Thursday, 30 July 2015

Don't Be A Blogger Who Wastes Their Readers' Time

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There are times when I do ask myself:

"What the hell are some bloggers posting?"

A lot of bloggers are posting substandard content (The blogosphere is filled with proverbial dribble — content that is not of any real valuable to their readers).

It is as though they are uploading crap to their blog merely for the sake of posting something.

Every Reader Appreciates Quality Content

I came across blogs on both Blogger and WordPress that are a waste of my time (And, a waste of other people's time too).

It is hard to believe that people are producing blog posts that actually resembles tweets (They stay within 140 characters).

Now, if I were to do something like that, a lot of my readers would get angry and would think to themselves, "He could have used a microblogging platform for that."

Dear friend, Blogger and WordPress, were designed for the traditional form of blogging; which is for the dissemination of long-form posts.

Blog posts should be of value to your reader and not some type of medium that you have chosen to post ridiculously short posts.

There is no way on God's green Earth that you can write quality content that falls within the range of 140 characters or less.

The truth is: the last place I expected to see that sort of thing was on WordPress.

Hey, isn't WordPress for those so-called serious-minded bloggers?

Google Hates Thin Content

Google's Panda algorithm is good at sniffing out thin content — content with little or no added value.

Google have actually penalized websites for thin content.

Do you want your blog or website to be penalized?

Of course not!

To be on the safe side, a large percentage of bloggers and website administrators have been doing their very best to produce quality content for their readers; which is why they will not post an article that is under 500 words (Any article that is under 250 words is frowned upon by Panda).

By the way, thin content is actually more than just a ridiculously low word count; it also refers to:

• Too many images on one page.

• Pages with too many affiliate links.

• Duplicate content.

• Doorway pages.

• Content that is automatically generated.

• Article syndication.

So, dear friend, thin content will only do your blog or website great harm.

Besides, most high-quality articles on the world wide web are within the range of 1000 words and over.

People Are Searching The Internet For Solutions

These days, more people than you or I could ever imagine, are searching the internet for a solution to a particular issue of theirs; for example:

Lisa upgraded her PC to Windows 10 and now she is having all sorts of technical issues.

After typing in her problem in the search bar, Google directs her to your post on "How To Solve Windows 10 Issues" via the search results.

Now, isn't that cool?

Oh yes, it is!

But, Google would not have led her to that post of yours if they saw it as being irrelevant or content that was not of a high standard.

So, do you see the importance of posting content that is meaningful to your reader?

Okay, I am getting the vibe that most of you know the importance of producing content that is of a high quality — content that is very useful to readers around the world.

So, it would be most beneficial to everyone, if you posted high-quality content online (Plus, you do not want to be known as the man or the the woman who uploads junk to his or her blog or website).

If you would like some tips on seeing to it that your articles are of a high quality, I highly recommend that you read: 8 Tips For Maintaining A High Standard Of Blogging.

The Conclusion

Never waste your readers' time by posting substandard content on your blog or on your website (You can end up losing your readers or risk facing the brunt of Google's Panda algorithm).

Although it is advisable that you write for yourself first, it would be wise to keep the needs of your readers in mind.

Useful content is an asset to the world wide web; whereas content that is of a substandard nature is of no use to anyone.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I Have Decided To Go With Google Plus Comments

Google Plus Logo
Google Plus Logo
(Photo credit: Google Plus)
Two days ago, I grew disillusioned with Disqus; due to their failure to upgrade to Google's update OAuth 2.0, the comments on Disqus were no longer being synchronized with Blogger; which resulted in me removing the Disqus plugin from The Chronicles Of Renard.

At the time, I settled for the option of going back to Blogger's native commenting system; which looked ugly and archaic.

One of the reasons I used the Disqus commenting platform on my blog, was the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing and that it was easy to use.

After various thoughts about making my blog more appealing to the blogging community (which was after my departure from Disqus), I decided to go with Google Plus comments (Google owns Blogger and they own Google Plus too; which is the reason why I chose to use the Google Plus commenting system with my blog).

Google Plus comments are not the best, but it looks way better than Blogger's native commenting system (I would have never dreamed of this day — the day that I would be using Google Plus comments on my blog).

From past experiences, I have learned the hard way, that most of my fellow bloggers are not eager to use Blogger's native commenting system.

To reignite people's interest into commenting on The Chronicles Of Renard once again, I thought that it was necessary to implement Google Plus comments on my blog (It was either that or Blogger's native commenting system and the truth is: I am not fond of Blogger's native commenting system and most of my fellow bloggers feel the same way as I do).

Wow! It surely looks as though Google have me in their grips now!

Anyway, the chances of greater interaction with my blog via Google Plus comments are higher; however, moderating comments will be one of my biggest challenges.

My very good friend, Ray Turner once used Google Plus to host the comments on his blog and he disliked it, because of the fact that a lot of off topic conversations made its way into his comments thread (There is really no need for me to tell you want transpired after; but just in case you are curious to know what happened, my friend, Ray, said "Goodbye," to the Google Plus commenting platform and removed it from his blog).

My friend, Shireen L. Platt, does not have an issue with using the Google Plus commenting system on her blog; it seems to be working out in her favour.

One of my pet peeves with Google Plus is, that a person must have a Google Plus account of their own in order for them to leave comments on a blog that utilizes the Google Plus commenting system.

On the bright side, I would immediately receive all of the notifications of the comments that are made on my blog in real time (Which is a good thing; I would not have the cause to check my Blogger dashboard to know if someone commented on my blog or not).

So, it is final — Google Plus comments will now be the norm on The Chronicles Of Renard.

Have you ever used Google Plus comments on your blog?

Also, did you like the experience of using Google Plus comments on your blog?

Or, was the experience of using Google Plus comments on your blog, a horrendous experience for you?

I am eager to find those things out.

And, if there is anyone out there who can give me advice on how I can moderate comments on the Google Plus platform, I would love to read about it in my comments thread.

A Case Of Missing Comments

Speech Bubbles
Speech Bubbles
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Yesterday, I was randomly going through some old posts of mine and I discovered that my comments are in a mess.

And, how did such a thing take place?

Oh, I will gladly tell you; when I uninstalled the Disqus plugin from my blog, it took some of the comments with it, causing my comments thread to appear somewhat neglected. If I had known that a third party commenting system would actually runaway with some of my important comments, I would have never installed the damn thing in the first place.

By the way, if you would like to know the reason why I uninstalled the Disqus plugin, you can read my article: Goodbye Disqus, for further insight into my action.

Disqus can kiss my salty ass; I am pissed like hell (My comments thread in a lot of my posts are currently in shambles).

It Could Have Been Worse

Okay, I should count my blessings since I have remained with the majority of my comments (Although, I would prefer having all of them).

In the past, some friends of mine (who are bloggers), mentioned to me that they lost every single comment of theirs when they departed with the third party commenting system that they were using.

Could you imagine losing two year's worth of comments?

Well, I would admit that it is a very unnerving thought; nobody wants to lose comments in their comments thread.

Now, if I kept the Disqus plugin on my blog, every comment made since the inception of The Chronicles Of Renard would have been present for everyone to read.

For Better Or For Worse

If you started using a third party commenting system for your blog, you might as well stick with it, because there are going to be some negative consequences when you sever your ties with it.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because, I want you to know that these third party commenting systems can be a sharp pain in the ass; I want you to know what can happen when you do away with them.

Are you currently contemplating giving up a third party commenting system and going for an entirely new one?

Or, are you giving up that third party commenting system with the intentions of using your blog's native commenting system?

Beware! Things can get really nasty; you may end up losing some or all of your comments!

If you are willing to live with the consequences, by all means, get rid of that third party commenting system that you are using.

Besides, no one should stick with a commenting system that they are not pleased with.

Which Is The Best Commenting System?

Okay, I would tell you; it would leave you in a surprised state; the best commenting system is, WordPress' native commenting system.

As a matter of fact, most blogs are better off using their native commenting system.


Because, things would be less complicated and you would not have to worry about losing a small portion (or a huge portion), or all of your comments.

There Is Always The Option Of Starting Over

Honesty, the world would not end or stop spinning on its axis, if you were to lose some or all of your comments.

A blogger can always accept his or her loses and start afresh; which is ten times better than worrying about comments that they once had in their comments thread.

Say, "Goodbye," to the past and "Hello," to the present.

The Conclusion

From experience, I will admit, that losing some of my comments to a third party commenting system was quite a devastating experience for me (And, I feel that my blog will never be the same again, because of those missing comments).

However, I have no choice, but to move forward; I cannot allow the pain of losing some of my comments to anchor me down; it is imperative that I raise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

On the bright side of all of this, I have learnt something entirely new about third party commenting systems; which is: you cannot put your full trust into them; they will let you down someday.

Have you ever lost any of your comments due to severing your ties with a third party commenting system?

And, how did you handle that experience?

Please feel free to share that experience of yours with me; I also believe that a lot of my viewers would love to read about those experiences of yours in my comments thread (And hopefully, they will remain permanently in my blog's native comments thread).

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Don Diablo's "On My Mind" Is One Very Hot EDM Track

Don Diablo
Don Diablo
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Don Diablo is, one of those people who impresses me every time he releases a new dance track.

One thing that I am fully aware of is, the fact that there are many Don Diablo fans around the world who have a deep appreciation for his music.

One of the dance tracks that I like from this Dutch DJ and producer is: On My Mind.

If you are a club DJ, you would want to make it your priority to get this dance track as soon as possible, because everyone knows that Don Diablo's music is filled with high energy (There is no need for you to drink coffee to get that needed energy; all you have to do is, to put on a track by Don Diablo and you would be immediately energized).

Don Diablo's music is on Spinnin' Records — the record label that is famous for releasing great-sounding EDM from some of the top DJs from around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen of the dance arena, I hereby present to you, the official music video for Don Diablo's, On My Mind. Enjoy!

I Love Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer"

Cool for the Summer
Single by Demi Lovato
(Photo credit: Hollywood Records)
I am one of the countless people who enjoy listening to the music of Demi Lovato (She is one very talented singer, songwriter and actress).

I have to admit that I am quite fond of her new music track: Cool for the Summer; which is the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album.

This very infectious-sounding pop track was co-written by Demi Lovato, Ali Payami, Alexander Erik Kronlund, Savan Kotecha and Max Martin.

The song, Cool for the Summer, was produced by Max Martin.

The song, Cool for the Summer, was once at number 13 on Billboard's US Mainstream Top 40.

Without further ado, here is the official music video for Demi Lovato's, Cool for the Summer. Enjoy!