Monday, 24 November 2014

One Of My Favourite Songs From White Zombie

White Zombie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favourite tracks from White Zombie is: More Human Than Human (That track of theirs contains some of the wickedest guitar riffs that I have ever heard).

In 1995, this American Industrial Metal band received their second Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance.

White Zombie was definitely one of a kind (It is too bad that they broke up in 1998; I really loved their unique sound).

A Groovy Dance Track From Breach

Single by Breach featuring Kelis (Photo credit:
If you are a lover of EDM, you are most likely aware of the existence of the British DJ and producer, Breach (Ben Westbeech). He has a new dance track out; one that features the amazing vocals of the American singer, Kelis and it is called: The Key.

This lovely dance track has the early House Music vibe (And, I know that a lot of DJs and party-goers are going to love this one).

Without further ado, here is the official video for Breach's, The Key; featuring Kelis. Enjoy!

Putting An End To Grumpiness

Photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc
We all know of people who are grumpy; they might be a friend of ours, a family member, a relative, a co-worker or an associate of ours.

Grumpiness usually stems from being dissatisfied with life and if we could at least try to look at life from a positive perspective, we would be happier and more contented people.

I agree that life is not always a bed of roses and at times, we are faced with some form of disaster, or an unwanted situation (The most that we could do is, to learn from those types of experiences and not let those experiences sour our view of life in general).

Also, find something to laugh about; it would lighten your spirit (Many of us have grown into the habit of being too serious all of the time and that is a recipe for disaster).

Dear beloved ones, we cannot be happy people and grumpy people at the same time; therefore, happiness and contentment will dissipate grumpiness.

Since we are free to choose our emotional states, we can be happy if we really want to.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another Classic Track From Hole

Single By Hole (Photo credit:
The American band, Hole was one very impressive Alternative Rock group (And, I still love their music).

Their track, Malibu was really big back in 1998.

The following year (1999), Hole's Malibu was nominated for a Grammy.

There are a lot of people who wished that the band, Hole, was still together (Oh well, they contributed wonderful-sounding music while they were together as a band).

Here is the video for their hit song, Malibu. Enjoy!

A Really Impressive Dance Track From Julian Jordan

Photo credit: (Facebook)
Dutch DJ and producer, Julian Jordan, is a person to pay close attention to (He represents the EDM genre rather well).

I want all of my viewers to know that I have been really enjoying his track, Angels x Demons (Hmm. That is a track title that is very hard to forget).

If your hearing is fully intact, you would know right away that Julian Jordan's, Angels x Demons is one very infectious dance track; it is perfect to groove to at the nightclubs, to play loudly at home and to pump up at maximum volume in the car.

Also, Julian Jordan's music is on, Spinnin' Records.

Without further ado, here is the video for Julian Jordan's, Angels x Demons. Enjoy!

Which Social Media Is Right For Your Blog?

Photo credit: krivers82 via photopin cc
Numerous blogging experts have mentioned the importance of using social media as a tool to promote our blog (It is not a bad idea, but not all social media is right for everyone's blog).

Some bloggers have realized that the Facebook page that they created for their blog didn't help in regards to attracting an increased readership to their blog. While there are some bloggers who have had some success with Facebook; it generated the desired traffic to their blog.

Many of you are aware of the fact that I am no big fan of Facebook and that I have blatantly refused to create a Facebook page for The Chronicles Of Renard (I think it is mainly because I have a Facebook page for my other blog on WordPress — Renard Moreau Presents and I didn't receive any major (or minor) traffic flow from it).

Twitter, on the other hand, has been nice to me; once a link to my article is posted there, people are going to click on the link and check it out (And, I also believe that Twitter is worth its weight in gold).

I do not have a special Twitter account set up for The Chronicles Of Renard; I have one personal Twitter account that I use for the purpose of sharing anything that I like and it is used to help promote my two blogs.

I wouldn't have ever guessed in a hundred years that things would have worked out well by using Twitter (It turned out to be a pleasant surprise).

Also, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if one of my fellow bloggers mentioned to me that they had no luck with Twitter and that it didn't help in the area of attracting readers to their blog.

So far, StumbleUpon and Google+ have helped greatly in attracting a very large volume of readers to The Chronicles Of Renard (So, I am very lucky with StumbleUpon and Google+).

Then again, I am sure that there are bloggers who didn't have any sort of luck with StumbleUpon or Google+.

I haven't had much luck with Pinterest (I don't want to give up on it just yet; maybe, I might have better luck with it in the future) and I certainly know for a fact that there are bloggers who were successful at using Pinterest to generate an increased traffic flow to their blog.

Social media on the whole is unpredictable; a particular social network may work wonders for your blog and that same social network that worked for you may not be at all helpful in attracting traffic to my blog and vice versa.

Therefore, only you can know for sure which social media is most appropriate for your blog (And, you would only know that by trying them out).

Finding The Perfect Look: The Story About Changing Themes

Photo credit: astrocoz via photopin cc
In the short time-frame of two days, I probably changed the theme on my blog on Blogger about approximately five times (Okay, I know that is an overkill;  it is the downside of being a perfectionist) and I have no intentions of doing it again in a hurry.

Uploading the theme is the easy part (Tweaking it to my liking is another story entirely).

The first new theme that I uploaded was pretty to look at; my friend, Shireen, loved it, but my other friend, Ray, thought that it was a little too distracting (I wasn't too pleased with it either and I made the decision to upload another theme — one that was simple, clean, modern-looking and elegant).

However, the following theme was too simple and I suspected that it had some SEO issues that needed rectifying.

Then there was another and another and yet another (I still wasn't satisfied; which is why I went in search of another).

Thankfully, I found one that I liked and I did a bit of tweaking (I am not finished with tweaking it yet; there are more adjustments to be made).

Damn it! I am probably the most hard to please blogger in the blogosphere!

My intentions at the time was to upload a theme that was professional-looking; the kind that was worthy of representing, The Chronicles Of Renard.

First impressions are lasting impressions and I want people to see that this blog of mine is a no nonsense blog.

Have you ever fussed about acquiring that special look for your blog? And, how long did it take you to locate the most appropriate theme for your blog?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Classic Jam From Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson in concert at the Chumash Casi...
Smokey Robinson in concert at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, California, on August 17, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many of us grew up listening to the voice of the legendary Smokey Robinson (William Robinson, Jr.) and almost everyone is familiar with the fact that he was the founder and the lead singer for The Miracles

Like most famous lead singers, Smokey went out and achieved success as a solo singer.

One track in particular that I like from this American singer is: Being With You; it spent five weeks at the number one position on the Hot Soul Singles chart back in 1981.

Without further ado, here is the video for Smokey Robinson's, Being With You. Enjoy!

Friends Are Reviving Their Blogs On Blogger

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today (Saturday 22nd, November), my friend Ute, told me that she is going to revive her blog on Blogger (I was pleased to know that).

And, even my friend, Rasma, was thinking about setting up a music blog here on Blogger (I am still waiting for her to send me the URL, because I cannot give her my full support if I do not know the website address).

My friend, Al, did a revamp of his old blog on Blogger approximately two months ago (Unfortunately, he hasn't been posting anything on it lately; I have been curious to know why that is the case; hopefully, he would provide me with a logical explanation).

One can clearly see that some bloggers want more out of blogging and that WordPress is unable to satisfy all of their blogging needs (Even though WordPress is the number one blogging platform on the world wide web).

Blogger is fun and simple to use (And, my favourite part is: it is easy to customize).

If a blogger wants the freedom to play around with various themes, widgets and plugins, Blogger is the perfect place for that (One word of warning though; doing all of those customizations can be rather time-consuming).

Hopefully, as time goes along, more of my friends may think about reviving their blog on Blogger.

I Wouldn't Want To Be In Bill Cosby's Shoes

Bill Cosby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many of us know who Bill Cosby (William Henry Cosby, Jr.) is; after all, this 77-year-old legend, is a household name in many countries around the world.

Recently, we have been hearing the allegations of him sexually assaulting women (Now, I am not here to debate whether or not that he is guilty of committing those unlawful acts; my purpose is to pinpoint the damaging effects of those allegations; ones that could harm his personal life and his career).

Netflix and NBC, have cancelled his shows (And, this was the year that he was supposed to make a comeback).

I also have a strong feeling that his wife and children are not taking the negative news lightly.

Is all of this negative publicity going to kill Bill Cosby's career? Well, so far, it is a little too early to say; even though at the moment, things are looking very grim for the veteran actor and comedian.

One of the hardest things for a person to do is, to walk the streets, show their face in public and appear live on a television talk-show (or radio programme) with such heavy allegations hanging over their head (Things like that would cause a person to do a self-imposed house-arrest).

Like many of you out there, I would be paying close attention to the news, because I am curious to find out what the end result of all of this is going to be.

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Classic Track From The Knack

Photo credit: (Wikipedia)
The American band, The Knack really stunned the masses in a positive way with, My Sharona.

Back in 1979, their song, My Sharona was at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

And, it is truly amazing to know that their music still sounds great today.

Also, The Knack's, My Sharona happens to be one of my favourite songs from the late seventies.

One Of My Favourite Tracks From S Club 7

Photo credit: (Facebook)
One of my favourite tracks from the British Pop group, S Club 7 is: Never Had A Dream Come True.

Back in 2000, that very beautiful, melodious song of theirs peaked at the top position on the UK Singles Chart.

A lot of people know them from the sitcom, Miami 7. 

Many of the kids and their parents enjoyed S Club 7 (And, they were truly magnificent in their younger years).

Without further ado, here is the video for S Club 7's, Never Had A Dream Come True. Enjoy!

Three Types Of Pain In The Ass That Bloggers Experience

Photo credit:
Almost every blogger (yes, even the experienced ones) would experience the occasional technical difficulty (or two) with blogs and rectifying them is very time-consuming.

I know that I would prefer to spend my free moments posting articles instead of digging up in a template to see where the fault lies.

Those who do not deal too much with the technical aspect of their blogs are the lucky ones, because they can focus their attention on producing material.

However, many of us like to dabble with the highly technical aspects of blogging and as you know, things do not always go as planned.

1.) Updating Your Theme

There are a lot of bloggers who like to change the look of their blog and will go through the process of uploading an entirely new theme.

Now, some of us know that the default themes that Blogger provides their users with are way easier to customize than the ones that you would buy online, or the ones that you would get for free online (For some unknown reason, premium themes are a little difficult to customize exactly the way that you want it; if you bought the damn thing, you should be able to make countless alterations to it; but that is seldom the case).

I have known a lot of bloggers who went back to one of Blogger's default themes, because it was the only way for them to get to customize their theme to their heart's delight (Hmm. Maybe, they should of stuck with Blogger's default theme in the first place).

Some themes can really be a pain in the ass and the creator of the theme should have put a warning label that stated: "Do not attempt to customize, because you will be disappointed in the end by not getting what you want."

But, the only way that we would know for sure is, to give it a try; sometimes it works and at other times, it does not comply to our creative desires.

2.) Adding And Removing Widgets

Yes, widgets too are a pain in the ass.

Occasionally, a widget may refuse to function and you are left with these choices:

•Delete the blasted widget.
•Upload a new one from the original source.
•Go through the painful process of fixing it for yourself (Which is difficult but not impossible).

Sometimes, you have to sever all ties with the damaged widget; especially when it is no longer available online.

Recently, I made a mess with one of my widgets and I had to wave it, goodbye (I felt so sorry to see it go).

And, there are times when you have to dig up in your entire template to get rid of an unwanted widget (Which is why we should label them correctly whenever we are uploading them; it enables us to recognize them at a glance).

3.) Experimenting With Commenting Systems

These days, we have all types plugins that enable us to comment on our blogs and they usually work great; however, if we were using a particular plugin for comments and we replaced it with another plugin that dealt with comments, we run the risk of losing all the comments on our blog (And, that my friend, is a major pain in the ass).

So, I have chosen to stick with the Disqus blog hosting service plugin (I really do not want to lose any of my comments from my beautiful blog on Blogger and I may want to die if I changed to an entirely new commenting system and my old comments vanished into thin air).

I would advise that you stick with one; unless the new one is giving you the option to import and to export your old comments.

The Conclusion

The technical aspects of blogging is not always a figurative walk in the park. If we are honest with ourselves, we would prepare ourselves psychologically for technological mishaps; because at times, they do arise.

Also, we should not get too annoyed with ourselves when we are going through those unwanted technological difficulties; instead, look at the issue as a learning process (Even though the process feels like a major pain in our rear end).

Another thing that would help us greatly with the technological aspects of blogging is, to read the reviews of the themes, widgets and plugins that we desire to upload on our blog, because most of the times, we go head on blindly into trouble.

A Perfectionist Who Blogs Is Usually A Very Fussy Blogger

Photo credit: jontangerine via photopin cc
Believe it or not, I am one of those bloggers that would take up at least half of a day's time before they can fully make up their mind about a theme; it has always been that way with me.

Okay, I might be one of the most hard to please bloggers that you ever came across in the blogosphere; but I believe that I am fussy for a good reason.

Like any blogger who takes pride in their blog, I want it to be perfect; it must have a very appealing appearance, all of the widgets should work well and my posts should be impressive (I tend to go for the full package).

Anyway, I am just being me.

When you are are a perfectionist by nature, all you ever want to do is to excel at all of the activities that you engage yourself in (Yes, blogging would also be included in that special bundle of activities of yours if you are a blogger).

Even though we have our own concept of what blogging should be, we still pay close attention to what all of the blogging experts are saying about the topic of blogging, because we believe that there is always room for improvement; we have that inner burning desire to be better than we were yesterday.

And, the funny thing is: whenever we read our own articles, we are never truly satisfied by them; despite the fact that our readers enjoy every word.

In most cases, the blogger who is a perfectionist, will discard articles that other bloggers would kill for.

And, for the perfectionist to truly get some blogging done, they would have to put aside their perfectionist attitude and produce something that is capable of making their blood craw; which is due to the fact that, their work is never good enough for them (And, that is the way in which the proverbial cookie crumbles for the blogger who is a perfectionist).

So, now you have an idea what it is like to be me.
We need to be different (in a good way of course) if we are to stand out from the large crowd of countless other bloggers on the internet.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

No Other Country Can Blog Like America

United States of America
United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since I have started blogging, I have noticed that the majority of my views are from the United States of America (And this goes for both blogs; The Chronicles Of Renard and Renard Moreau Presents).

I have always wondered: are there more Americans online?

Blogger and WordPress are American in origin; However, other people from around the world also frequent those two blog sites (After all, they are the most popular ones on the planet).

So, why does the majority of my support come from the United States of America?

Well, I can speculate that they love my blogging style and what my two blogs have to offer.

Also, I wouldn't doubt the fact that the people in the United States of America are the biggest supporters of Blogger and WordPress.

Maybe, American bloggers are some of the most curious-minded bloggers in the world and that they would visit almost any blog with the intentions of finding out what is happening in ever corner of the globe.

What are your views on this? And, from which country do you get the most of your views from?

Finding The Time To Blog In Chaotic Times

Photo credit: jason ilagan via photopin cc
The holiday season is quickly approaching; it is the time of the year when we are faced with the task of completing a humongous workload (It sends some of us into a frenzy, because of the little time that is left for us to have fun; which of course, causes us to curtail our recreational activities).

So, I have been wondering: would you have the time to blog at one of the busiest periods of the year?

Would you have the energy to blog after a hard day's (or a hard night's) work?

I have vowed that nothing is going to keep me away from blogging. Besides, blogging on the whole is comforting to me (And, I wouldn't doubt if it had the same effect on other people).

To hell with all of the so-called Christmas rush; I am not going to let the added stress get to me; which is the type of stress that increases (and sometimes gets out of control) until the Christmas Season is finally cover.

In order to keep sane, we have to balance work and play (And, I can do that by adding a little blogging activity to the mix).

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Groovy House Track From Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz

Photo credit: (Spinnin' Records)
Chocolate Puma and Firebeatz have teamed up to bring us, I Can't Understand (Oh my goodness; that is really one wicked-sounding dance track).

If you are into House Music, you are going to love, I Can't Understand (I know that I do).

By the way, those EDM geniuses are on Spinnin' Records.

Have You Been Making Changes To Your Blog?

Photo credit: astroot via photopin cc
It is human nature to make changes to things and our blog is no exception.

Bloggers are known to occasionally change the appearance of their blog; they change things like: their theme (or templates as we call them here on Blogger), adding or removing widgets, adding or removing plugins and even upgrading our URL.

As a matter of fact, some blogs have changed so much that I failed to recognize them at first glance; I had to do a double take to make sure that it was the same blog that I was looking for.

Some changes are subtle, while others are drastic.

For the record, there are no major rules where changing your blog is concerned (although there are those who have their own rules pertaining to this). I believe that it is okay to make changes to your blog, provided that the visitors can maneuver themselves easily around it.

Giving Up Addictions

Photo credit: psyberartist via photopin cc
I love it when people give testimonies pertaining to giving up their addictions.

I knew people who gave up illegal drugs and alcohol; they are now clean and sober.

It is a smart and very honourable thing when a person comes to the decision that they are tired of abusing substances; whether they are prescribed or illegal.

Many of us are addicted to something; it may not be illegal drugs, but they can do as much damage; caffeine happens to be on of them.

Recently, my friend, Ray gave up coffee (I hope that he continues to be caffeine-free and that he doesn't relapse).

Caffeine is one of the hardest substances to sever ties with, because it is in coffee, tea, some sodas, energy drinks, chocolate and in some deserts (So, in order to break the habit of caffeine intake, one needs to educate themselves about the various foods and beverages that contain caffeine).

Anyway, we all have a basic idea of the things that we should not be putting into our body, because those things can administer harm to us in the long run.

I think that things such as white sugar, white rice and white flour should be made illegal, because they spike our blood-sugar levels and that people can become addicted to those substances.

On a positive note, it is possible for anyone to overcome any type of addiction known to mankind; it may take a high level of self-determination combined with professional help and spiritual intervention.

You Can Follow The Chronicles Of Renard Via Email

Email Icon
Email Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I know fully well that my viewers use all types of readers when it comes to following blogs; however, that wouldn't stop me from extending an invitation to them to follow The Chronicles Of Renard via email (It is an effective option that shouldn't be ignored).

Some of the best blogging experts in cyberspace have pointed out the importance of getting the new visitors to our blog (and the regulars too) to subscribe to our blog via email (And, the irony is: I have never made it a priority of mine before to get people to subscribe to my blog via email).

So, would you be willing to subscribe to The Chronicles Of Renard via email?

It would be a pleasure to have you on board and an email subscription to my blog is a great method to ensure that you never miss one of my articles.

If you would like to subscribe via email, fill in the necessary information on my Follow by Email widget; which is located at the top right hand side of this blog.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Smashing Dance Track From Steve Aoki And

Photo credit: (Ultra Music)
Whoa! Steve Aoki has teamed up with and those two very talented American sons of bitches came out with a very impressive-sounding track called: Born To Get Wild (I really love this EDM track; I can't get enough of it and I am dying to hear the various remix versions of this song and I have a feeling that my DJ Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale is going to love this one).

By the way, the single, Born To Get Wild is on the label that has a high reputation for fabulous dance music — Ultra Music.

Without further ado, here is their video for the hit song, Born To Get Wild. Enjoy!

A Beautiful Wet Leaf

A Beautiful Wet Leaf Photographed By Renard Moreau
A lovely snapshot of a plant.
Today (Tuesday 18th, November), was a rainy day in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. When the rain had ceased, I went outside and I took a snapshot of this beautiful plant; I immediately noticed that the large leaf on top was covered with water droplets and the remaining leaves were somewhat dry (Hmm. Quite amazing).

Anyway, I hereby dedicate this photo to all of the plant-lovers on the world wide web. Enjoy!

The Elderly Are Also Skilled At Blogging

Photo credit: Gino Carteciano via photopin cc
If you thought that skilful blogging was only done by the younger folks, you thought wrong.

I have encountered some blogs from elderly people that left me with my jaw dropped in disbelief; the appearance of their blog was well-put-together and it could have rivaled that of their younger counterpart.

Well, from what I have seen, there are a lot of highly educated senior citizens and I wouldn't be surprised if I were to find out that some of them did web designing and were heavily engrossed in Information and Technology before they resigned from the workforce.

Also, the elderly are capable of learning new things; so, if they have a strong desire to attain mastery at blogging, you can bet your last dollar knowing that they are capable of doing that too.

So, let it be known that it is not only the young ones that are skilled at blogging; there are elderly folks who are skilled at blogging too.

The Absence Of Pipe-Borne Water

Photo credit: Perfectance via photopin cc
Today (Tuesday 18th November, 2014), I woke up to a household that was devoid of pipe-borne water; WASA had stopped its flow the night before.

Thankfully, I have a large supply of water in a large plastic tank; which is situated outside (All I had to do was fill a few of my empty buckets with water and place them inside of the house).

There are times when WASA would announce to the public that they are going to temporarily interrupt the water supply, so they can do repairs on pipelines, or to engage in something known as water rationing, etcetera and there are instances where they would just stop the supply of water without warning.

Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have water-tanks; they are the ones whom I am concerned about, because they need water for almost everything; they need water in order to cook, drink, bathe, flush the toilet, mop the house and to do the laundry.

Without water, things can come to a standstill (And, it is not a pleasant experience to have no water).

One the bright side, the water supply always returns and we continue from where things were left off, hoping that the water supply is not interrupted anytime soon.

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Captivating Dance Track By David Gravell

Single by David Gravell (Photo credit:
Armada Music)
If you are a lover of Trance, David Gravell's Kaiju is perfect for you; it is filled with that lovely energy; it is not too fast or too slow and it is perfect to groove to.

To those of you who are not familiar with David Gravell, I suggest that you familiarize yourselves with his music.

This talented Dutch DJ and producer is on the Armada Captivating label (Armada Music is really extending their family of music labels).

Here is the promotional video for his dance track, Kaiju. Enjoy!

The Absolute Bombardment Of Christmas Ads And Music: All In The Name Of Business

Photo credit: anonneymouse1 via photopin cc
Being bombarded by Christmas ads and Music is what I have grown accustomed to every year around this time.

The business community really have the majority of us under a hypnotic spell; women who have already purchased their Christmas curtains and decorations earlier in the year are still making it their priority to do some more Christmas shopping for the month of November (I just don't get it, they already bought their Christmas curtains and decorations and they are still going to go out and buy more of them).

It's as though the Christmas music and the Christmas advertisements send lots of people into a shopping frenzy.

Was that the plan all along? Oh, I certainly think so. Play Christmas music at intervals and remind the masses about Christmas through a whole set of advertisements from the electronic media and you are guaranteed to have them buying lots of things that they don't need.

Unfortunately, Christmas is no longer viewed as the time of year where people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; but a time of the year where people partake in material indulgences.

This is a crazy era that we are living in; one in which the business community have twisted the meaning of Christmas for their own agenda and they threw the figurative wool over the eyes of the people with those Christmas advertisements and a dose of Christmas music.

People Are Fearing For Their Safety: The Case Of Rampant Bandits

The most common type of gun confiscated by pol...
The most common type of gun confiscated by police and traced by the ATF are .38 special revolvers, such as this Smith and Wesson Model 60 .38 Special revolver with a 3-inch barrel. LaPierre, Wayne (1994). Guns, Crime, and Freedom . Regnery Publishing. p. 58. ISBN 0895264773. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some people in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are claiming that they are not safe out in public, because of the fear of bandits.

In the old days, most bandits came out at night and preyed on their victims; today, they do their thievery in the daytime as well as the night-time; there is no longer a special time for wrongdoers to commit crime.

These bandits seem to be well-informed; they know when it is pay-day — the time when certain people are being given their salaries and come up with a plan of relieving those people of their hard-earned cash.

At the moment, the police force is making regular patrols throughout the country, ensuring the safety of its citizens (Some bandits have seen that as a deterrent and have ceased their illegal activities, or have gone into areas where there are less police patrols).

A lot of people want to feel safe and secure; they want to be assured that they can drive, ride or walk freely outdoors at any part of the country at anytime without having to come face to face with a bandit (Or bandits).

The sad thing is: when a bandit is arrested, someone else volunteers to take his place; so that negative gap is always filled.

Hopefully, one day, there would be very little or no crime and people can relive those days when they could have slept with a bedroom window open and their front door unlocked.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's A Fairly Quiet Sunday

MacBook Air
MacBook Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today (Sunday 16th, November) was most quiet where my inner circle of bloggers was concerned. I know that Sunday is a day of rest for most people; but it felt as though certain people were off of the proverbial radar (I am not going to call any names, since they know who they are).

The nice thing is: WordPress is always busy and it kept me occupied for a small fraction of the day.

Blogger had me wondering: "Did my fellow bloggers on Blogger take the day off?"

I think that I am one of the most active bloggers on Blogger; I am always posting something (And, I have mentioned in a past post, "The only thing that can keep me away from blogging is, technical difficulties."

Well, if my friends on Blogger took the day off to rest, I am happy for them, because they truly deserve it (They were keeping their viewers well-entertained for the past week and they are probably tired due to all of the energy that they exerted from those projects of theirs).

By the way, I know for a fact that some of my friends over at WordPress have blogs right here on Blogger; I kindly ask that they share the URL for their Blogger blog with me; I would love to check them out.

Oh well, it is back to blogging and I know that I am going to encounter a lot of interesting blogs before the day is over.

A Classic Track From The Stray Cats

Single by the Stray Cats (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)
The Stray Cats are one of America's memorable Rock and Roll bands; one of their hits that stood out for me was, Rock This Town.

In 1982, Rock This Town made it to number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 (The song actually still sounds fresh and one can definitely feel the energy behind it every time it is played).

Most people who have an earnest appreciation for music don't mind hearing the music of the Stray Cats once in a while.

Here is the video for their hit song, Rock This Town. Enjoy!

Another Beautiful Decorative Elephant

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Another Beautiful Decorative Elephant Photographed By Renard Moreau
A beautiful ceramic piece.
Today (Sunday 16th, November), I had the urge to photograph something beautiful; so I aimed the camera in the direction of one of my beautiful ceramic ornaments — an elephant.

I have friends who have a deep appreciation for this sort of thing and I know that they would be pleased to see a picture of a beautiful ceramic elephant. Enjoy!

Dreaming Of Search Engines

Startpage Search Engine.
Recently, I dreamt about search engines. I was obviously looking for something (I genuinely can't remember what it was); but I do remember that I was using the wrong search engine; I was going to type something into the Google search bar and then this thought entered my mind, "Hey, this is not the Startpage search engine." I immediately stopped what I was doing and I proceeded to use my favourite search engine, Startpage.

Now, I consider that to be an unusual dream. Why would I dream of search engines? Was it because I went to bed with a question on my mind and I wanted it answered?

I don't think that any book about dreams or relevant websites can provide me with an explanation as to what dreaming about search engines mean; this is something that I would have to figure out on my own.

When we are asleep our subconscious mind goes to work by finding solutions to the problems that we experienced during the day and this is usually done via our dreams (The interesting thing is: not everyone can interpret our dreams accurately and it is up to us to decipher our own dreams as best as we can).

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Miniature Baby Bottle Art

Miniature Baby Bottle Art Photographed By Renard Moreau
A cute-looking miniature baby bottle.
Recently, my family attended some type of pre-baby shower (it was brought to my attention that the couple's baby wasn't born as yet and that they didn't know the sex of the baby; but they were happy to celebrate anyway) and all of the guests were each given a miniature baby bottle; it was filled with candy; ours was later placed in our refrigerator and a few days after, I saw it outside of the refrigerator and it was empty (I really don't mind that at all, because I am not into candy).

I thought that the miniature baby bottle artwork was beautiful and it was worthy of being photographed. Enjoy.

Calvin Harris Is At It Again!

Single by Calvin Harris featuring
Ellie Goulding (Photo credit:
 Calvin Harris never fails to leave me speechless with his musical creativity; this Scottish DJ and producer is grabbing our attention with another dance track called: Outside; which features the amazing vocals of the British singer and songwriter, Ellie Goulding.

Outside was officially released on the 20th of October, 2014; it is the fourth single from off of Calvin Harris' album, Motion.

Outside is being played by radio stations and DJs from around the world; but at the moment, the whole world seems to be focused on his other dance hit, Blame (Most people might probably begin to take full notice of Outside when the momentum of Blame dies down).

Without further ado, here is the official video for Outside. Enjoy!

I Love Gareth Emery's "Dynamite"

Gareth Emery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gareth Emery has a reputation for making high quality dance music and he is deeply respected by the EDM fraternity; this British DJ and producer is back out with an infectious dance track called: Dynamite and it features the vocals of the British DJ and vocalist, Christina Novelli (I have to admit that Christina's voice is very beautiful and that I could listen to her sing all day).

The song Dynamite is excellent for the nightclubs, playing on home stereos and for cranking up loudly on car stereos.

Dynamite is the second track from off of Gareth Emery's album, Drive.

Gareth Emery's record label is, Garuda.

I am predicting that this dance track is going to do rather well.

Blogger Can Be Better For You The Second Time Around

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is an icon for a social networking website. This is part of the Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A little over a year ago, I mentioned to my friends over at WordPress, that I was going to start a second blog (Which of course, is this blog on Blogger: The Chronicles Of Renard).

Some of my fellow bloggers thought that I should have started the second blog of mines over at WordPress; but I had missed being on Blogger and at the time, I was most curious to find out if it was worth blogging on (Many of you already know that I was on Blogger before and that I grew disgruntled with it).

I am pleased to admit to you, that I have no regrets whatsoever of rejoining Blogger (Since it proved to be a better experience for me the second time around).

Some of my friends on WordPress, kept reminding me about their horrible experiences; the time when they had their blog here on Blogger and that it didn't work out for them; which eventually grew into a hatred for Blogger (So, their mind was already made up; there was no way on God's green Earth that they were going to give Blogger a second try).

I have also been in their exact position in the past; where I wasn't seeing any sort of progress with my first blog on Blogger (Which I proudly migrated to WordPress).

There is the old saying, "Once bitten, twice shy." And, I truly don't blame anyone for being hesitant in rejoining Blogger or not wanting to rejoin it at all.

If your blog wasn't doing well on Blogger and you migrated it to WordPress and it started doing well there, it would make a lasting impression on you; you would think, "Blogger is a load of crap! WordPress is amazing!"

Okay, the truth is, that WordPress is really amazing (which is why, it is my favourite blog site); but Blogger is not crap; it's just that one needs to exert more effort into their blog on Blogger in order for it to excel (And, for the average person, it is a lot of hard work).

Now, don't do like some bloggers that I once knew; they abandoned their blog on WordPress, started a new one on Blogger and failed in their endeavour to make the experience a fruitful one and stopped blogging altogether.

Keep your blog on WordPress and rejoin Blogger; it would be an insane decision to forget entirely about your blog on WordPress.

Also, I have proven to myself (and others too) that Blogger is an okay place to blog and that it is possible to do rather well on Blogger the second time around.

We shouldn't base all of our facts on past experiences, because that could hinder us from trying those things that we weren't successful at in the past again; Blogger is the perfect example; I didn't allow my past negative experiences to keep me from trying it a second time around.

On the bright side, you get to experiment; you are granted with a new opportunity of learning about new methods and implementing them with the intentions of making your new blog on Blogger work for you.

The proverbial ball is in your court; therefore, it is entirely up to you to choose whether or not, if you are willing to rejoin the Blogger community; if you have decided not to, I respect your decision, because no one can be forced into doing something that they don't want to do (unless their life is being dictated by a dictator or some life threatening situation) and if you have decided to give it another go, give it your best shot and approach it with an opened mind, knowing rather well, that you can make it the second time around.

Friday, 14 November 2014

A Blazing Hot Dance Track From Feenixpawl & Disfunktion

Photo credit: (Armada Music)
Wow, Armada Trice has great artistes under their banner; they have associated themselves with the Australian DJ duo Feenixpawl and the Dutch DJ duo Disfunktion.

Their new amazing dance track is called: Fuse; it is a lovely-sounding EDM track that will make you dance rhythmically to it (Hey, what do you expect from four talented DJs that put their heads together? Great dance music of course).

This track is perfect for all the DJs that deal with this genre of music.

One Of My Favourite Dance Tracks From Calvin Harris

Single by Calvin Harris; featuring
John Newman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If I didn't know better, I would have thought that Scottish DJ and Producer, Calvin Harris was a Production Manager for a Hit Music-Making Factory (He comes out with some of the most impressive-sounding dance music).

The dance track of his that have me all hypnotized is: Blame; which features the voice and the unique singing style of the British singer and musician, John Newman (I am surprised that I didn't post an article about it when it was first released on the 5th of September, 2014 and believe it or or not, I have been singing the chorus line ever since).

Blame debuted at the number one position on the UK Singles chart back on the 14th of September of this year (2014); it became Calvin Harris' seventh overall number one.

You've Just Got To Love David Guetta's Music

David Guetta (Photo credit: Facebook)
I have to admit that the French DJ and producer, David Guetta always makes music that grabs our attention (And, he certainly did that with the dance track, Dangerous; which features the vocal talent of the American singer, Sam Martin).

One thing that I know for sure is, that almost everyone in the EDM business loves David Guetta (Maybe, it is because he has a proven track record for making some lovely dance hits).

Dangerous, is a lovely blend of Electropop and Funktronica.

I hereby dedicate the video for David Guetta's Dangerous;  which features the smooth singing voice of Sam Martin to all of the dance music lovers on the world wide web. Enjoy!

A Lovely Tropical View

A Lovely Tropical View Photographed By Renard Moreau
Some flora that is indigenous to the tropical region of
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Today (Friday 14th, November), I was in the mood to photograph something beautiful; so I went out and I took this snapshot of a lovely scenic view (One can get the tropical feel by just looking at this picture).

The nature-lovers would be pleased to know that this photo was taken in the Arouca area; which is merely one of the lovely locations in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy!

The Internet Is Very Influential

English: www,domain,internet,web,net
English: www,domain,internet,web,net (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most people on the planet are fully aware that the internet is very influential; whenever we surf it, we come across material that either inspires us to do good things or sways us in the the direction of where the bad things are.

One can think of the internet as a great tool that disseminates knowledge and it is up to the user to apply his or her wisdom to decipher whether or not their newly found knowledge can be implemented into their daily life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people that disseminate information on the world wide web are out to spread worldwide chaos; an example of this would be those radical-minded terrorist groups that recruit people over the internet with the intentions of convincing them to join their so-called Holy wars.

Then there are the truly benign ones that want us to be all that we can be; they want us to be happy and healthy; they post the relevant information on the internet for everyone to find; they post things pertaining to recipes, exercise videos, art, beautiful music, lectures in psychology, etcetera.

The internet is filled with almost anything that you or I can think of and it will have its effect on the impressionable minds of people everywhere and the information that is being received could either be of a negative or a positive nature.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Groovy Dance Track From Mystique

Mystique (Photo credit: Facebook)
Lately, I have been grooving to the sounds of a DJ out of Belgium; his name is Mystique and his speciality is: House Music.

The track that I love from this guy is called: Brand New (which is a modern take on The Stylistics' You Make Me Feel Brand New).

And, the guys (and the ladies too) of Ultra Music are giving their full support to this young, talented DJ.

Without further ado, here is the video for Mystique's, Brand New. Enjoy!

Have We Underestimated Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In regards to the Windows 8 Operating System, Internet Explorer loads the fastest on it (So, two thumbs up to the guys over at Microsoft for doing a great job).

Today, very few people that I know would want to utilize the Internet Explorer browser.

In regards to browsers, Mozilla Firefox is my favourite and I would prefer to use it instead of the Internet Explorer browser.

When we first started using a computer with a Windows OS installed on it, Internet Explorer was what most of us used; because it was readily available; it was pre-installed; part of the Windows OS.

As time went along, we furthered our technological knowledge and we became aware of other browsers; we learned about them and then decided which ones we wanted to download on our computer. 

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that the first browser that I ever downloaded was the Mozilla Firefox browser; I saw it being used by my friends and by my relatives and I also had the experience of using it myself on other computers (So, it was a natural thing for me to think about downloading that particular browser).

I can tell you (and a lot of people can tell you too) that the earlier versions of Internet Explorer was rubbish and were filled with many security flaws; which is why a lot of people opted for the more secure Mozilla Firefox browser.

Today, the Internet Explorer browser has beefed-up security protection and it moves with lightening speed; however, a lot of people are staying away from it, because of the bad reputation that it acquired in the past.

I am in love with my Mozilla Firefox browser; I have been using it for years and I would not even dream of leaving it out for the Internet Explorer browser (Even though the Internet Explorer browser loads faster than my Mozilla Firefox browser).

The truth is, there is really no need to install any other browser on a computer that runs on Windows 8, because Internet Explorer is most proficient.

Moreover, you and I would continue to use our favourite browsers, despite the fact that the Internet Explorer browser works superbly.

A Cute-Looking Refrigerator Magnet

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A Cute Refrigerator Magnet Photographed By Renard Moreau
One of my refrigerator magnets.
Today (Thursday 13th,  November), I was in the mood to photograph something, so I aimed the camera at one of my decorative refrigerator magnets (I like the fact that it is in the style and shape of a flower).

I also have the fond memory of playing with magnets as a child; so photographing this was a pleasant experience for me. Enjoy!

Are You Having Fun On Blogger?

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is an icon for social networking website. This is part of  the Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is no big secret that not everyone likes Blogger.

Recently, my German friend, Dennis, told me that he hated Blogger's user interface. He went on to say that he had a blog on Blogger once and that he didn't like it.

As I have mentioned in a past post, "Blogger is not for everyone." So, I don't expect everyone to gravitate to Blogger.

However, those who like simplicity, will find Blogger easy to use and most appropriate for them.

Although I like the technicality of WordPress, I think that Blogger is okay.

As most of you have witnessed, I have been having fun on Blogger for quite a while; as a matter of fact, today (Thursday 13th, November) would make it exactly one year since I started The Chronicles Of Renard on Blogger (Which is a youngster when compared to my WordPress blog, Renard Moreau Presents).

Anyway, I have been most fortunate to have fun on both Blogger and on WordPress (But, so far, the most fun I have ever had blogging was on WordPress; hopefully, that high level of fun might one day seep over to Blogger).

I also think that one of the reasons why some bloggers are unable to have fun on Blogger is, because of the fact that blogs go unnoticed on Blogger for a very long period before they get noticed by their fellow bloggers on Blogger.

Since the average blogger likes attention, they often say, "Damn you Blogger!" And, then they go over to WordPress where the grass in proverbially greener (And, they do get way more attention on WordPress in a day; which is a lot in comparison to the level of attention that they received on Blogger for the entire year).

Now, if one really puts out the extra effort on Blogger, they can acquire a readership, plus build friendships with their fellow bloggers; once that has taken place, they will no doubt experience fun, because their blog will no longer be the virtual ghost town; there would be a lot of interaction taking place.

I know for a fact that my friends, Shireen, Ray and Myra are having fun on Blogger.

In order to have fun on Blogger, you would need to have lots of patience and a high level of commitment. Why? Because without the patience and the commitment, you will end up abandoning your blog on Blogger before the fun arrives.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Classic Rap Jam From Da Brat

Da Brat (Photo credit: Facebook)
Back in 1994, Da Brat (Shawntae Harris) had me grooving to her hit, Funkdafied.

This beautiful and talented woman was the first female rapper to go platinum (Now, that alone says a lot about her and she truly deserved it).

By the way, the guy who did the fantastic cameo performance on her track is, the legendary producer, songwriter and rapper, Jermaine Dupri.

Funkdafied happens to be one of my favourite rap tracks of all time.

I like thinking of her as the first lady of So So Def Recordings.

A Very Beautiful Song From Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez (Photo credit: Facebook)
Selena Gomez is back out with a new beautiful-sounding track; it is called: The Heart Wants What It Wants.

It is alleged that The Heart Wants What It Wants is about Selena Gomez's turbulent relationship with Canada's bad-boy, Justin Bieber.

I am sensing that this mid-tempo Pop track is going to be a very big hit for this 22-year-old American singer and actress.

Selena Gomez's music is on Hollywood Records.

Here is the video for her hit song, The Heart Wants What It Wants. Enjoy!

Do You Know Who Your True Friends Are?

Photo credit: *~Dawn~* via photopin cc
Many years ago, I had a friend who lived reasonably well; she had a well-kept home that was fully furnished.

Since she had almost everything (which probably attracted frequent visits from people from within the neighbourhood), she was always entertaining her guests; she was the perfect hostess. People spent a lot of time watching various films in the comfort of her living room. Her guests were allowed to eat and drink as much as they wanted (Which is something that everyone who visited her house loved).

Then one day, the most unfortunate thing happened; she became very ill. She spent a very large some of money with the intentions of regaining her health; the regular visits to the doctor weren't cheap and the prescribed medication was costly; as a result of all of that, she was unable to entertain her guests in a lavish manner and her household was neglected; as time went along, the entire house of hers lost its elegant look; it depicted the look of hard times — a heavily depreciated environment.

Many of her so-called friends stopped visiting her (It became quite clear that they were leaching off of her; they were there to take all that they could get from her and as her financial situation had changed for the worse, they were gone; they no longer had the interest in visiting her home).

The nice thing is, that her loyal friends (which were a few in number) still visited her house; they assisted her with foodstuff and with her medical costs.

I am sure that she had a lot of time to think in her sickbed about the duality of human nature; especially, the people who would want to use you for all that they can get and the people who simply loved you for who you were as a person and didn't care if you were rich or poor.

Eventually, the inevitable scenario happened; she passed away due to her failing health.

Unfortunately, many of us associate ourselves with people-users and we do not recognize who they are until it is too late.

Luckily (and thankfully too), we would always have a batch of friends that would always remain loyal to us; the people who would not only be around for the good times; but would gladly stick around at the bad times as well.

Could You Live Without A Television?

English: Dog watching tv
English: Dog watching tv (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are addicted to television; they watch a lot of it whenever they can and if they were capable of watching it for twenty-four hours straight, they would do so.

Okay, I am no big fan of television and I think that it is highly overrated. The psychologist, Ralph Smart, once referred to the act of watching television as, "Telling lies to your vision." He is right, because the people who own the mainstream media, are known to utilize their well-put-together television programmes as brainwashing propaganda.

One must never believe everything that they see on television, since the majority of its content is all make believe anyway.

Instead of watching television, I would prefer to read a book, browse the internet, or write an interesting article.

I know of people who haven't watched television in years and they are doing rather well; most of them mentioned to me that they don't miss it.

If your television were to spoil and you were unable to see your favourite episode of Dr. Who, would you become angry? There is a high chance that you would be very angry; you would be so darn infuriated that you might start cussing aloud (or quietly) and you also might not want to speak to anyone until your television is repaired, or until you have purchased a new one.

For most people, television viewing is like a drug and if they were denied access to it, they would become very cranky.

In this twenty-first century, the television has evolved a step further into something known as the Smart TV; which is a hybrid device that enables its users to watch television programmes on it and also to access the internet on it; some technological experts have claimed that those Smart TVs are a violation of our privacy; they take note of everything that its users watch and the information is sent back to the manufacturer (Now, that is a surveillance device that a lot of people have willingly placed inside of their homes).

Some people watch television for entertainment purposes and others merely have it in their homes, because it is one of those electronic devices that they grew up with; it was within the household of their parents (or still is in their parents' household if they are still alive) and now they have passed on the tradition by having one (or a few) inside of their own homes.

The truth is, that you don't have to follow the popular trend of watching television and that watching television is a choice that you have made.

And, let's not forget the fact that we don't need to own a television either.

They (the manufacturers, the advertisers, the media, the movie industry and the businessmen) have stated that television is really for our convenience, but is it? I think that it is more for their convenience, because if members of the public didn't purchase TVs, they wouldn't be in a position to make financial profits.

I don't need a television and I can certainly live without it (It is not mandatory to have one).

What about you? Can you live without a television? Or, are you going to go insane without it?

In reality, you and I can live without a television and our heart wouldn't stop beating in our chest if we refused to watch it.