Are Forced To Learn Something About SEO When You Are On Blogger

Okay, one would automatically think that since one is dealing with Blogger, it is going to be perfect where SEO is concerned (Well, that is one of the biggest misconceptions and one needs to tweak their template in order to make it SEO friendly and that can be rather time-consuming).

I have found out the hard way that WordPress themes (or templates as we refer to them here on Blogger) are designed with SEO in mind; it's as though, the people at WordPress have it all figured out!

Although things are put in place on WordPress where we don't have to go figuring out the technicalities, it is mandatory that we figure out the most appropriate template settings on Blogger, so search engines can find our blog easily.

More People View My Blog On Blogger Than They Do On WordPress

Honestly, I am a bit puzzled by this one since I actually have way more followers on WordPress (Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that I have went out of my way to make this template of mines more SEO friendly).

Another factor is that Google owns Blogger and they could be a bit biased.

For the record, I am not complaining and I am pleased to know that The Chronicles Of Renard is getting a large number of views; although that has been the case lately, I will not give up blogging on WordPress.

Blogging On Blogger Is Hard Work

The irony is: you would post an article for the first time on WordPress and get a response from someone.

On Blogger, you probably have to wait a few months before someone recognizes your blog on Blogger and hopefully by then you would be able to receive a comment or two from people in the blogosphere.

In order to get the word out about my blog on Blogger, I promoted it on WordPress, Twitter, Bloglovin' and Pinterest.

When A Blog On Blogger Takes Off, It Really Takes Off!

Apparently, when a blog takes off on Blogger, it does so with a forward momentum (And, I have a feeling that Google has something to do with that).

I would like to point out the fact that there are a lot of successful blogs on Blogger and they can give those blogs on WordPress a run for their money.

Also, when a blog takes off, it is an indicator that people are visiting it on a regular basis.

When You Devote The Time For Your Blog On Blogger, It Pays Off 

I am still wondering why it is that some people have done poorly on Blogger.

I have learned that if I devote enough time into something and infuse it with my love, it is going to be a success.

Maybe, others didn't like the idea that they had to put out as much as four times the effort as they would usually put out on WordPress and give up before the figurative Sun could shine on their blog on Blogger.

The Conclusion

Blogger is not all that bad; it has its great qualities and it is easy to use.

I would recommend it for entry-level bloggers; those who wish to start their blog for the first time in their lives without any of the hassle and as they progress, they can either move on to something a bit more sophisticated like WordPress. Or, if they wish, they can stay with Blogger and personalize their template to their heart's content. 

Blogger will not be for everyone and the same thing applies to WordPress.

However, when you think that you have learned all you can about Blogger, secrets start falling out of the proverbial woodwork and you begin to recognize them easily; especially when you have educated yourself in the area of writing codes and in programming. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Today Was A Fantastic Day For Blogging!

Sony Vaio type C (VGN-C90S).
Sony Vaio type C (VGN-C90S). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am very pleased to admit that today was an ideal blogging day for me; the computer behaved itself and I was granted the opportunity to visit the blogs of others (The transition was a smooth one).

Was my computer making up for yesterday's bad behaviour? Hmm. Maybe, maybe not!

I am hoping that my computer behaves itself tomorrow too (But, I would have to cross that figurative bridge when that time comes).

If you think that people are moody, computers are even moodier; a strange fact indeed!

Well, my friend, Shireen has herself a new Macbook Pro, so she doesn't have any technical issues to worry about; therefore, everyday should be a wonderful blogging day for her.

Anyway, I can't help feel elated, because everything went smoothly.

A Lovely Dance Track From Stefan Dabruck

Stefan Dabruck (Photo credit:
Stefan Dabruck is one of Germany's finest deejays and producers and his dance music is great-sounding.

Recently, I have been grooving to a track of his entitled: Mefesarys.

If you love Trance, there is a strong chance that you are going to appreciate Stefan Dabuck's music.

Is The Web One Giant Popularity Contest?

World wide web
World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In reality, people post their work on the internet, so it can be noticed; but some people have taken it to another level by the implementation of SEO techniques and the heavy utilization of social media tactics.

Nobody likes being a failure and somebody is always out there willing to shows us how to do it right.

What I do know for a fact is, that many bloggers love the attention and we do not mind having increased traffic to our blog.

Some bloggers have even gone all the way out by uploading a new theme for their blog and have been brainstorming morning, noon and night with the intentions of attracting you with their fancy titles of their posts; more bloggers and web administrators are doing whatever it takes to stand out, because someone told us that the world wide web is akin to a dog-eat-dog world.

Apparently, people like myself (and a few others that blog for the fun of it) are perceived as a dying breed of bloggers, because of the fact that more emphasis is placed on blogging being a fun activity than one done for the sole purpose of becoming popular).

Also, people blog for different reasons; while I may do it for the share fun of it, there are those who blog with the intentions of becoming tomorrow's superstars (Ha! I wish them the best of luck with that one).

Okay then, remember the old adage which states: "As you make your bed, so you must lie on it."

Use Your Talent As Material For Your Blog

Photo credit:
We are all good at something; we are blessed with a talent of some kind; it might be cooking, baking, art, or car maintenance, etcetera.

It Is Always Easier To Highlight Your Talent


Why stress yourself out when you can blog about what you are talented at?

For starters, you are extremely good at it; which puts you in the unique position of putting across the subject matter from your perspective; for example if you have a talent for servicing and caring for automobiles, you can provide your readers with detailed information on how you do it.


You Already Have A Passion For The Subject


The nice thing is: you already have a passion for it; which is one of the main reasons why you are talented at it; so if it is all about your art, you are going to put it across to your readers in a passionate manner and they will love that.


It Is Always Easier To Write About The Things That You Are Passionate About


In reality, if you are not passionate about a particular subject, you are going to have lots of trouble writing about it; therefore, writing the things that you are passionate about has the opposite effect.

I believe that a blogger is halfway over the proverbial hurdle whenever he or she chooses to write about their talent, because it is easier. Why? Because, it is second nature to them.

The Conclusion


Our talents should be highlighted and not hidden and what better way to do that by sharing it with our online audience.

Remember, God/Goddess did not bless you with a talent so it could be stifled; you were blessed with it, so you could share it with the world (And hopefully, others would follow your good example and share their talents with others too).