Thursday, 5 March 2015

Zoe Buddha's "Sak Pasé" Is On Fire!

Zoe Buddha
Zoe Buddha
(Photo credit: Buddha)
A deejay, producer, songwriter and musician, who goes by the soubriquet, Zoe Buddha is steaming up the nightclubs around the world with his dance track: Sak Pasé.

Zoe Buddha is from Miami, Florida, United States of America; I have a feeling that this guy is going to do well in the electronic dance music genre.

I know that my good friend and deejay, Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale is going to love this track and would be tempted to add it to his super mix session when he hears it.

Without further ado, here is the video for Zoe Buddha's, Sak Pasé. Enjoy!

I Am Not Feeling 100% Myself Today

Teddy With Thermometer
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
Today, I am feeling a bit under the weather; I am experiencing a bit of nausea along with a hint of tiredness; which I am not going to allow to stop me from participating fully in the blogosphere.

I know that I am only human (But, I am a very stubborn one; I am not going to allow feeling slightly ill to stop my fun).

I could have taken the day off from blogging; but I blatantly refused to do so.

Even though I am not feeling like posting anything much today, I can still comment on the posts of my friends.

I believe that anyone else would have taken the day off (Which is fine, because one is supposed to be resting when they are feeling ill).

Anyway, I feel as though I have a duty to support my fellow bloggers and I will continue to do it under all conditions; even if it means supporting you until I literally drop.

Later on today, I will see to it if I can upload some new posts of mine (After all, I have readers that are waiting patiently to see what I post).

Do not worry, I should get it all done before the day is over.

And, as they say, "Nothing keeps a good man down."

Now, I am hoping that the above saying is true, because I have a sneaky feeling that a good man could be kept down if a sumo wrestler weighing roughly about five-hundred pounds, decides to sit on top of him.

For the record, I am not giving up; I am going to put up a good fight; since I have a lot of blogging to do.

Wish me luck (Because, I am going to need it).

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Could Spider Venom Be Used To Relieve Chronic Pain In The Future?

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Many of us are known to avoid spiders; if we encountered a spider while heading in the West, we are going to find ourselves heading speedily in an Easterly direction (Or, any other direction where the spider is not).

When I was a child (which was many moons ago), I was bitten by a spider; which resulted in me getting a high fever; since then, I have developed a deep respect for those arachnids.

Scientists will always be scientists; they are always trying their very best to alleviate human suffering (And, of course, there are a batch of them who actually contribute their talents in the area of creating more suffering for mankind).

Recently, a new study was done in the area of pain relief and spider venom was used as the chemical agent to block pain.

Sounds crazy?

Okay, I know what you are thinking, because I shuddered a bit when I heard that spider venom was being used to alleviate pain.

Let loose a crazy scientist into the world and you can bet your last dollar that he or she is going to think up of something crazy.

But, crazy does not mean that the idea is a stupid or a useless one (After all, it is a scientist that we are discussing here; a well-educated person with an IQ that is way above average).

Professor Glenn King from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland in Australia; the man who was in charge of the study had this to say:

"A compound that blocks Nav1.7 channels is of particular interest to us.

"Previous research shows indifference to pain among people who lack Nav1.7 channels due to naturally-occurring mutation — so blocking these channels has the potential of turning off pain in people with normal pain pathways."

The venom of over two hundred species of spiders were used in the study and 40 percent of those venoms contained the compound that actually blocks Nav1.7 channels.

Hmm. Does this sound promising to you?

If you are a vegan, you are going to hate the idea of spiders being exploited in the name of science; because of the fact that there are herbal alternatives out there.

However, the average Joe (or Jane) would say, "Go for it," once they do not have to go directly to the source to get it; which is to be bitten by a spider.

Maybe, spider venom might be administered by doctors and nurses to patients that suffer with chronic pain in the very near future.

What Kind Of Material Can You Find On The Chronicles Of Renard?

Person Thinking
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Since I am the type of blogger who deals with miscellaneous topics, you can expect to come across a lot of them here (I like the freedom of not being trapped in a niche; even though I believe that involving yourself in a niche-related blog is not a bad thing).

I try very hard not to get myself or my blog stereotyped.

However, there are some genres that I dabble with on a regular basis (and not on a regular basis); such as:


I love music (And, I would want to believe that almost everyone on the planet loves music).

In the past, I shared with you videos and relevant information about some of my favourite musicians, singers, deejays and producers.

And, I dealt with all types of genres of music too (So, one cannot say, "Renard only deals with only one type of music." If you were to go through the music category on my blog, you would see that I have quite a lovely collection of music posted).

Music posts are like child's play for me (And, I bet that I can even do them with my eyes closed, or with my eyes half-opened).

Entertainment News

Yes, I also deal with entertainment news; the younger folks seem to have a liking for that category (And, I like it too).

It is no big secret that a lot of people like to know what their favourite celebrities are up to (And, they can find that out right here on The Chronicles Of Renard).

Even though I am quite fond of entertainment news, I do not do articles that pertain to it on a regular basis.


Yes, I like posting about current affairs; issues that a particular country might be facing.

What I like about writing news is: it deals with the facts briefly; news is usually concise; which means: there is not much writing involved.

If I am busy like hell, I would post a news article.

However, I dabble in news occasionally on The Chronicles Of Renard.

I do not want Google to place me in the same category as CNN, BBC News, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, etcetera.


Those of you who peruse The Chronicles Of Renard, would know that I like to photograph trees, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and the occasional odd objects.

I have not uploaded any of those on my blog for quite sometime; but I do make the effort to share at least three of my photographs on a monthly basis.

I do not want to be stereotyped as a photography blogger either (The irony is: my personal photography gets lots of views and it is a category that a lot of my viewers love; when one does a post on photography; there is usually little writing involved and it is perfect for a blogger who lives a very busy lifestyle).

Blogging Advice

I never thought that my blogging advice would have taken off like one of NASA's rockets.

It all started when I became tired of seeing people abandon their blogs; so I decided to write the type of posts that encouraged people to blog and for people to remain blogging, tips that they can actually use to make the process of blogging easier and my unique perspective on blogging.

People love blogging advice and there is always someone who needs advice on blogging (Blogging advice seems to be always in demand).


Technology is another topic that I dabble in occasionally. I have written about smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, computer-viruses, spyware, browsers, various types of software and operating systems.

Technology can be a bit challenging, because I always have to do an in-depth research on whatever technology-rated item that I have chosen to write about.

Although technology-related posts are fun, it is a category that I have chosen to do occasionally; it is one of those topics that I would rather leave for those technological experts.

The Conclusion

There are various other topics that I deal with here on The Chronicles Of Renard; as a matter of fact, I deal with almost every topic under the Sun (And, probably those topics where the Sun does not shine too).

Visitors to The Chronicles Of Renard, are guaranteed to find, a wide variety of topics (After all, some wise person once said, "Variety is the spice of life." And, I do want people to keep returning to my blog on a regular basis; so they can peruse more great posts).

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dissecting The Success Of The Chronicles Of Renard

Dissection Kit Tools
Dissection Kit Tools
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Those of you who have been following me for quite sometime, would know that I enjoy blogging on both Blogger and WordPress (It is very rare to actually find someone who likes blogging on both of those blog sites).

I consider my blog over at WordPress — Renard Moreau Presents, my primary blog and this beautiful blog of mines on Blogger — The Chronicles Of Renard, my secondary blog.

But, something out of the ordinary started happening; instead of living on WordPress (like I did in the past), I started  spending more time with my blog on Blogger.

So, I am wondering if my preferences for blog sites are slowly changing — changing me in such a way that I may end up becoming an official spokesperson for Blogger in the not too distant future.

However, as far as I am concerned, WordPress is still my favourite blog site.

A Blogging Experiment That Turned Out To Be Very Successful

As I have mentioned in a past post, I created The Chronicles Of Renard as an experiment to find out on a first hand basis if Blogger was worth blogging on (I would not bother you with the in-depth details; but I would say to you, that things turned out better than I had expected for The Chronicles Of Renard; it actually attracts more website traffic than Renard Moreau Presents (Which is somewhat baffling for me; because I know that WordPress is the number one blog site and I have way more followers on WordPress than I do on Blogger); so from a logical point of view, my blog on WordPress should be the one receiving more views and not necessarily the one on Blogger).

The Hard Work Really Paid Off

Anyone who blogs on both WordPress and Blogger (or made the switch from Blogger to WordPress), would know, that it takes approximately around three times as much effort for a person to acquire a readership on Blogger than on WordPress.


Because, WordPress is a community-oriented blog site; it is a place where one's posts would be easily found and a place where other bloggers are willing to follow each other and comment on each other's posts (And, I believe that is mainly so, because of the ingenious creation known as, the WordPress Reader).

Blogger does not have the advantage that WordPress has; therefore it is extremely difficult for a person to locate blogs that one may have an interest in on Blogger; which is one of the reasons why a lot of blogs remain in obscurity on Blogger.

Now, you should have a better understanding as to why WordPress is currently the number one blog site on the world wide web.

So, from the beginning, all the odds were against me when I created The Chronicles Of Renard; I knew that I would have to go all the way out on Blogger in order for my blog to be as successful as my other blog on WordPress (It was one of the biggest gambles I ever took).

Thank God For Google+

Google+ is a blogger's best friend, because it enables one to share their posts with those who are members of the Google+ community and there are various Google+ groups that a blogger can join to get his or her articles noticed by others.

My Google+ settings are on Public; so anyone who is a member of Google+ can have easy access to the posts from both of my blogs (And, even though both blogs are shared on Google+, The Chronicles Of Renard appears to be the favourite among Google+ users; which I have no problem with).

And, Google+ is better than Facebook in regards to promoting one's blog.

And, why is that so?

Because, when Facebook changed their algorithm, it no longer allowed organic search for the Facebook pages that were created for blogs; the new policy was one where bloggers had to pay to boost the posts from their blogs (And, that really pissed me off. Had I known, that Facebook had stopped promoting people's blogs for free, I would have never created a Facebook page for The Chronicles Of Renard).

So, I do not think that The Chronicles Of Renard would have gotten far without the help of Google+ and the help from those lovely people within the Google+ community.

Some Followers Of My WordPress Blog Supported Me Here On Blogger

Almost every time I update my blog on blogger, I would post a link to the new Blogger post on WordPress; so my loyal followers on WordPress knew what I was up to; my blog on Blogger is not a secret to those over at WordPress.

Also, I am grateful that some of my friends on WordPress were kind enough to support my blog on Blogger (I am always grateful for all of the support received).

I Transformed The So-Called Impossible Into The Possible

Blogs on Blogger do not have a reputation for being successful (Unless, they are fashion blogs, or recipe blogs).

It is a known fact by almost everyone in the blogosphere, that if you want your blog to be noticed in a shorter time-period, WordPress is the place to set up shop.

Yes, WordPress is indeed a wonderful blog site; one that is way more advanced than Blogger.

I did not allow the facts about WordPress being a more technologically advanced blog site to deter me from experimenting with Blogger.

My mind was all made up; it was fixated on making The Chronicles Of Renard excel (And, The Chronicles Of Renard, did rather well).

My Big Question Of The Century

So, if my blog on Blogger is doing better than my blog on WordPress and I am spending more time on my blog on Blogger, does it mean that my so-called primary blog is now my secondary blog and vice versa?

Maybe, I will have to do some transcendental meditation to find out the answer for that one.

Someone once told me that they like The Chronicles Of Renard more than Renard Moreau Presents, because it is more personal (Hmm. The Chronicles Of Renard has a more personal feel than Renard Moreau Presents? Okay, I find that to be a very interesting statement; since both blogs are a reflection of my personality).

What Does All Of This Prove?

It proves that a person can make it on Blogger, if he or she is determined to work harder than the average blogger on WordPress (I can just imagine some of you saying, "Hell no! Why should I go through all of that trouble with a blog on Blogger when I can actually put in less effort on a blog on WordPress?").

Actually, you do not have to do such a thing. If you want to blog on WordPress, because it is easier for you to see the desired results, then by all means, blog on WordPress; I would not hold it against you for blogging on WordPress, because I also blog on WordPress (I actually encourage such a thing).

However, I wanted to overcome the challenge by turning The Chronicles Of Renard into a very successful blog.

Would you have gone through all of that trouble to make sure that your blog on Blogger did well?

Those of you who only blogged on Blogger might have and those who blogged on both Blogger and on WordPress might have made the decision to exert their extra effort into blogging on WordPress instead of putting out that extra hard work on Blogger; since blogging on Blogger is not a casual walk in the park.

Supporting My Fellow Bloggers Paid Off For Me

In my article, Renard's Cool Perspective On Blogging, I mentioned my genuine enjoyment in encouraging others to blog and seeing to it that they kept blogging; some of those people whom I gave my support to, reciprocated that support; they paid The Chronicles Of Renard a visit (And, some of those people never stopped giving me their loyal support).

If I was the type of person who only cared about their self and not about others, The Chronicles Of Renard would have been a ghost town (And, that would have been a bad thing; because that would have meant that, no one held an interest for my blog and they would not have known about its existence either).

If you show a genuine interest in other people's blogs, they in turn would show an interest in yours.

The Conclusion

If I can choose the blog site that is considered the underdog and do rather well on it, anyone can do it too (It does not necessarily have to be Blogger).

In most cases it is one's attitude towards blogging and their genuine interest in their fellow bloggers and in the blogs of their fellow bloggers that propel them to success (This dear friend, can be accomplished on any blog site).

Honestly, I like the way The Chronicles Of Renard has grown (And, I could not have accomplished this level of success without you).

Also, my willingness to learn from other successful bloggers, combined with the willingness to risk it all on Blogger, worked out in my favour.

I would like to give a special thanks to my friends: Ray Turner, Myra Caballero, Rasma Raisters, Shireen L. Platt, Lucie Palka, Sherri Ellen Theilheimer-DeJon and Sarah Inks for their unwavering support.